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  1. Formerly Quan of Leonster

  2. It's styled after the GBA titles, with some newer things such as Skills implemented on top of that. It won't have Pair Up and stuff by default, but that can be coded in if you want.
  3. Capture is an awesome mechanic and very fun. Forced swordlock dismount on the final chapter is not.
  4. It's not very standard Fire Emblem, so it'd definitely not be in the vanilla build, but if you've got the programming capability that definitely seems doable. Interesting idea overall. I could see it being implemented well.
  5. Ok so What I want to do is edit some text in FE3. Basically I plan to redo the script, for me. How would I go about doing that? Every tutorial ever ok only most of the tutorials cover just GBA stuff. Even if there aren't any convenient text editors, and I have to do what this guy did (hex editing nonsense), I just wanna know how. (That small font looks really nice too...)
  6. Favorite moments? Well. [spoiler=Awakening]Lucina's reveal is the most beautiful double-subversion I've seen in a Fire Emblem game. "He" appears going by "Marth," and Chrom's all like "oh he's named after the Hero-King huh," and I'm thinking, "well he's obviously going to turn out to ACTUALLY be Marth time-travelling from the past." But nope, not only is "Marth" a girl, it turns out she is Chrom's daughter, time-travelling from the FUTURE instead. Daaamn. [spoiler=Sacred Stones]The part where Lyon breaks the Sacred Stone of Renais. Not so much how it happens, but how it's different in each story, and works well both ways. [spoiler=Radiant Dawn]The part where the Black Knight shows up and you play as just him and Micaiah. [spoiler=FE4]The fight with Arvis. Seliph is promoted and has the Tyrfing, and I'm all like "shit's about to go down." Also, FE10's best line: Micaiah: "Lord Ike, hero of the Crimean Liberation, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children..."
  7. I leave them on 99% of the time, but I'll turn them off if I'm starting to get irritated or impatient. For example, replaying Apotheosis over and over again, or FE8's Chapter 19 on Hard (while trying to get all the chests and earn the Light Brand). And I always turn off dancing/staff animations whenever I can. I also make sure to turn off animations for Wyvern Knights in FE8, but that's more of a practical reason. Sometimes I'd turn em off in the games that have map-screen animations, like the Tellius and Jugdral games, for a nice change of pace.
  8. It's spelled Fairy TAIL I'd play it and probably love it, but I can't really see what they could do with it that would set it aside from the main series or Hyrule Warriors. It'd be fun for sure, though, unless they bring in weapon durability... Or if they only reference Archanea and Awakening and NOTHING ELSE
  9. It's a tiny little project, Blazer's credited and everything. It's not even about the content, it's about the grammar, so I could've used pretty much anything, and decided to have some fun with something FE related instead.
  10. not sure if romhacking or fftf I'm using Blazer's Ultimate Tutorial-- this one-- for a Technical Editing course. Well, a 15-page excerpt of it, at least. Basically, I'm making it more boring and grammatically correct and formal and stuff. Fun times. College is pretty cool.
  11. Personally I just hate it when people name themselves after characters. I also hate roleplaying, and so does my wife Ethlyn.
  12. I wouldn't wish the use of armor knights on anyone I guess Bors, since he's a regular speedy gonzales for an armor knight Wendy's value begins and ends with how nice her sprite is
  13. 64: Random Melee: Random Brawl: Random PM: Random 4: Random but srsly 64: Pikachu. Tier whoring? Sure. But Pikachu is SO much fun. I wish I played this game more, so I could enjoy more sexy Pikachu asskicking. Melee: Marth. When I got into competitive Smash, I was ecstatic to hear that an FE character was top-tier. Too bad I suck at this game. Brawl: Marth. Same. I also have a pocket Falco, and a very rare Meta Knight and Toon Link. I usually don't play this game competitively, as much as I'd like to. PM: Ike, Marth, and Roy. I usually go Marth when playing srs, but I'd consider Ike my best when I'm under no pressure. And, well, Texas, so Roy's my boy. 4: Every FE character but Ike, who I have no fun playing as. But, bringin' it full circle, Pikachu is my for-realsies main. 5: Quan, the inevitable DLC character we're all hoping for. His lance and horse give him the best movement and disjoint in the game. Has a sloppy wavedash tho. PIKA PIKA
  14. Roy > Ike > Robin > Marfcina Roy has damage-racking ability in his grab combos, fast running speed and a disjoint (not a terribly great one, but nobody has a good disjoint in this game), in addition to the ability to close out stocks very easily. There's no doubt he's the best of the five, though that's really not saying much. His recovery is still crap and he has trouble with capable projectile-users. Ike's potential is mostly in doubles, seems like. He's the kill-power behind the Pikachu or Sheik teammate. In singles, he's too slow to really be capable in high-level play; just like in Brawl, his biggest results come from exploiting the opponent's mistakes, which are rare and unrewarding in high-level play. (Pre-patch, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that he was the worst character in the game. Now? Idk. I accidentally clicked on him for worst on this page tho :/) Speaking of slow, holy shit, Robin, you're terrible. You need an OOS option, less lag on Arcfire, and more uses for the Levin Sword. Robin's a really technical character, but doesn't get too much for all that work; Robin's air and ground speed are both unbelievably terrible, meaning s/he can't follow up on anything and has to rely on really, really hard reads to get any results. But, Robin does have a healthy projectile in Arcthunder (and a good long-range kill move in Thoron), the best recovery of the five FE characters, a command grab (albeit a laggy one) in Nosferatu, and good kill power if the Levin Sword is out and unstaled. Rushdown characters (e.g. Sonic, Fox) are the bane of Robin's existence, though, and wouldn't you know it, pretty much every high-tier is a rushdown character. Still, Robin's better than Marth and Lucina. Both are designed to be spacing-based characters, but their aerials are too laggy and they have no tools to deal with anyone with a projectile. I flip-flop back and forth on who I think is better of the two, and right now I'm thinking it's Lucina. Sure, her spacing is less rewarding than Marth's, but her smashes in general are more versatile for not relying on a tiny-ass sweetspot. In particular, jab 1->fsmash is more useful for her, since it doesn't lead into a Marth tipper but it does land the sourspot, which is better for Lucina. (This is the main reason why I'm placing her higher atm.) It's all moot, of course, because a perfectly-spaced fair or nair is still punishable if they block it at all. Marth and Lucina can't approach, meaning they rely on the opponent to do so; and that's why they are crushed so bad by anyone with a good projectile (like Sheik, who can camp for days), especially on FD or Smashville. Roy has similar problems with projectiles, but I think his strengths greatly outweigh that weakness. That buff to Marth/Lucina's jab is nice and all, but it's not enough to make them not suck. /rant
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