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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Happy birthday you, Blazo

  3. Hi. Playing Bravely Default, and Dark Souls II

  4. My avatar is cute. I think so, anyway...

  5. Yeah, I am close to getting my male avatar supports done. I'm not even sure if I want to start on the female avatar. :_:
  6. I've finally returned. (If anyone has noticed, anyway) Anyway, has FE:A gotten boring for anyone here? I haven't played the game for about 4-5 months. I do hope FE 14 will be announced soon.
  7. I don't use the FE Community that much, tbh. Most of the posts are on who to marry. Or a joke with a screenshot. I usually use the HarmoKnight, or Pokemon Community. My Nintendo ID is: TheGameIsOver Anyway, I wonder if there is a SMT IV community yet.
  8. Is this run supposed to be difficult or just a regular run? Well: Avatar x Lissa Chrom x Olivia That's it, imo. These are the two pairings that I like in my "headcanon."
  9. I am having so much trouble with my Lunatic+ playthrough. I do plan on using DLC for the run. But a few months ago I was able to get to the chapter where you recruit Kellam. But I for some reason thought I should delete that file. >_< Could someone help me? I do plan on being a +Str, -Lck avatar. But for this playthrough I couldn't care less about the Asset and Flaw. (I plan on marrying Nowi, btw) And Chrom with Sumia.
  10. I've started to use the Japanese voices. I wish english didn't have that voice bug where Grima can't say "Damn you!" It's one of my favorite one-liners. :(
  11. I think everyone uses Armsthrift, Aggressor, Ignis, Lifetaker, and Movement +1. (Galeforce instead of Aggressor)
  12. I would go for +Str/+Mag, and -Luck. (My preference is +Str, -Luck)
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