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  1. I played GD first. She unnerved me in that route. Sane Rhea is manipulative, secretive, and a bit cruel. Commanding Byleth to murder her perceived enemies, using Byleth in general, and that whole bit of executing guys without even questioning them really grossed me out. Im more weary about sane Rhea than how she is in BE.
  2. His English voice is really sexy to me. I tend to play in English so, i cant really say much. But im not the sort who would enjoy Bernie in Japanese. Yikes
  3. Grew to Like: Bernadetta- she has a very unattractive pre-skip design and is way irritating. While still a bit irritating, her supports explain why shes that way. Post-skip shes much less irritating. Seteth: i was at first underwhelmed by this guy. He came off as a dude with stick up his arse, but honestly? Hes grown to be literally my favorite character in the game. I saw his supports and seen the reasons hes like the way he is. Plus figuring out who he is (prior to church route), hes just awesome and i love himb. Ferdinand: comes off as a fop, but is really a good guy. Stupid hot post-skip too. Death Knight: I unlocked a certain paralogue that explains things regarding him i think hes a decent antagonist not the best by any means, but im ok with this dude. Grew to Loathe: Rhea: H o l y s h i t. I thought she looked cool at first and she comes off as really saintly. (lol) But wow what the hell is your problem, Rhea? Talk about abandonment issues. Her fundamentalist attitude really grossed me out but then, it got worse shes just a super bitch. Funny thing is, i like her role in the story and that she isnt this rosey Big Good tyoe but i dont like her lol Caspar: wasnt a fan of this kid's design omg his hair is just whyyyyy. But i was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt Nah. Dude is hella annoying and grating af. Cyril: *sprays water* NO. cant say ive ever been a fan of Sylvain or Ignatz, but they dont anger me at all i like watching people knock Sylvain down lol. Flayn haters, im judging you
  4. Ive yet to do Blue Lions, but so far, Claude's route is my favorite. Edelgard's is hella fun but a little unsatisfying. There is one part of that route thats super satisfying to me but its spoilas. Church is a bit too similar to Claude's route but its not bad.
  5. Picking Camilla because: shes finally wearing pants Flying healer and i dont have one pulling in colorless hell is no
  6. Absolutely. But the reason i think BE route was pushed commercially, was that it leads to the Church route which is rather Byleth-centric in its narrative. You are likely more interested in why your self insert is basically scooped up by the fucking pope of this world and treated like Christ. But Edelgard being a rather attractive lord with a no nonsense attitude being in front of all of that suited Nintendo Lets face it, folx are kinda tired of main protags that are hyper visible being dudes :v:
  7. I thought the overarching theme was: Nothing is ever what it seems. Theres good and bad in everyone, and choices are what determine the outcome. Do you choose to cut a bloody swath in order to liberate the world? Or do you choose to be consumed by vengeance and wish things could just go back to the way it was when you were happy? Or do you choose to find out just why the world is the way it is, and strive to knock down societal walls? Finally, do you choose to find your own identity and why you were put in the world and what that means? /shrug that was my takeaway from this game's story and i gotta say, i really love it. I finally got what i wanted in an FE game.
  8. When i saw Edelgard had her own nickname reserved for loved ones, i knew for absolute certain she was based heavily on Daenerys. I thought it was just interesting coincidence before playing her route but nah. This is deliberate.
  9. Book!Dany is really competently written though? Agreed about the latter part but one can argue she was written with that complex in order for her to double down on her motives. But....this isnt an ASOIAF discussion, despite some rather striking similarities. But Dany's decisions are not decided by a coin flip. Ignore the show, cuz Edelgard's similarties have more to do with how Daenerys is originally wriiten. Edelgard is extremely driven. Her "this is the path i must walk" is literally a nicer way of saying "Ill take back whats mine with fire and blood." One could argue that Edelgard is actually motivated by a more moral place. Shes trying to rid the world of crests and the church to cease divides. Not claiming anything that was taken via conquest. She explicitly states shes warring against the institution of the church and not the faith. (Cant really blame her there. Rhea is....A Thing) Edelgard and Daenerys both have their decisions based on ideals.
  10. She is Daenerys with the serial numbers filed off. No question. Just more intelligent and more willing to get her hands dirty. Really dirty. And i really cant blame her. I went Golden Deer first and still found myself wanting to punch Rhea in the face. I do like Edelgard (and i like Dany too, there it is. Yes, even after that. ) and on other routes, shes a good antagonist. This is the sort of character i wanted in FE as a main playable lord for a long time.
  11. The Sauna in which you cant enter, is likely where the toilets are. Its next to the dorms
  12. Claude. BE run will either be Edelgard or Dorothea. I may do maByleth in BL so i can diddle Ingrid after that, its time for dilfy action with Seteth :)
  13. Hmmm. From what i know about that route, its the Dodgy Route. While all routes are telling the story, seems like Edelgard's just sorta does what it does and calls it a day, huh?
  14. This is a mood this is the FE i never knew i needed No joke. Why can't people just come to their own conclusions? Are we gonna start whinging about optional stuff again? l o l What do mean by this? Too fast or too slow?
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