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  1. I have a feeling you right ignatz is a huge sweetie, and it pains me that this wee almond isnt loved more. B i g M o o d but i am glad hes got popularity everywhere else.
  2. Everyone loves Gatekeeper. (Ive been calling Nigel) He is a Good Boi(tm) and puts a smile on everyone's face!
  3. Seteth is low, but...more for me! But honestly, he's stupid popular across the pond, probably due to his VA being a memelord p, and his character not being a pile of tropes. I have a feeling such a list would look rather different outside Japan. Claude is likely the most popular lord in the west, and people are gaga for Dorothea and Hilda. I do like that my Hubie got in the top 20. I lurves himbs
  4. I didnt really dislike or have any real impressions of characters before i got the game. Seteth became my favorite character somewhere near the final leg of my first ever run (GD) in the game. Can't really explain the process, but he is actually the best ever and id die for himb. I think the really big one is Rhea. Now, initially, i really didnt care for her. Hell, it was well into my fifth run that i really began to understand this character. I think that's because i got to see her supports. They are a bit illuminating on the inner psyche of Rhea and reveal how lonely she is. (Big Spoilers for just about the entire game. Beware ) I really cant help but respect a character like that. Shes way deeper and complex than i really thought.
  5. FE4 is likely. It has a cool story that will appeal, interesting characters, lots to expand on, and people want it.
  6. Stride battalions, Blue Lion Dancers, the one with that thing that allows you to counter at any range for a turn. Yeah those
  7. Wow. I just cant with this post. That is some rather gross presumption there, mate. Its also offensive to queer femmes who play this game. (Which there are quite a lot of) you are kidding about this 5% shit, right? This is a video game world where no one so much as side eyes a same sex couple. A world which the potentially most important person in it, can marry someone of the same gender and people celebrate it. Anyway, Claude should have been a bi option for Boyleth. Hes the sort who would have no compunctions on who he fell in love with. It just feels off that he isnt
  8. I love this theory tbh, because it makes sense. Recall how in the end of Crimson Flower, its stated that since Hubert figured out the Agarthans, Edelgard and Byleth go smush them. (They get inadvertently smushed in Azure Moon lol) It does seem they are definitely trying to remove Edelgard from the equation without it being obvious.
  9. Unit wise, Catherine is great. Character wise, shes pretty blah. I do like her relationship with Shamir tho
  10. Any horse related exam: You have just hit your opponent with your lance, but they are still standing. What do you do now? A) Wait, with lance at the ready. B) Move again into nearest area of cover (woods, strongholds, etc) C) Swap weapons. D) Send in your cavalry battalion.
  11. My thoughts: Black Eagles: Ferdinand: No. Edelgard strips his family of power and as a result, his father is boned. Really. Boned. Even though Ferdie himself is a bit naive to inner political matters, this would cross a line and he would want to see her defeated. Dorothea: Debatable, considering despite her hatred for the nobility, war is not something shes ok with. But its more likely she would stick with Edelgard. Petra: Lmao no. She is not an idiot, and knows damn well shes nothing more than a hostage. Edelgard's defeat would mean Brigid independence and safety. The only way she would side with the Empire is to make sure Brigid isnt invaded again. Linhardt: This guy wants to be a crest scholar. Its his ambition next to sleeping. Edelgard wants to crush that system. I cant see Linhardt being totally ok with that. Bernadetta: No. She doesn't really have any real loyalty to her father and house. She'd want to join Byleth regardless. Caspar: Yeah he would stay. He is very proud of being of house Bergleiz. He would believe Edelgard's cause is right and just. Hubert: Serves Edelgard without question. Blue Lions Felix: lol no. He may have beefs with Dimitri and his own dad, but those are more personal than political. He finds Edelgard's justifications rather foul. Ingrid: Nope. Her country and the future of her house mean a lot to her. Sylvain: Despite his hatred of the system, i find it unlikely that he'd betray his best friends in the whole world. Ashe: I feel like he would join Claude, simply to find out why Lonato was a patsy. Maybe he wouldnt side with the church right away, but the Empire? Nah. Annette: Hard no. She loves her country, begs for her father to return to her life, and would find Edelgard's cause repugnant. Mercedes: Very no. She's extremely pious and the Empire's use of the Death Knight really upsets her. Golden Deer Hilda: Nope. She's actually quite loyal to her brother, Claude, and the whole Alliance. Marianne: No. She may resent her crest, but shes a firm believer of the Church of Seiros. She even questions if turning on the church is even forgivable if you poach her in BE. Lysithea: Maybe, only to smash the crest system She and Edelgard both had been experimented on, so she may find common ground there. But since Edelgard works with the Agarthans, im not too sure Lysithea would be kosher with that. Ignatz: While he isnt noble, he would not see the point of what the Empire is trying to do plus, he is a believer in the church Raphael: He already lost his parents, hes not about to turn his back on his little sis so no. Lorenz: He goes where Glouster is concerned. If his father sides with the Empire, so will he. Leonie: Devoted to Jeralt as she is, she would blame Edelgard for everything that happened to him. Church of Seiros: Cyril: Hes literally Rhea's Pomeranian Catherine: is literally Rhea's doberman Shamir: She'd join the Empire if the price was right Gilbert: Hes actually loyal to the Kingdom so no hell, he wont even join you on church route. Hanneman: I find it difficult that a crest scholar would be down with destroying crests. He does have some fondness for the Empire as his former home, however..... Manuela: Maybe, simply to ensure the safety of her opera squad. Seteth: He would never turn his back on his family. He clings tenaciously to what he has left. Flayn: Also would not betray her family. She bolts in BE anyway. I honestly feel that a lot of moral mental gymnastics need to be done in order to justify siding with Edelgard for a huge amount of characters.
  12. Ive always had the following on my teams regardless of route: Petra Marianne Sylvain Lorenz Dorothea
  13. ALL OF THIS! In the the GD/Church routes: It sounded to me that Edelgard had something very emotional to say to Byleth that came from the heart.
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