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  1. I'm with you mate, it's one of the big reasons I avoid r/fireemblem now (not the only reason though)
  2. I'm worried about the calendar and the knights/troops system
  3. That's what it says. That really is absurd. A little too absurd, maybe.
  4. With the return of Canto I'm expecting this to be the return of horse emblem. Knights look a bit to in-depth and complex for my taste. I guess we really aren't getting attack stance, which is lame Class designs look great Skill system looks great Persona calendar is something I actively hate, so I'm disappointed there
  5. Hoping to see some characters with an actual default class. I'm disappointed that the one teacher didn't come with her class title
  6. I wonder if Fire Emblem is a touchy subject for them there or if they just need a better SNS guy
  7. I wish they'd give us a bit of an info dump on mechanics and mid game chapters as well as how the route split is going to work
  8. I'd say you can boast if you can get characters like Bors working lol
  9. I'm guessing we'll get a small bit dedicated to some more in-depth mechanics and how the route system is going to work. We'll also probably get a look at Eugenics Simulator 4 if that's still in the game. I'm mostly expecting some info on how the game works past the earliest bits and the formation/skill stuff. Oh, and we'll for sure get gambits. If we are getting an FE rep in smash, I want it to be someone like Camilla, an axe-wielding, flying magic user.
  10. Maybe it was the bad coffee OP? I reeeally hope they don't pull a Greil and we actually get to use Jeralt in this game.
  11. But if you don't have terrible units then you can't brag about using them. I love using bad units
  12. I hope we get CQ tier map design, Eugenics Simulator 4, some sort of mechanic that encourages placement like Attack Stance, something to strongly discourage low-manning, and of course a good story (although that's fairly rare in Fire Emblem)
  13. Does anyone know how to recruit these 3 on Hoshido and Nohr?
  14. People like OP are why I learned Japanese, so I can avoid moral panic and censorship
  15. For Hoshido, Ryouma is insane and Takumi has absurd damage thanks to a combination of high str and a powerful personal weapon. Oboro and Hinoka are also very solid, and I've had a lot of luck with Saizo
  16. Characters I hate: Rickon (all he does is die!) Cordelia (her personality is pretty bad) Basilio (He was really annoying) Gerome (too angsty) Laurent (his mother was funny but he wasn't different enough) Noire (I like her when she's not screaming) Characters I love: Basically everyone else. The characters were great in this game
  17. Does anyone know any major Japanese Fire Emblem forums? Or can someone tell me what the Japanese for internet forum is?
  18. You guys have a lot of really cool ideas Personally, I would add characters and chapters to Fe8, and I would make it so you had to play through both Eirika and Ephraim's story at the same time. You would split the recruited characters in the beginning into two armies Aside from that, I'd probably just add second seals and branching promotion paths to any game that doesn't have it For fe9 I would add some of the Radiant dawn exclusive beorcs and make the skill system more like radiant dawn (shove and occult skills would be free though!) and the laguz eoukd likely use beast/bird/dragonstones What do you guys think?
  19. Does anyone have links to some really good recorded LTC runs? Any fe game is fine but 6,8,9 and 11 are the ones im most interested in
  20. Zelda, with impa as the jeigan and playable gorons. Could take place during the war that happens between skyward sword and OoT Star Wars. Lightsaber instead of rapiers, guns would mimic the weapon triangle, playable wookies Magic the gathering. Pick a block and watch the magic unfold!
  21. Is there one? Warp-skipping is boring and re-classing makes this game feel a little silly
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