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  1. dont use feditor (use buildfiles; it's much better way of hacking, not like you're gonna be using fexna soon when you ask like that)
  2. Because map changes are easier and some people prefer the layout, I suppose I just use FE Map Creator nowadays personally
  3. Hello, everyone! You might have seen me around here before. I've been working on this little project of mine for a while now, and after _hours_ of hard work, I've come up with a result I'd love to share. So far, this is only 1 chapter. Depending on the feedback, who knows, it might be much more~ (And yeah, I know it's April Fools and all, but I'm too excited to share this to wait until tomorrow.) New Things: Mechanics Units Events Graphics Maps etc. Bugs: The stat screen is weird, and idk why. Basically for the first page, the R description doesn't work. Shrug. Also, this means that skill descriptions dont work. Basically, the two people who have the skill (you'll see when you play) can use Dragon Veins. And here's the link to the FEU thread which contains the patch! I took a lot of inspiration from people like Ghast and his non-human characters as well as TLP for people such as Kelik and Anakin and Shon. Such great writing! Oh, and I can't forget the screenshots! I hope you enjoy!
  4. Darn I was actually looking forward to a better version of fates supports, lol. Any chance you'll reopen it if your time is opened up Please reply soon.
  5. my friend actually found something that /could/ be Mu v fsr image isnt working: http://prnt.sc/dxf1l0 also, they said its "inspired by gaiden" so you never know
  6. Yeah I'd prefer they refrain from an avatar but this is just hypothetically if they do
  7. I was thinking Celica - I never played FE2 though so idk How about you guys? EDITNote: This is only of a hypothetical avatar is in the game
  8. You can import an image into FE Map Creator if you have a tileset open, and it will recreate the map as close as possible using the tileset opened (or smth along those lines, idkt he technicalities). It's also by BwdYeti. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=50953
  9. Wellll, even though all your grass isn't all tilespammed, many clumps still have tilespam. Rather than placing down 1 tile in like a square, spread it randomly the dark grass is very concentrated to one area, and cuts off suddenly trees, iirc, have 3 tiles in this tileset? use all of them to vary it to vary it more add some cliffs /paths in other places (but i dont remember if this tileset has cliffs) all instances of this is missing shading also, you may want to expand the throne room a bit, as the carpet is best left not touching the top or left walls, and in this case, it touches the left wall, however it has no shaded tiles inside the main castle you kinda spam the rocky floor thingy as well, but there should be two of these tiles, use both randomly i cant tell for sure but it seems all of the tiles below walls indoors ar emissing shading havent mapped in a while but hopefully it was all pretty clear
  10. eggad! how did you discover such an eggtacular secret?!
  11. HOSHI 1. Why are you a lek? 2. Why are you an egg? 3. Why are you a bedimal? 4. Why does your name have xX and Xx instead of XxX? 5. Are you currently Eli or Hoshi? Are you gay or European?
  12. wow, you replied really soon! butyeahforrealitsalive
  13. For more on eventing you should check out http://feuniverse.us/t/fe8-the-grand-eventing-wiki-chapter-construction-guide-wip/1594. There is one: http://boviex.github.io/eventiel_fe8/eventiel_FE8.html However as the Eventing Wiki says,
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