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  1. Ok so on Ravens Story Pt. 2 when you face Arcard and choose not to surrender, and kill Arcard, you will see a cut scene and and then then it just repeats itself, after that your characters will disappear and Arcard's health will regenerate, then enemies spawn near the castle but then the turn ends and they disappear, and it just keeps repeating , it's relly wierd, I didn't use any cheats or nothing every time I kill Arcard it glitches,
  2. I don't know if its my game or my emulator or what but I was wondering what is the latest version for your mod, because each time I play your game on the Raven story my game glitches and it wont keep playing, also the same thing happens when I play the Legault story, after the firts part it glitches and ends up being unplayable, I really like your Project and I want to enjoy it to my fullest so could you please help me out... If it helps I patched a clean original version of FE7 (US), I also used NUPS patching program to apply it to my ROM, I really don't know whats going on. I believe I have the latest version but I would really like to know more. Thanks.
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