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  1. Yeah heh I hope this can help haha now we have some stuff that can be added at some point. I have no idea how any of this works so hopefully someone who does the updates and edits can get to this haha.
  2. Hey there all of Serenes Forest heh geez it has been a long time since I came back on here sheesh I have been absent for way too long I gotta get used to how things are here again. Anyway hope I am putting this in the correct place and I am hoping whoever the admin is of the site or whoever is in charge of doing updates can get this. So tearring Saga. I am aware that on the outside the forums part of serenes forest there is a section for most all the games where you can listen to the music at. I know Tearring Saga has a section too I went there listen to some tracks a few times but one thing I could not help to notice is the amount of tracks we have here on Serenes forest does not match the amount of songs in the game. the game has a bit over 100 tracks I believe? or atleast over 40 I dunno I know a lot. we are missing several tracks here that I know I heard in the game. Oh yeah and that is the other thing we do not seem to have the in-game versions of the songs here yet a lot of places seem not have the in-game versions of many tracks. so recently by chance I came across a place that does contain the rest of the OST if not the entire complete one and the in-game versions too. So uh wanted to leave them here and hopefully whoever in charge of updates can take these tracks and update the Tearring Saga OST section I leave the link here. https://www.zophar.net/music/playstation-psf/tearring-saga-yutona-eiyuu-senki
  3. Hmm Ah this is gonna be a hard one uuh...Hmm Sanji? Zoro?...Kizaru? Aokiji? or even Whitebeard maybe? Close? Tony Tony Chopper the cute deer? Nami? Nico Robin? did I land it right in any of those?
  4. Yeah same here that is exactly why I looked into spoilers of One Piece myself. Actually if it wasn`t for my finding spoilers I would never had even bothered to pick up One Piece at all and start diving into the manga like I am now. because to be honest I used to hate One Piece never saw the appeal in it or why it was good, it was one of those series I constantly pushed to the side. It wasn`t until I found out Ace died that I really considered checking the series out because that entire arc the Impel down arc and the marine forde war arc had me like ''wait hold up things done started to get real serious here now is this really One Piece?'' So now I am into it and looking forward to reaching that part but...I mean One Piece it`s so damn long I feel overwhelmed seeing the sheer amount of manga volumes are out for it. I`ll never catch up anytime soon either. Also it sounds a lot like this Xenoblade game series is good from the way you described it up to now I will have to look into it myself heh good ol` youtube to see some gameplay and some of the story I gotta evaluate the game a bit before I decided yeah I`ll give a go. Hope it has good OST too. Ah I see named characters? Personally I don`t mind :P Sometimes finding out even propels me to get into a series or continue with one. I sometimes tend to find out bout a series read about some of the characters on the gold ol` wikia and take a liking to a certain character just from reading about them, So if I find out they die at some point I am like oh shoot maybe I should check this out to see how it happens. It`s like my example I gave with One Piece I originally had no intent on ever picking it up as I originally hated it (saw a handful of episodes and chapters.) And was like ehhh nope. But then I found out later through spoiling myself that Ace dies and all these awesome cool characters show up later (I am a big fan of the admiral trio.) I changed my opinion after that and now welp I try to follow the series now. Oooh ouch it`s to that extent you don`t like spoilers for Fire Emblem? Ah like you said it is like unavoidable here on SF especially when a new FE game comes out. Youtube would be another place too may click on a vid and see stuff. Hmm I see though I sorta get it now. I am so used to hearing and seeing spoilers though it`s almost natural to me haha Me and another friend of mine we always casually exchange spoilers about everything when discussing a series. Like if I am behind on something or vice versa and haven`t seen anything of a series I haven`t seen yet or one I am already into I get asked did I see ''insert part'' and then it goes on from there. And wow seriously? Whoa even the Iliad? Sheesh and the original date of it is way back in the BC. Agreed I think you worded it out far better than I did that was the point I was also trying to stretch. The fact that it`s one thing to say a character dies and another when you actually get to that point yourself. I spoiled myself before ever playing Final Fantasy V. I had watched a youtube video showing Galuf`s death and boy it..When I actually got to that point myself even after having seen the whole thing via a video that heavy feeling still crashed into me as if I had seen it for the 1st time. It`s one thing to see it looking from the outside but another to experience it first hand no matter how much it`s been ''spoiled''. Haha So you are like I am with spoilers. And for me either I am up on youtube to see something or browsing heavy through a wiki to read up on characters or events. And a lot of the time it helps me stay interested in or even get into a series. My 2 friends I mentioned in my original post here are like that they absolutely hate spoilers, And it`s very difficult for me to hold them in especially when discussing a character and I wanna give them just small details. But that usually don`t work out And I`ve been scolded a few times to on it. But atleast I try and be as vague as possible when it comes to spoilers I try and be careful all the time to leave out whole stories or explaining too much stuff. Also about the book page skipping thing I have a tendency to do that a lot with manga heck when I 1st see a manga on the shelf I flick through the pages to cehck out the pictures inside and if I like what I see or they look interesting that increases my chances of giving a try. Madoka Magica? Hmm I have heard that one somewhere before sounds familiar but I don`t believe I have seen it. I dunno why I thinking of Medaka Box (that is another one I haven`t seen yet but I got exposed via J-Stars Victory and some wikia visits.) Hmm what would be key spoilers for you personally tho? For me key spoilers fall under as I mentioned having the entire plot just flat out told to me. But everything else is fair game because I am still clueless as to what the heck happens. And even then it`s different being told and actually experiencing it so it still has that impact on me when i see it even after being spoiled. Hi Sophie! :) Ah I see so usually for you just the story heavy stuff? Hmm So most RPG games would also fall under that umbrella for you personally then right? Ah I`ve also seen a bit of Ace Attorney on youtube! I saw a really cool case in what I think was one of the GBA releases?? It got intense so after seeing that I am willing to give them a go at some point. because at first I dismissed the series as something not interesting at all. Danganronpa never heard of that tho at all.
  5. Same here I sometimes end up giving in and looking anyways too at certain stuff. I did that a bunch with One Piece which I just started recently currently at 4th volume of the manga I looked way ahead and thanks to that it got me interested in it after I saw how many cool characters appear later. Since One Piece is still an ongoing series despite being old it`s still ongoing so it fits the slate for me as new. I won`t say here who those characters are to avoid spoiling that. Ah that is rare Xenoblade Chronicles 2 got released at same time all versions? Now that is handy wish most all stuff did that. Ah I see you are the type who likes to see stuff for yourself eh? Heh I see. And yes so pretty much nearly the same as I? If it`s new then yeah problem but older then not so much. Ah heh funnily I had discovered Itachi`s death from ironically looking ahead I remmeber I would constantly visit the wikia checking his status to make sure he was still living as no surprise here he became one of my most fav characters. So then one day I went there to check and found oh he done died. But I didn`t mind because I didn`t go through the whole entire article and read how it happened and the events leading up to it. All I knew is that he was dead somehow. So I just picked up and found out for myself afterwards.
  6. As the topic says I am curious what are everyones views on spoilers? On anything games, shows, books, manga, etc. just anything in general? I am asking because personally I can`t see it from the others point of view. I never understand why someone becomes upset about getting told even the smallest thing. Personally it annoys me greatly when someone complains about spoilers. Note I can feel sympathy with someone not wanting spoilers if the series just now came out and is fresh and brand new then yeah I can kinda see. But it annoys me to no end when I speak to someone about something and then they complain about freaking spoilers on a Tv show, game or book that is old as heck it`s old passed done what do ya expect? of course you are gonna hear and see stuff about it.So I can`t stand it when someone gets upset over something from like 1990`s or early 2000`s that has long passed and ended. It`s annoying when I try and tell someone about a certain character and I bring up ''insert character'' dies later in the story and I get accused of spoilers eh?? Not much was spoiled. For me it`s like this ya learn about a certain character or event in the story ''spoiler'' right? But usually when people explain stuff they tell it either in pieces or like I do since I mainly discuss characters and not so much story learn one of them dies. But it`s not spoiled technically as you still don`t know the circumstance or the cause of such event. So for me I don`t mind spoilers at all I actually actively seek them especially if there is a series and my favorite character is involved I often wanna see their status if they are alive or not so usually a fast visit to a wiki solves that. But I don`t mind because I still do not know the events leading up to it what happens between? What happens before? Unless the entire narrative is laid out in front of me and explained word for word nothing is really revealed in my eyes. It`s the journey to that key point that matters and you don`t know the journey to it unless the whole thing is laid out. So yeah Sorry if this came off as a bit rantish but it`s so annoying as recently I introduced 2 friends of mine to the Naruto series and we discuss the characters together and I bring up say Itachi Uchiha dies later and I get accused of spoilers. When i didn`t all I said was he dies later you don`t know when later is or how/why it even happens. And on top of that Naruto is old as heck it ended ages ago so avoiding spoilers is nigh impossible at this point all is said and done like with all old series. As far as video games go finding out your character dies later mainly for RPG games I find quite helpful as I am the type who likes going in ready. because some games can be cruel to ya and whatever items/equipment you had are lost or you pour a load of time into someone only to see later ya wasted all that time as they leave later Lol. I hear SaGa Frontier 2 a game which I started recently has tons of characters die on you so that was helpful for me as now I know not to even waste time training up any of them wasting time until later in. So yeah opinions? What is and what is not a spoiler to you guys? What do you consider a spoiler? And which part matters to you most?
  7. SaGa series games and Hyperdimension Neptunia the 1st game for PS3 so many hate that one and the reviews for it most all were poor ratings. But I am playing it now and I honestly don`t see much a problem with it besides the flaw in the healing system and item use it isn`t so bad.
  8. I have been playing Touhou again recently especially Touhou 16 which was a very awesome game!! But I noticed one thing I always, always, always have trouble with ever since starting Touhou it`s the bane of my playing. I need some advice on how best to dodge spell cards and shot patterns that break conventional rules and go in all directions. Those always trip me up everytime cause how do you even know where to go that is safe? with bullets comin from the top, bottom, left and right sides. Or sometimes from bottom to top and vice versa those types of things always get me. I have yet to pass one without having the need to bomb outta it. On a side note Touhou 16 since we are on the subject of dodging. Uh I forget what stage boss mid-boss I mean I believe it`s stage 5 mid boss you that one any dodge advice on that freaking literally tornado of green talisman shots? It comes at you so fast haha I was not expecting to get shot at by a tornado of talisman shots. Atleast is more bearable than a tornado of laser beams from Double Spoiler ugh. So yeah dodge advice on multi directional shots and talisman tornados.
  9. Correct the person below me will have eaten pizza atleast once this week.
  10. It has been awhile since I have picked up Touhou again. Anyway my Touhou fire has begun to spark back up after I started playing the demo of Touhou 16 and I have just this small probably obscure issue that came up recently with my Touhou games. While playing most of them now the music during gameplay stutters, skips and sorta keeps going back. I dunno what could trigger this odd sound problem or how to fix it. As before I didn`t have this issue the themes would play smoothly. While it isn`t a large problem it can be bothersome for me at times cause when that music starts stuttering and skipping I slip up haha when I am playing I tend to flow with the music so it`s sorta irrtating. So what should I do or what can I do to fix this? because almost all of`em from game 6 ~ 16 seem to have this little issue less of a problem for 16 though. When I played PCB it was really bad. Thanks in advance as I would really love to get my Touhou games running how they once did I am really at a loss as to why the sound would do that all of a sudden as far as I know I didn`t change anything.
  11. Yeah thank you Lamia I will do so the next time when I try palettes again. If I ever do another hack I think I`ll have it focus mainly on palettes so I can get better hang of them and such. Haha You`re welcome! I knew you would love them! Same thing happened to me when I heard them just couldn`t get enough of them! Oh you managed to do it huh? Great I`ll take a look at it!
  12. Oh ah hey there! Wow didn`t expect to see you here! Heh. And yeah I did mention it to you a few times back on youtube. And well it`s done I am even posting full playthrough videos of it up on youtube to show whats different and such and how things play out. Oh you are!? That is awesome I hope it works Romancing Saga has some of the best music love the SaGa series OST`s!! Hey if ya haven`t already you should take a listen to these 2 songs from saga frontier 2 there is feldschlacht III and feldschlacht IV both are wonderful. And yeah I really love FE4 and indeed so there aren`t many in the western side of the who hack this game or FE5 aside from translations. Which is pretty saddening as in my opinion the SNES FE games namely FE4 and FE5 there is so much that can be done with`em and the mechanics, gameplay style classes and graphics are much better too. I love the GBA era too to death but I like the SNES ones a lot better so it`s sorta sad to see most hackers are japan only.
  13. Oh wow you made it far Lol you have now reached the very purple chapter 3 all that purple please don`t kill me for that Lol spare me. but yeah gotta agree there Thor Hammer is the most annoying of them Ishtar with that thing is a nightmare indeed. Very good choice though giving it to Fin it`ll be great on a mounted unit like him since he can hit then move out of the way good choice there.
  14. Haha glad ya will and so happy you are having fun with this one. Dunno how far in you are but I`ve made it over halfway through the 2nd gen. The enemies seem to have it out for Oifey Lol he has died twice already good thing for the Valkyrie Staff. Haha when you get there keep Oifey safe haha.
  15. oh Awesome! You got through the prologue glad you are liking it so far. Difficulty wise chapter 1 isn`t that tough. I do recommend you put Ira to sleep though with the sleep staff or the scene will just turn ugly fast. There isn`t much tips I can give for chapter 1 just go about things as usual pretty much. I am way on chapter 4 right now midway through. anyway hope you continue to enjoy! Ah wait there is one thing should mention though the village way on chapter 4 you know that village that is known for freezing the game when Sylvia visits? Don`t even bother with that village at all. I didn`t change anything there at all. And Noish already comes in with a defender sword so that village is pointless now. The other villages most of the others ones have goodies worth getting though on various chapters and Blaggi tower has something better than a wind sword there now too when Dew goes.
  16. Well the maps aren`t the best lookin thing around I`ll admit that and I was messing around with them. The colors on the 1st prologue map were supposed to be like autumn based colors it was supposed to be an autumn map. But it came out sorta terrible. However some stuff was intentional some maps I wanted`em to look crazy and wild as I stated a lot of the stuff is just for the laughs and to be weird as heck some some stuff is gonna be absolutely ridiculous in this. Fear not though I didn`t mess around with all of the maps colors. As for the sprites of the characters if you are referring to the battle sprites some of their pallets are different as I wanted them to match as close as possible to how your units look like Edean`s queen sprite is no longer generic now. Sigurd`s purple hair I did so to make him more match Ethlin`s hair color a bit. But thank ya for pointing that out Lol I am aware some of my colors look like crap XD Next time I won`t repeat the same mistake on a more larger scale serious toned hack. Yeah haha told ya they are deadly. But killable I use Sigurd all the time to take them out. Cuan works well too and his awareness skill will block out their sword skills as they hurt a bunch when they hit. Sigurd and the Lenster trio will be your best friends on the prologue.
  17. Same here love FE4. Anyway hope you enjoy this silly little hack of mine Lol it`s. Wild to say the least Lol beware of the death dancers and bards on the prologue chapter they`ll give you a lot of trouble. Thanks for giving it a go and good luck!
  18. .......Oooh never mind ignore all I said below you are playing book 1 chapter 7. well then you are right about that but this chapter is annoying in every version of this game. Port Warren is my least favorite chapter. It`s a bit easy still though just use the terrain wisely like the bits of forest and the mountains on the side for evasion bonuses. Your main targets should be the horsemen the archers and armors are no threat at all get rid of the horsemen first because their bows are annoying. Then afterwards hurry and cover the forts. You should leave one or so uncovered and use it to farm EXP from. ah and Bantu helps a bunch here too so yeah use terrain wisely and kill the horsemen fast and the rest is easy. What book are you playing book 1 or 2? It`s been quite long since I played but if is book 2 chapter 7 that chapter is easy. Sounds to me like you just took too long to clear it as I believe if you linger on some of the chapters from this point Hardin`s army shows up and that is dangerous don`t even bother facing them run. Also Feena the dancer girl....She is the best dancer ever dem growth rates she will get strong don`t let her class fool you here she can dance of course and fight just as affectively. Ah I have so many fond memories of Feena ripping through enemy after enemy. but yeah back on track have Nabarl just go to town on most of the thieves in the forest with the help of some pegasus knights and Feena.
  19. Alright hope you have fun with this wild random project of mine haha thank ya.
  20. Uh well after all the time spent on it finally, finally I feel it is ready and completed. The final version of my Fire Emblem hack project. I call it Fire Emblem 4: Overpowered. As the name suggests things are overpowered in this hack in fact everything is player characters and enemies especially everything is inflated in some way affectively becoming broken. Now the concept of my hack may turn a few of you off due to it`s nature but my earlier version actually had some people actually love the overpowered characters and stuff. So I hope more will feel the same with this final one. This is my first ever hack and it really isn`t supposed to be all that serious a project if it was I would have done something much large scale than this. This hack is pretty much for a few laughs as some of the edits I did are crazy as heck this is pretty much fire emblem on crack or something haha Sigurd`s hair is even purple in this. This hack was largely done out of my love of Holy Weapons I always loved how epic it was in FE4 when you fought against someone like Ishtar or someone and you would face them down with a holy weapon or your own and that epic white flash would come across the screen for both of you. I`ll make a short list of changes in this hack here the rest you can see in the readme file I have included with the patch please do read the readme there is vital info inside that needs to be known and I address a few things about the hack in there too. Also another note about this hack it can be patched to english with an english I tested it by downloading an english patch from here it works. Because I have had many people constantly ask me is there an english patch for this hack so yes you can patch over it again and turn it english everything remains intact in the hack. Patch Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/92uwlx62xjb25dq/FE4_Overpowered_patch.zip *Almost everyone has a holy weapon enemies included there are also fake holy weapons in here most are strong silver weapons or magic spells that give the same bonuses but have inferior attack power and accuracy. *Almost every deleted or unused skill or item are brought back here everything from the Silence Sword to Darkness Sword skill and Holy Sword. Ah and the Great Arch is revived here too basically the strongest Ballista type enemy that just never made it in the final release of the original game don`t know why. I woulda have included the charm staff and thief staff too but those are impossible since they just lock the thing up and freeze it. *Substitute characters don`t suck anymore. They are actually worth using however still inferior in ways to the regular children. they have inferior skill sets most of them and in this game skills are vital especially stuff like awareness and charisma. Awareness is a godsend in this hack because a lot of weapons now do extra damage to certain classes or enemies have the critical skill which is insta death so pay attention to special skills. *More love options. Altenna can now be paired up and Yuria can too no more relying on the jealousy system you can pair her up normally. The substitute units can also be paired with literally anyone yes even sibling pairups so yep sums that up. *Oddly colored maps yeah remember how I said this is like if fire emblem is on crack or something I think the colors of some of the maps I did shows that for sure don`t be shocked at weird colored water and stuff. *you can now do the triangle attack there are 2 sets Fin, Ethlin & Cuan and then there is Celice, Leaf & Aless *Almost everyone can class change so keep an eye for that. Even pre promoted units like Cuan or Hannibal can change classes. Also Diadora can class change too no longer is she locked to Shaman. Speaking of Diadora you can now sell her Circlet. *Almost every Holy Weapon can be sold and passed around. Most all Holy weapons are merely A rank weapons now. The only ones I left locked are Naga and Loptousu because they are both way too OP even for this game standards to just be passed around. So be careful with Loptousu as you only get 1 from a village and the person must have major Lopto blood to use if not you are screwed as ya can`t sell it in the shop. If you are curious to what village it`s the village on chapter 9 that has Loptousu your gonna want that. But keep it away from Tyrfing and Naga yes Tyrfing negates Lopto`s affects so only 2 threats and well..critical hits those will do it. Anyway I think that about sums up this hack again be sure to check the readme file and hope some of you actually enjoy this little silly project. I`ll leave a few screen shots and video footage of the gameplay so you can see how it plays out as I am also recording gameplay of it to show it off.
  21. Thanks Lamia finally got it to work. So that is what you meant by original nightmare package I thought you meant something totally different so now I was able to use your new modules. Thank you so much! for all your help.
  22. Huh? download the original nightmare package? Ah where do I find it? Are you talking about your old modules? if so I already tried overwriting those ones the lorenanightmare one. is that what you mean? Your early modules? I don`t get it as it still gives me same error. I likely have the wrong nightmare set.
  23. Just change the weapon ranks in nightmare of the Holy weapons then you can sell them you don`t have to use the hex editor. I hacked FE4 too and I made all the weapons able to be sold. I changed mostly all of the weapons to A ranked weapons as a result they became able to be sold.
  24. Hey Lamia I downloaded your holy weapon flash editor the new one and well it gives me that error again saying that dropbox elements could not be loaded :( and I don`t know what to do and to slap more on top of that. After all the stuff you taught me Lamia I kinda lost touch a bit it`s been quite awhile since I messed around with my FE4 project so I am quite very much rusty at this Thanks in advance and so sorry I lost so much. luckily there isn`t much more I want to mod in my thing just the weapon flashes and I think might be pretty much done unless you come along with yet another awesome mod thing. Oh I do have another question how do you modify the title screen? Even though I won`t be doing that because at my current level and knowledge that is way above me but I am curious.
  25. Yes and no for Dew. Yes if you level him up and class change him and no if you don`t he is the worst unit not class changed in the 1st gen right there next to Sylvia ugh her growths..They hurt my eyes. You should use a tactic though it consumes time while you are still on chapter 1 called boss abuse Have Dew keep attacking Gandolf but not killing him till he hits Lv 20 then class change him asap it`s best to do it that way because he isn`t hitting 20/20 any other way he can`t kill nothing. He is pretty important for quite a few things mainly keeping the money flowing in he becomes better at stealing on promotion as you can send him on the front lines sometimes and the enemies will attack and miss him a lot but get money stolen. So yeah train him don`t forget the Wind Sword he gets on chapter 3 either at Blaggi Tower.
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