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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  2. This is probably one of the most repugnant statements I've read in a while lmao. It doesn't even matter it's about a fictional character, the fact that you even think it's possible that women aren't worthy of love because of your own arbitrary set of standards in it of itself is fucking terrible. It's not even that you just dislike her, you, without prompting, brought into the discussion the question of how "desirable" Sumia is to men because her characters flaws. And you reacting so defensively against criticism for your statement is even worse because it means you still don't realize these implications you made with your statement. The real reason that Sumia has limited supports is because the developers wanted her to; whether it's because they wanted to encourage players to pair her with Chrom or whatever, the reasons have nothing to do with Sumia herself, so disparaging her for something she doesn't have control over is stupid. The implication that Sumia is a less worthy female character because she's OMG GIRLY is also pretty awful. There are arguments that can be made about problems with her depiction when viewed in the context of the developers' intent for Sumia's character, but being feminine itself isn't an issue. There is nothing sexist about being girly if you want to be girly. The idea that women must act more like men to be considered "good examples of women", you can see how hypocritical and sexist that is, right? I know I'm digging this up but I don't even care.
  3. Don't let the lies deceive you, you can totally get gay married in the game after fulfilling several arcane and soul crushingly tedious requirements, including but not limited to speed playing the first 13 chapters of the game no less than 5 times and support grinding all the ladies each time. (Jave is correct) Actually I'm pretty certain that Miriel!Morgan's hair is a mistake, it's far too dark. I think they accidentally took the color from the shdaowed part of her hair instead of the base color.Either that, or the developers just wanted to make Miriel's hair color more distinctive since it's really similar to Sully's and Anna's. There are a LOT of red headed ladies in the game. Someone on tumblr told me they wanted to do hair 7, but nothing ever came of that and that was months ago, so I'm guessing they lost interest. If you're willing to help, then please, by all means! I'll be eternally grateful. ヽ(;▽;)ノ Just in case, remember to pair Chrom with the Maiden so you won't get locked out of getting the kid of the woman who marries Chrom.Thanks y'all for the positive responses!
  4. Studying in excruciating detail the superficial parts of video games is why I live. yeah.yeah. the things I do to satisfy my ocpd
  5. I figure any exposure is good exposure for this project so.... A few months back, I and a group of very nice people on Miiverse/tumblr started collecting screencaps of all the possible hair colors the second generation characters can get. We got very far and collected pictures for ALL non-Avatar parents, and we only have a few of the Avatar's hair colors left. They're all in this Photobucket album; you can navigate the sidebar to see all the kids. I also made a handy download link for anyone who'd rather have that. Some examples: "Why the hell did you do this," you may ask. Because if you're gonna have fictional video game kids, they might as well be beautiful, so now you know exactly what you're getting into when you marry this-and-this with so-and-so. Everyone knows that the most important eugenics in the game is hair eugenics. Also you notice some neat things, like the fact that Gaius, Stahl, and Chrom have awful hair genes aside from a few exceptions, all the hair colors in the game are unique. Gregor and Ricken have different auburn hair, Henry and Avatar hair 1 are different white, Priam, Chrom, and Avatar hair 3 are different blue hair, etc. Exceptions are as follows: 1) Gregor and Avatar hair 19 give the same auburn hair 2) Henry and Walhart give the same white hair 3) Gaius and Avatar hair 20 are technically not the same, but the differences are so minimal they might as well be 4) Lissa and Emmeryn, unsurprisingly, give the same blonde hair Also Yarne's fur color changes depending on his hair color (I mean all his fur, not just that little tuft), but ONLY in the confession images. Neat! And yes, the kids show up with the Avatar's hair color in their confession image in the support log if a file where the Avatar is their dad is the last activated save file. This is a lot of words about video game hair colors, use the images for whatever resources you fancy, blah blah. Thanks for indulging me by reading this far. I'm taking my time with the remaining hair colors, but they'll be finished eventually. (And might as well plug my other project, making transparent sprites of all the characters and their expressions.)
  6. Crap, Maribelle voting day is while I'm still on vacation lmao WHATEVER nothing will get in the way of my obnoxious gushing over Lon'qu/Maribelle. If Gaius/Sumia is my ultimate OTP 5ever, these two are a close second. I just really loved their dynamic throughout their support, and how it progressed from the both of them being annoyed to having genuine respect for each other, especially when Maribelle realized how hard Lon'qu tries to deal with his gynophobia in battle. The segue from A to S rank also felt pretty natural, I think, and gotta love how Maribelle is the one to propose marriage, which I think is very fitting for her, haha. For Lissa, I like Lissa/Henry the most, their support was so adorable and I feel like their personalities would complement each other well. Also, white haired Owain supremacy. MAN I wish I had my computer so I could post more of my obnoxious fanart of these two pairings since I'm Bad With Words and I'd rather let pictures do the talking. :V Ok I'm done rambling now.
  7. I'm...really surprised Robin/Sumia is winning, what a twist. I only got the S-supports for male Robin with the first-gen women so far, and I ended up liking Sumia's the most. I'm probably biased because I like Sumia a lot anyway, but the support itself was really sweet. Also, bookworm family YEAH. For dumb anime son, I went with Nah/Morgan, because wow cuties.
  8. That. That's beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen such a perfect fangirl breakdown in Japanese before lmao. "PRIAM LET ME TOUCH YOUR HAIR, FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY SO CUTE" A Maribelle/Lon'qu (and some Panne/Libra) comic I thought was pretty funny. Rough translation/localization (I guess? I tried to be consistent with the localization) at the end. Source This comic taught me what DT meant.
  9. Sumia's just saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry", and the text with the arrow pointing to her is "[she] tripped". Some FE:A comics from Blue. The last one is my favorite, lol. "How did you turn out so CUTE" indeed.
  10. I love all the people who took this thread at face value. You're all so pure and innocent, never change and never let the Internet tarnish you. (Also Olivia/Chrom is canon because the way Olivia enriches those post-time skip cutscenes with her sparkling is only proper for Chrom's TRUE wife. *crosses arms*)
  11. Gaius/Sumia is my favorite pairing in the game, haha. I'm really not a person who gets invested in "shipping" or whatever but something about these two clicked with me a lot and now I am the obnoxious fan who screams OTP about these two at every opportunity. I just really like their interactions, and how Sumia, who usually is depicted as shy, lacking self-confidence, and constantly deriding herself, doesn't dwell on her own faults so much in her Gaius supports. She just seems more comfortable with herself. Also, she is the one who makes the first move in the S-support and I have a Thing about the girls in this game doing the confessing/proposing, haha. Also, Cynthia is the best with orange hair. IF YOU DISAGREE....then you have a perfectly valid opinion and I respect that. I still love orange-haired Cynthia though. Dat complementary color combination. [spoiler=obnoxious use of own unfinished fanart under here] (did i just delurk to ramble about my otp? why yes i did)
  12. Oh yeah, personality-wise (and appearance too, if he's blond) Brady is totally Kanji Tatsumi. But with dark hair, he looks a lot like Travis Touchdown, which I think is pretty funny too. High-five, kindred spirit. Oh, for second gen pairings...I really like Owain x Noire and I don't think I really see much mention of them. I think Noire was the only one who actually appreciated Owain's theatrics. I also like Cynthia x Inigo, but judging from the replies here, it doesn't seem to be that unpopular, which is nice to see.
  13. Gaius x Sumia (orange-haired Cynthia is the best and their support is by far my favorite for Sumia) Maribelle x Lon'qu (WOW CUTIES also dark haired Brady is Travis Touchdown) Henry x Lissa (their support was really cute) These three are the biggest ones for me, I think. I also like Chrom x Sully the most of Chrom's potential marriages.
  14. Wait, is this a thing people actually do? Christ, I'll never understand some people. This is just malicious. I know making an unbeatable Streetpass team is impossible, so I just have fun with it and do themes or go hog wild with dumb puns in weapon names; maybe it'll get a laugh out of whoever gets my team. Not that I have many people to Streetpass. Why aren't there more people who played this game at my school. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
  15. I use Sumia (Dark Flier) + Gaius (Assassin, sometimes Hero) a lot (~bias~). This pair was one of my best contributors in my first-gen only run of Apotheosis. I guess Robin (Assassin) and Chrom (Sniper) are one of my most efficient pairs since they always have 100% Dual Strike chance, but I don't use them a lot. Probably because I'm tired of using them. :V Cynthia (Assassin) + Inigo (Warrior) and Lucina (Great Lord) + Gerome (Wyvern Lord) are good too since they also always have Dual Strike chances in the high 90s. And it's probably just a coincidence but Inigo and Gerome also seemed especially good at Dual Guarding, even though neither has Dual Guard+, so that did a lot to garner favor.
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