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  1. it's normal especially on hard modes for healers to not have great stats when/if you promote them early. they're healers and what's great is that they don't steal combat experience. not this game because pent has a rank staves, healers that come early who don't fight, like saphy, moulder, fe11 lena, and malliesia if you use them tend to easily have the highest ranked staves pretty quickly allowing you to use warp, rescue, hammerne, fortify etc to help break the game even if their stats don't end up great
  2. it wasnt terrible but it wasnt an amazing idea either. like you only had to worry about moving him in a few chapters like cog of destiny, the chapter with limstella if yo're making everyone go up, and probably a few others i don't remember. the idea of protecting merlinus did not result in too many creative strategies like how the makers probably hoped for. the idea of protecting merlinus it was kinda just there
  3. dean, zeiss, cormag, fe9 and fe10 jill, haar, dondon showed heath being crucial to chapter 25 on hhm, altenna can one shot enemies with the gaebolg. and if you're talking about reclassing my unit going knight->cavalier->dracoknight is ridiculous for a while depending on what mode you're playing.
  4. i don't think anyone would choose the third option
  5. oh okay. too bad gonzale's skill is ass in this game ): he'd be better if he joined with those bases and level in fe 7 hhm
  6. dude chill lol i never said he was bad. i know he's one of the best combat units. i was just saying that it takes a while for ephraim to be as good as seth. seth has 7 chapters all to himself and still kills many enemies even when ephraim joins which is why it takes a while for ephraim to catch up to him. supports are nearly nonexistent in gba fire emblems unless youre wasting so many turns. but even after ephraim promotes there's a chance he might not even catch up to seth bc chapter 16 you're warping seth over the wall to kill orsin with a horseslayer and then he probably decimates nearly everyone around him in the next enemy phase or two. chapter 17 is warp bosskiller (seth or ephraim but probably seth bc ephraim just promoted) to kill lyon asap, chapter 18 okay ephraim levels up alot here with his high move and killing gorgon eggs. chapter 19 is warpskipped, chapter 20 is warpskipping 3/4ths of the chapter. and final chapter both seth and ephraim sees action. and the thing is even after ephraim promotes, seth can still be possibly stronger than ephraim because you get statboosters in the beginning of the game and often times you have no one to throw it at and people tend to just throw it at seth because why not and therefore he's still potentially stronger than ephraim. but no i completely agree that ephraim is a phenomenal unit lololol also i think the differences between their growths are so minimal because they're both powerful already
  7. yeah. chapter 4 and 5 are pretty difficult too because in 4 your strongest unit marcus can't even reliably orko a decent amount of enemies and it's an open field while 5 just has brutal enemies and i don't know the best way to go left without getting demolished lol
  8. cyas doesn't appear in b route which is supposedly what balances the lack of stuff you get in b route i think also havent tested but even if you let cyas appear in 17a you can just have 3 durable units blockade the bridge with 15 knights and one durable unit with a scroll like homer with resire chokepoint and kill all the mage knights with tron and what makes chapter 17b diffiucult/annoying
  9. oh lol i always wait until turn 20 in 16a to kill conomore
  10. i heard 16b was just more annoying than hard but what is annoying/difficult about 17b and sara exists in b route also but just as an enemy
  11. oh okay cool. do the villages in 10b get destroyed faster than 11a
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