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  1. If you have little patience, maybe remove yourself from the situation instead of acting like white knight and adding more fuel to the certain characters fans (whether that be Edelgard or Dimitri or Rhea or whatever) can be overbearing rhetoric that is becoming prevalent? It’s not the end of the world if people do not agree, and it’s not your job to “educate” others either...(which is what your post come off sounding).
  2. Holy. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the sentiments being shared, there is clearly a better way of expressing it besides coming off so condescending and dismissive about other people’s takes on the events. Telling people to share their idea so you can tell them how wrong they are...And then calling all these people ignorant and not enlightened enough to share your views. I think it’s time for me to leave. It’s not even worth the discussion when it devolves into discussing with people with this sort of attitude.
  3. From my understanding, OP and my qualm is more to do with TWSITD's involvement in Edelgard's backstory, moreso than her actual backstory. I think her backstory of torture is actually quite well done and puts her actions in a lot of context. But because TWSITD is such a badly written ultimate villain, it makes a lot of Edelgard's action seem misdirected against the church (since most people will end up falling on the argument that the church upholds some the crest/nobility system, which again, is open to interpretation. I personally don't think the church is great but some of Edelgard's blame is overexaggerated.). If Edelgard's backstory was more closely tied to her end goal (removal of the nobility/Crests), then it wouldn't seem so contradicatory and confusing. Like I mentioned before, write out TWSITD completely. Now it becomes: Imperial nobility wants a unified Fodlan -> Insurrection of the Seven -> abducts Edelgard and siblings to create superpowered Emperor to achieve that goal -> Edelgard hates Crests and nobility. Now, rather than TWSITD is watching my every move so I must go remove the church?? logic, it would just be "lemme appease the Imperial nobles with conquest but use their resources to unify Fodlan screw them over by removing their power." Also, a lot of the CF endings should reflect more of a meritocratic society (yes, societies don't change overnight but seriously felt a lot of things didn't even change at the end of CF when people like Bernadetta/Caspar inherent their respective titles and positions).
  4. I think Nemesis's motivation and backstory could have benefit a little bit from combining with TWSITD's backstory. Like maybe he too was a human who wants to push the limits of humanity and innovation to extend beyond the reliance of God's control. A lot of people in our own history started questioning religion once science and innovative thought was on the rise. It didn't have to be "one day humans wanted to rebel." Rhea could still be for Sothis because she saw what happens when innovation leads to genocide, and as result, clings onto the hope that religion is salvation. That setup seems like an idea that stems a lot from the debate between about humanity's willpower vs relying on holy intervention. But seriously, you don’t need some “hidden bad guy” to be responsible for literally all the bad stuff that happens in feudalistic society when a lot of that stuff can be pinned moreso on humanity’s and the social system’s inherent flaws. People can all make crappy and selfish decisions, all on their own accord, and removing TWSITD would allow ALL the protagonists to do that, instead of “TWSITD’s controlling and watching everything I do so let’s just go along with it.” TWSITD just felt like IS got cold feet on Edelgard and realized many people wouldn’t like a ruthless waifu. Maybe I am one of the few, but I wish she was less of a contraindication and stuck to her guns like she does in BL (where she admittedly continues her bloody path despite Arundel being out of the picture because she was so driven on unifying and creating a “better” Church-less world).
  5. Eh, how important is questionable. Tragedy of Duscur/Kingdom -> It was orchestrated by the Kingdom nobility with a little shove from TWSITD. If we wrote TWSITD them out, the nobility can commit that tragedy all by themselves. It would reinforce the narrative that the nobility system is corrupt and needs to be removed. Rhea -> Write out TWSITD and just leave Nemesis. What does that leave us? A guy, who like Edelgard, thinks that we don't need Gods and that humans should reign supreme. Not that farfetched of an idea. It would reinforce the idea that humanity's greed for power and control can lead them to do terrible things like genocide. Rhea could still make those concessions to keep the false peace between humans vs Nabateans, out of respect for her mother. Rhea's fanaticism with her mother and maintaining this false peace doesn't really need TWSITD - it would just highlight the idea that people with the best of intentions can be led astray. Empire -> Feudalism is already a corrupt system. You can have the Empire's nobility pulling the strings with pushing for Crests and the Insurrection of the Seven, solely for the sake of power/prestige/money/influence (because it's not like it hasn't happened before in history), without Arundel shoving his way into Empire politics. It would also put into perspective the idea of centralized power vs being led by a group of corrupt nobles. I feel like without TWSITD, the game itself would benefit from a more introspective examination at what can go wrong in feudalistic societies and the result of people's selfishness/arrogance. Maybe it is just me, but right now, it feels like "oh yeah a lot of bad things happen because some big bad is in the shadow pulling the strings, but jokes on you, they're taken care of in 2 chapters in VW and in the epilogue of CF."
  6. Dimitri does mourn Sylvain in CF chapter 17 map. Idk, the narrative decisions between Dimitri/Sylvain are so weird - like childhood friends by a lot interconnected history, yet only B support? Their support chain itself is silly and fun but doesn't seem as deep as Dimitri's supports with Ingrid/Felix/Dedue (which are all introspective about the Duscur tragedy or about the way the kingdom's chivalry philosophy is upheld to an unhealthy degree), despite Sylvain's clear disdain for crests/nobility.
  7. I’ll give my 2 cents. I think the backstory is fine the way it is. It is ok for villains to have flaws like arrogance and ignorance, even if it sounds nonsensical from the other perspective - ultimately these flaws make her a relatable and flawed human. To her, what she does makes sense and allows her to justify the actions she does. I just think it gets ridiculous when people start arguing that she is some sort of savior because “well what she does makes sense from her mind and as a result, all her opponents are therefore wrong and should just roll over to allow her actions and conquest.” As if there isn’t an other side to her conquest. And then those same individuals will bend themselves backwards to make every other opponent (whether it be Claude/Dimitri/Rhea/etc) out looking like some sort of “bigger villain” who Edelgard had to put down/conquer/some nonsense like that. I think the game was a good reflection of how multifaceted war is because ultimately everyone thinks their cause is just and worthy of sacrifice. She is ruthless and Machiavellian in her actions, but not sadistic. Besides, nothing wrong with liking an aggressor. I do think it is unfortunate that her character is diminished because she is too closely associated with the clearly irredeemable villains with insufficient story presence to make them as scary/powerful as she frames them to be, and those villains barely have any context to make their actions understandable (beyond death to dragons and evil for the sake of evil). If anything, I think I would rather write out the entire TWSITD plotline and have her motivation stem more directly from the nobility (ie the nobility tortured and experimented on her siblings etc). That way, there is a more direct correlation to her end goal, and CF would stop being "I am helpless against TWSITD's control and as a result must partner with them" and make her seem more like a conquerer with accountability and the agency to make morally questionable decisions for what she believes is a better society. I just often find people who defend Edelgard's actions as heroic and necessary often build TWSITD's threat and storytelling to be better than it actually is, which is quite barebone and open to interpretation.
  8. I’ll just point out that the difference with Edelgard vs Arvis is that unlike Arvis (who is clearly portrayed as the antagonist for the entire duration of the game), Edelgard is portrayed as the “in the right” protagonist for 1/4 routes and the clear antagonist in 3/4. It’s obvious she would be more controversial. I don’t see many fans saying “Arvis was right/justified to cause the chaos he did, screw the real protagonists of FE4/5.” (maybe I am wrong on this, who knows). As for the female lords being generally more controversial, I do agree they get more flack, but it’s not as simple as saying it’s due to their gender. As an actual girl, I think I am more fair to the female lords (I love Celica, Micaiah and am ambivalent to “bros” like Marth and Hector). Eliwood gets a lot of flack for being “boring” like Lyn/Lucina does (not as much). Xander is basically indefensible by a lot of the fandom based on his actions in the story. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone defend how stupid he acts in Conquest. He’s only seen as “good” because of his supports, but storywise, he gets a lot of hate, like the other female lords, for what they do in their respective stories. Micaiah and Celica don’t have the quantity of supports like Xander does to flesh them out. Also, Micaiah is up against “established” and well-loved heroes, supporting the “villain” country from the previous game, I think the odds were stacked against her to begin with (female or not). Camilla/Tharja are polarizing, but they are clearly very popular for their sex appeal - IS did a really poor job writing those types of characters by reducing the majority of the supports/story involvement as being avatar-obsessed, moreso than how Niles acts. (a failing of the self-insert system catering towards a male-dominant demographic imo). Long story short, while females are judged more harshly, I think a good portion is due to how IS writes them, moreso than their female gender. I actually disagree with the sentiment that Edelgard gets MORE hate for being a female conquerer. I think if Dimitri/Edelgard’s roles were reversed, everyone would be jumping on the Edelgard train, and Dimitri would get so much hate.
  9. Agreed. All of the endings require suspension of belief, Edelgard’s probably requires the most, solely because a meritocratic society is good in theory...never been done in reality. It’s pretty much comparable to how communism plays out in theory vs in practice. Both systems downplay the effect of humanity’s selfishness. It’s a “naive” government system because it often doesn’t account for (1) who determines what is considered “meritable” qualities (2) people with money/influence/connections can more easily get “merit” (i.e. paying for access to education). (3) some people are just born at a disadvantage, solely based on luck. No matter how much they try, they cannot rise up because of biological/societal/economic limitations placed on them. If anything, those people are probably more victimized with her new system of motivating the weak to become strong through merit. While the other ends aren’t much more realistic, at least those government systems/transitions in power have historically occurred (probably not as easily or quickly as the endings make it sound), whereas Edelgard’s idealistic society has never actually been implemented in reality...either now or historically.
  10. What’s your favourite map type or objective? (FOW, Desert, Protect Civilians, Seize, Rout, Defense, etc.) And which exact map of that type? Include the games you’ve played. Favourite Type: Defense Favourite Map: Blood Contract in RD Games played: FE6-now
  11. I don’t agree with or condone any of it. Just putting it into context. There are people like that all over the world on the internet, even in Western countries. However, I do think Edelgard’s actions is a touchy subject for a much bigger reason beyond just homophobia/sexism for Koreans.
  12. But I feel like you are not putting yourself in the context of their culture. All the East Asian countries are conservative when it comes to things like LGBT. Is it right? No. But this is a poll for Koreans so things like that are not going to go over well. Besides, it sounds like from the translations, most of her criticism is due to the fact that she inspires a lot of negative feelings because of what she does in the game, moreso than her being LGBT, considering other LGBT girls like Mercedes/Dorothea do not come close to the amount of hate.
  13. Not saying the offensive language is needed, but given what Edelgard represents to a country with a history like that... A forceful unification...in a country with an active mandatory military service and a violent history of imperialism. I can’t say I blame their overzealous feelings, especially if they didn’t see it coming (with BE being most people’s first routes).
  14. Ingrid x Sylvain (I am a sucker for childhood friends. Besides, Ingrid slowly got over her grief because she had to go yell at Sylvain lol) Marianne x Dimitri (Two similar souls who were miserable with living were able to achieve enough happiness to say it was worth it in the end, their ending card really got to me) Ashe’s in general. He had a rough upbringing but he still remained earnest in wanting to make the world a better place. Probably others as well, but those are the standout ones for me.
  15. Agreed. I’d probably have less respect for her if she started second guessing herself especially since she started the whole mess. Her story is mainly about “let’s see the other side” and I kind of like how committed she was. I just wouldn’t personally advocate for a lot of crap she does after seeing the other routes, just like how I wouldn’t try to justify a lot of things the other characters do either just because their life/reasoning is sympathetic.
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