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  1. I'll be supporting my boi Jeorge until the bitter end (ง •̀_•́)ง
  2. Summer's coming again, so maybe you can get one soon 🙂 Leon's a pretty good idea. He's definitely better offensively, and might also get an weapon refine later down the line which could be really nice. I do think that Takumi, Jeorge, and Jamke are similar stat-wise. You can get them to do similar things with different weapons setups, and major differences goes down to refines. Play around a see which archer works for you? No herons were harmed in the making of this clear x'D. Thank you! ❤️
  3. I just watched that trailer, and now I have no idea which house I want to start with >-< They all seem so good!
  4. Thank you! I think any offensive orientated archer can pull off that build, maybe someone not too squishy though? It's hard to say how practical this is compared to more accessible quad brave bow+ builds though. This is expensive and needs setup to get going. I do like it more than Firesweep atm because Fishie Bow has good synergy with low hp skills, +1Mt, and stats from refine. I think a lot of archers have very similar stat distributions so, it's hard to do wrong. I would love to build a Klein or Niles. Their refines look great!
  5. Team Bartre here. Moustache to start, and I'll see what happens after!
  6. @mampfoid Great job once again! I wondered if you could still one turn it around all the spikes, but you make it look really straightforward. I had no idea that dance can still be used after a galefore..😯 @Nanima Been a while again, sorry for missing so many videos and replies! >-< I'm so glad to see that you're merging up your Reyson and Naesala! ❤️ Everything is worth it for favourites x'D I really like how you managed to make the most of the space on the right side in the beginning, and there was a few well landed def smokes from Tibarn. -- The new brazen atk/spd seal has disgusting potential. This was pretty fun!
  7. @Nanima Hey! I hope you had a good time on your internship. It's good to have you back! I feel spoilt with all the clears you just posted. So happy that you were still recording them! Tibarn is such a ..beast x). This bird team is so satisfying to watch wreck havoc. @mampfoid Hector is just the highest tier utility unit haha. Caeda did great taking out that fridge! Good idea with using the Wing Sword. Loving your avatar btw Late to posting this: @Landmaster Usual suspects on this map. ohkoing Yune is pretty satisfying, I was surprised that she had such low base def.
  8. @mampfoid Yes, sticking with +atk for the now! Currently new "fast" units are coming in with 37 speed base , this just makes a little more sense I guess, and the Dragonflowers bring him to just-1 spd from what he had previously. I do have another +spd spare just in case x'D. One of these days I'm going to rerun one of the abyssals that i have recorded with +spd Jeorge to which is better. @Landmaster I love Goodie boot+. Allowing two spaces away for bonuses is forgiving and easy to position for the +6/6 def/res. Plus it's cute. @Robert of Normandy Good one! Minerva with a hammer, that worked really well!! x'D F!Morgan did so good with that CC+Blarblade.
  9. @mampfoid Mad lad, I can't believe you did it again! What a fantastic way of including Hector haha x'D. @Robert of Normandy That Drag Back + Galeforce move with Minerva is amazing! @Landmaster Keaton is so strong! That Vantage brave effect is something to behold x). I love how Y!Azura got some action too. @ChickenBits I love your team! It's so nice to see H!Mia in action. L!Ephraim did so good, he took out so many units. And getting Y!Tiki surviving and taking out Roy is so satisfying x) @mcsilas That first team comp is hilarious, kinda giggled my way through watching it x'D I like how we got a Hector vs. Roy in that. L!Hector is such a beast. Finally! This map kicked my ass. The Abyssal is done with Kaze, Michalis, Jeorge and Reyson. I'm so happy to be able to use Kaze on an abyssal map. Jeorge here with updated +atk IV. I can't really feel much difference apart from needing to carry drive speed instead of drive attack so far. Really happy with Reyson. @Nanima's bird tribe Duma clear convinced me to get him since I wasn't really planning to get any of the beasts at first. The aoe heal effect, and no move restrictions is just so good x'D. I don't think I could have did it without him since someone had to dance Jeorge on that ledge. He's also great to carry tactics.
  10. This banner is so random. I’d be the few who’d be glad for speed tactic fodder since I don’t want to use Ylgr for it. But i dont’t really mind who I get. I think they all have some potential for fodder.
  11. @Nanima what a clean clear! Aww i’m so happy that Sakunyan made it to this team x) it was really scary when the lance cav went after her >_<
  12. Finally he's is complete x) Woohoo~~~
  13. I love mixed teams and running tactics. Second would probably be fliers or infantry. I use them more out of other emblem teams. Armour emblem is least favourite. I dislike the move restrictions, and find them one too expensive to optimise properly to be fun.
  14. Thanks! Complete it if you find a chance to! It's pretty fun all thing considered x) Amazing!! Now give him all the merges and skills XD It's going to be so great for Jeorge once the merge update and Dragonflowers are implemented. x) Thank you! Yeah, it wasn't a easy choice. It's a pity he's the only one with a desperation bow ;_; It's more Distant Def than Shigure himself. He dies without the Distant Def, even with TA + Raventome haha...
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