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  1. I am good now. I don't know if Vincent still has it up for grabs but I'm taking my name off this
  2. Can confirm the DS games do that. The basis for the get Nagi and Tiki trick. I think a way way of doing it and making it worth continuing would be to have it alter the story. Like if a character dies his family will have their arc altered accordingly. Or maybe impact their stats as a way of saying they were impacted personally. Essentially make it more than a mention in the epilogue that they died. Show their death hit people.
  3. If it's still open I'd like to request it. Been refilling for those two at five stars for three days now. Eventually relented with five star Corrin and 4 star Camilla but I'm not too happy with that. Yes been inactive for for a while but saw this and wouldn't want to miss it. Edit: I did link it to my account though. Will that prevent anything?
  4. So it's just a bit of misinformation then. One last thing: in terms of parallel classes, is the one granted based on the primary or secondary? For example, Arthur gets an A+ with Keaton. Keaton's primary Wolfskin is unique so it goes to his secondary, Fighter. Which is Arthur's primary, so he gets a parallel class instead. Would he get Outlaw based on Wolfskin, or Oni Savage based on figher?
  5. Thanks guys. http://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Takumi/Supports Here though it mentions Takumi getting access to the Avatar's secondary class. While also saying he won't be granted access to Oboro because of the overlap, but the same for Setsuna when he should be granted her secondary class set. Maybe not the most reliable source come to think of it. So as I understand it now: 1. Classes (aside from DLC) can only be granted through one specific seal depending on its source 2. The only time the secondary class is granted is if both units primary is the same or if the primary is a unique class 3. If the secondary is also the same then a parallel class is granted 4. The Avatar can inherit any number of classes, but no unit can inherit his/her secondary. I have that straight?
  6. It's fine either way. I just misinterpreted it to mean that by using those Seals once, said class is added to the Heart Seal set. For example, I paired Takumi with Oboro. Takumi would normally inherit Spear Fighter from her, but that's his secondary so he should have gotten Apothecary, but instead no new classes were added. Or Leo, who married Felicia and should have gotten Maid, but that's his secondary so he should have inherited Hero. Again nothing new. My thoughts are starting to go towards it being you only get the secondary if the first matches other units first. In which case I really screwed up on a lot of my A+ ranks because I ignored any where classes were the same when in fact could have been quite useful. This is what all my experience has told me, it's just on many sites, the Fire Emblem Wiki included, it mentions being able to reclass into the Avatar's secondary.
  7. So I have a question regarding Marriage and Friendship Seals in this game. From what I've gathered online, once using a Friendship (or Marriage) Seal into a class that class is permanently added to the unit's class options via Heart Seal. For me that has not been the case with anything other than the DLC class seals. Also a question is I have read that should the units primary classes be the same the secondary class is given instead. Again this has not been the case in either Marriage or Friendship seals. And finally, I have been able to give the Avatar access to any class via Friendship Seals. However I read that the relationship is NOT one way, and his secondary class (Oni Savage) should be able to be given to any male unit with an A support. Again this has not been the case for me. After doing extensive searching on this I can't find anybody saying what I am saying. Is it possible my game is bugged? This is the special edition BTW in case that matters. I'm also playing on Revelation. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. So I just finished the main game of Revelation and am now looking to optimize pairings for postgame and DLC (as well as min-maxing because I like to). I'm playing on Normal mode, male Corrin +Str -Lck, Talent Oni Savage. As much as I'd love to put Corrin with Azura I hate that you can't have him marry her without losing out on a kid. By the way I'm going for pure optimization as far as the kids go, with a goal of having one S rank user of every weapon type, class diversity. In parentheses are my reasonings for the pairing if I haven't seen much on it online. Corrin/Flora Azura/Laslow Takumi/Rinkah (With access to Crit +20 I figured that would make for a lethal sniper) Odin/Elise Saizo/Hana (I liked Hana as a unit and since the Swordmaster child is taken a Ninja is close enough) Kaden/Hinoka Keaton/Camilla Arthur/Effie Ryoma/Kagero Leo/Felicia Xander/Selena Hinata/Mozu (Did not particularly like Hinata or his growths, so I figured Aptitude might help) Hyato/Sakura Silas/Charlotte (I want a Berserker on my team and Sophie was the last option. But I do think there is a certain match up since Silas excels where Berserkers tend to lag) Azama/Orochi Benny/Peri Niles/Oboro (Give Nina some healing ability as an Adventurer) Kaze/Beruka Jakob/Setsuna (Was the last one I settled on and so he got stuck with the leftover) Subaki/Nyx (Give some degree of Magic for Caeldori) How do these work? I'm not sure if there's an Apotheosis styled DLC on the way, but even if not I want the absolutely most optimal pairings and there's surprisingly little in the way of proper pairing guides out there that aren't for LTC or Lunatic or both. Also of note is that I really wanted to try get Crit +20 on my Berserker as well, but I couldn't figure out a way to swing that, so I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks guys. I've played every main series FF game and Chrono Trigger and Cross. Also Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario games. Breath of Fire I'll look into though. How does Earthbound hold up by today's standards? Been meaning to give it a try for a while. I also know in Japan its Mother 2 so will I need to first play a translated Mother first in order to enjoy it properly?
  10. I now find myself with plenty of free time and not a lot to do with it. A favorite genre of mine in gaming is RPGs specifically of the old Final Fantasy variety. That being said I've played the first six to the death by now and want something new. I'm asking for recommendations on games that are in that "retro" style. Either because they are in fact old RPGs or made to emulate them. Like Bravely Default and Ni no Kuni which I both loved because they were designed to bring that old time RPG feel if you know what I mean. Are there any games like that? Ones I've heard of and would like some opinions on: Child of Light (PS4/Vita) Nostalgia (DS)
  11. Worst I'd say is either Thracia 776 or Sacred Stones. Voted for FE8 because the Fire Emblem is a Sacred Stone so in context a little redundant. Thracia 776 is a title that only makes sense to those who know the story. For best I chose Genealogy of the Holy War because it's exactly what it is. Fits it perfectly without just being the name of some artifact in the game like Blazing Sword or Sword of Seals/Binding Blade. Mystery of the Emblem is also good because it describes the story somewhat and with the word Emblem in Fire Emblem doesn't really need context.
  12. *Throws into a Goomba* then steals the orb (Like Luigi has never wanted to do that to Mario...)
  13. Member title is either JApanese or gibberish or both
  14. I don't know if any of you guys remember me but I was here a long time ago. Haven't been online in probably 3-4 years. I've had a lot going on in my personal life that I'm not going to go into, but I'm in a much better place now, and so I hope to be spending some time here again. So much has changed since then. FE4 is still going though. So it's not like everything is new.
  15. So after my save file was destroyed I'm getting right back at it and am looking to perfect my pairings. These are the ones I used in my previous file and my opinions. (This is for purely min-maxing, not personality etc.) Chrom/Olivia (Lucina was fine, and Inigo was excellent) +Spd/-Lck!Avatar/Tharja (Morgan was an excellent Sorcerer, and Noire was amazing as a Sniper with Galeforce and infinite Double Bow) Vaike/Lissa (Average really. I use Vaike as my Berserker with Inigo as the Swordmaster, I'm looking to improve here) Donnel/Sully (Galeforce and Armsthrift. Either Donnel or Gaius for Sully, and since the either child needing Galeforce is Nowi, and as a Manakete she doesn't need Armsthrift, I gave her Gaius and Sully Donnel) Frederick/Sumia (Decent, but also because all other options are taken) Ricken/Miriel (Laurent was superpowered) Henry/Maribelle (Brady made a good War Monk) Stahl/Yarne (Yarne was pretty good) Lon'qu/Cordelia (Amazing Severa) Cherche/Gregor (Gerome was great with Armsthrift) Gaius/Nowi (Previously explained) Their classes are (this I don't really want to change so pairings should revolve around maxing their potential in this class) Lucina: Great Lord Morgan: Sorcerer Inigo: Swordmaster Owain: Berserker Kjelle: Great Knight Sumia: Falcon Knight Laurent: Sage Brady: War Monk Noire: Sniper Yarne: Taguel Gerome: Wyvern Lord Severa: Hero Nowi: Manakete Any advice would be appreciated.
  16. Despite the fact that I clicked "Do not delete" the SD card was wiped clean. If I have to repay for the DLC I will complain to Nintendo. I'm not wasting another 50 bucks on it.
  17. I just did a system transfer from my Ambassador 3DS to my FE 3DS. I wanted access to those titles and switching them back and forth was a pain. I called Nintendo and was assured my two people I would lose nothing in FE13. I clicked do not delete. I lost 400+ hours. I had a party min-maxed, beat Apotheosis, unlocked lunatic+ and completed the support library. It's all gone. Granted I wasn't planning on replaying the game any time soon, and if I did it would be another min-max playthrough. What really bothers me is the support library. That's gone and I don't have the patience to redo it. Just thought I'd rant a little. I'm just that angry.
  18. At first my Avatar married Lucina for a powerful Morgan. Then I played again trying to optimize more characters and give out Galeforce so I chose to put Nowi with Gaius (Manakete doesn't need Armsthrift). This left Kjelle and Noire needing Galeforce and Armsthrift. I hate Sully a lot so I gave her Donnel. That left me with Tharja. I don't exactly like her character but I don't hate her either (outside of abusing Noire). The second playthrough was from a purely gameplay perspective. If I were to go by personality I'd go back to Lucina.
  19. Whether through autocorrect or simply missing the right key what's the funniest typos you've made? I texted my mother saying I was going to school. It changed school to Soweto, a dangerous area in South Africa. My family is South African.
  20. In Soviet Emblem turns shave you
  21. The generic one. Closest would be FE5 though.
  22. is FE's level up jingle. I've just started this game and that's the first thing I noticed.
  23. Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet And so are you But the roses are wilting The violets are dead The sugar bowl's empty And so is your head There once was a man named saint Who swallowed some samples of paint All colors of the spectrum Flowed out of his rectum What a colorful lack of restraint Roses are red Violets are blue I have Alzheimer's This little piggy went to the market
  24. It was really tough to chose. I voted 3 because I like the rotating background characters and 7 because it reminds me of the old banner.
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