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  1. With Kaze (+10), Jeorge (+10), The Reinhart (+2) and Hrid (+1). I was very determined to take Mila out with a Splashy Bucket.
  2. thanks for adding me on feh!

    1. ruruo


      Hey, np! Loving your Y!Marth build and your profile banner with the little dragons (salamanders?) is adorable! 

    2. meidorodeo


      aww, yeah! little manaketes...

      glad marth can be helpful! your jeorge has quite the stellar build, loving the brazen on top of the distant defense tanking! very cool stuff

  3. Those 4 VG orbs are also less tedious than the training tower quests for 1 orb lol
  4. Looks like it’s going to be close with Nagi and Nino. I’m surprised by how popular Nagi is since I find her Hero’s art kinda weird, and her game’s not as popular as the Elibe ones. She’s my first choice too, but I didn’t expect her to make it to the finals.
  5. Done~ Those mook 99hp Wary Fighter Armours are still the worst. I did hope to take out Edel earlier with the help of Chill Def and Savage Blow, but Edel was still too buff and the healer turned up ;^;
  6. @Landmaster So many cinnamon rolls! Kanna is so tanky it's great to see him in action. Ahh... HS!Elise tanked Celica with only 20 res..... amazing! @Diovani Bressan Sorry, was just passing through, but omg lil'Merric and lil'Marth are such tiny bombs haha. Well done! -- Rightly-o~ another one done. Team is Kaze (+10), Jeorge(+10), Hrid(+1) and B!Ninian.
  7. @Landmaster Aw, thanks! It's been such a long time. Sadly I didn't pull for Midori, it was so tempting though. I liked the idea of the new Close Foil too. >_<
  8. Abyssal is done with Jeorge (+10), L'Arachel(+10), B!Ninian and Reyson(+1). Kinda forgot what to do in the end when recording lol. Really fun finally taking L'Ara for a map like this, I haven't had a chance to try her on harder maps since building her. Reliable ol'Jeorge had to switch to a Parthia build for this.
  9. Unquestionably Kaze and Mozu ❤️. And Haitaka, I wish he was a proper unit.
  10. Jeorge (+10), Shigure (+1), Reyson)+1) and Bride Ninian. Thought I'd try my luck with the Fishie Bow+ build still on Jeorge from the doing Tharsir. Worked out better than expected as I remember Infernal being such a pain with a different team.
  11. Fashionably late to this. Trying to catch up on a bunch of Abyssals since taking a break from the game. Hopefully I can do Altina and Bramimond before time's up. Team is Jeorge (+10), Reyson (+1), Maria (+10) and Bride Ninian. Lowkey true MVP is Maria. Pain splash damage worked well here. I had to give away summoner support to make Kaze more functional. But I'm super happy that Jeorge held out fine without it.
  12. I don't think there is one yet. For others who have also completed all four routes. What was your experience? How are you feeling after completing all the routes? Any likes/dislikes? Was your first route your favourite or did you end up liking a different one? --- Just finished my fourth route with BE-Church. Totalled roughly 154 hours; hard classic. Roughly split as: 64 hours on GD, 56 on BL and 34 hours on BE combined (accounting for a split save for BE-C). And I also decided on borderline no monastery on my BE runs. I was quite shocked by how much of a time sink monastery was, while also pleasantly surprised by how well the exp scaled (esp. with all 4 statues on ng+). It was harder for weapon ranks though, even with seminars for Byleth, and for some reason I had a money issues on both BE routes late game (I consider myself pretty frugal, but 5 Master Seals ruined my funds), possibly from the lack of auxiliary battles. I played GD --> BL --> BE-E --> Church. Overall I'd say my preferences are: BL --> BE --> GC --> Church. I'm a sucker for melodrama haha... though I admit most of my favourite maps were on BE-E, especially the final two endgame maps. They were exciting! Also a shout out to the bridge map on that route where you start on the usual enemy position. I also loved the advanced camp El had and wish it was more of a thing. It was easier to find and talk to people. For other maps I liked: Saving Claude on BL, Endgame on GD, and the postskip reunion map never disappoints. There isn't really a map that I'd say I hated doing, or found unreasonable. Storywise, purely personal opinion, in the order I've played the routes: GD while I liked the lore, the story of a Lord and a ragtag group of misfits save the with a happy ending was a little generic for me. Having said that, I do like the cast the most, and it left me sympathetic towards some of Rhea's actions, and attitude on subsequent playthroughs. For BL, while they didn't have as colourful a cast as GD individually, or have as exciting maps as BE-E, everything just congealed very well, and I just ended up liking it the most. It felt the most complete and satisfying. I didn't expect them to make Dimitri as crazy as they did, which was entertaining. On BE-E, while I liked the maps the most, I was a disappointed by pacing, some writing choices and how the students didn't feel as close compared to GD or BL (The only two that grew on me were Dorothea and Ferdinand). The best way to put it would be that there's so much I wanted from this route storywise that I felt wasn't delivered. I'd say that Church is the weakest. No kidding about it being GDLite. They could have easily combined lore, kept it to three routes and maybe fleshed out BE-E more or added more TWSITD on all routes.
  13. They're not integrated enough with the Empire, despite the fuss made about them in the beginning. I felt like they were the weakest part of the BE-E route so far (not finished yet, 4 more chapters to go). They had enough influence render the former Emperor effectively powerless... They managed to perform cruel experiments on the imperial children without opposition... and yet somehow we don't really cross paths with them almost at all while siding with the empire, or see them do any dodgy things.
  14. Seteth on my GD playthrough. I ended liking him a lot. Went Dimitri on BL. And for my current BE-E playthrough I'm swayed for Dorothea. For the subsequent church route maybe Rhea or Ferdinand.
  15. Jeritza! hahaha.. He was my first option before release, and I was so sad that he wasn't teacher or recruitable (for obvious reasons I guess)
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