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  1. Please don't steal my husband without permission. This is like when .
  2. I think it actually might be more sinister. 3h predicted real life, but from the future via retrocausality. I remember something like this happening in one of the Marvel movies I think, so it's not too farfetched for it to happen here.
  3. borders shut down almost 10 years ago now, these days it's all about wattpad and ao3. Alt-righters are a keybind thing I think, idk im more of a shift-lefter myself.
  4. There's literally a BE route paralogue about Edelgard stopping brown people at the border.If Trump himself had a waifu, he'd pick Edelgard. Out of anyone in any Japanese video game or anime.And they are both a hit with alt-righters.
  5. @Reinfleche Might as well bandwagon on to make a new record
  6. 1. Asking from someone who's never done roleplaying before and has no idea how it works, what's the appeal to you/what do you personally like about it? 2. What RPs are you currently in and what happens in them? I only know vaguely about Angelcynn from your character pick in Healthy. 3. What's your favorite thing to do in your free time when you have it? 4. Are you a big football fan? What was your reaction to 7-1? 5. Would you move out of your country if you had the chance/means and where to?
  7. If you had to give someone a tour of your city for a day, where would you take them?
  8. 1. How would you describe your mafia playstyle when you're town? Mafia? 3P? 2. Would you consider yourself a people person? 3. What's the biggest pleasure in life in your opinion? 4. If you could redo one thing in your life, what would it be, if anything? 5. Why do you like Maki so much anyway?
  9. 11. When is it appropriate to forgive someone, and when is forgiveness not on the table? 12. You are playing a F6 EIMM game and you have only 1 hard ally alive after the rest of them died. A hard alliance of 6 was recently snaked and outed in public chat; the traitor was executed, leaving an open spot in the F6. The F5 offers to give you the newly opened spot. Do you join them knowing that they have both a higher chance to win and higher chance to draw random aggro, or do you stick with your only hard and probably doom yourself to a loss? 13. You are playing EIMM and are hard allied with Alette, who really wants to kill Wolv. She tries to enlist jav to kill Wolv, but jav gives Wolv logs instead and now Alette is probably dying overnight. You do not have any docs, roleblockers, or hijackers at your disposal. You have the option to snake Alette's plans to Wolv to gain his trust for future nights. Would doing so get you involved in the situation (since you stop being a bystander) and make you responsible for her death, or is it completely justifiable to leak here? (sorry Alette ilu) 14. Which is more ethical in EIMM? Killing all of Kinumi's allies before you kill her (because you don't want to kill her until you're forced to), or killing her first before you kill all her allies (to spare her the despair of watching her allies drop dead one by one until only she's left)? Is there even a difference at all in practice? Assume for this question that winning with Kim or her allies is not an option. 15. I don't have an EIMM equiv for this one, it's just a fun problem. Which is the correct spot?
  10. 6. If you absolutely had to choose one, which 2hu would you fug? 7. If you could get into the mind of any one EIMM player to understand/learn from how they think about the game, who would you choose and why? 8. Same question but for mafia players about mafia. 9. Same question but for anyone about anything. 10. Who is cuter in your honest opinion, Kinumi or me? Serious answer only because it's important for various reasons.
  11. E. Not inherently. I have different offline personas depending on who I’m talking to - family, friend group A, friend group B, etc. And it's not like these personas are all fake - they're just different aspects of my personality that I emphasize when I'm with different people. It's the same with my online personas, really; you might even make the argument that my online persona is more real than my real-life personality because I can express myself more freely online. Personas can be deceptive/fake depending on how you use them and how different from "you" they are, but it's somewhat subjective. I guess I see a persona as deceptive or fake if it's projected in a manipulative manner. G. Imo platonic online relationships are just as important as any platonic offline relationship. It's just replacing the pen pal letter or the phone calls you'd normally have with long-distance friends with an easier method of communication. You're missing the in-person aspect, but to be honest at some point in your life that's going to apply to most of your offline friends as well. As for romantic relationships, eh. It's essentially permanent long distance, and I have a pretty cynical view on LDRs working out in the first place, because someone is going to need to make the sacrifice and move if the relationship is going to go any further in the long term. I don't have anything against relationships that start online (and it's probably easier to get to know people online!), but they need to enter the meatworld sooner rather than later if they're going to last or get serious. 501. Because I have a somewhat competitive streak and I like pushing myself to see how far I can go when I'm challenged.
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