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  1. Oh this cast is fantastic, look forward to it. I love everyone in the cast.
  2. I hope you like it, regardless if I'm not big on the gameplay, if you like it, that's good, the cast in this game is amazing, and I love it so. I think this game has a lot of good going for it.
  3. Fair enough, I'd say, I can jump around for series like this, might replay DQV again later to see all the nods I missed my first time. I should probably pick up VIII on 3DS sometime, I don't own the game and I feel like the 3DS version might be hard to find in a few years.
  4. I see, I see. I've finished I, II, IV, V, and XI. An odd selection to be sure, I should go back to working on VII, I have a hard time playing it (not because I dislike it, I love it) but because it's such a long game. And I originally emulated it, but lost my data halfway through due to computer stuff. And with it being such a long game it's hard to go back into it since that's dozens and dozens of hours lost. I do own it on 3DS now and have played some of it, but yea, might get back ot that soon.
  5. I'm a boomer at heart. @Acacia Sgt Btw, what DQ games have you played and finished? I'm just curious.
  6. I love Fate a lot for it's strong character design, writing, and a lot of amazing moments it has in it. I know the historical/fictional servants can be a bit weird but there are so many amazing and cool characters in the series I enjoy, and despite the wackiness, they know how to write really emotional and touching scenes that can make me cry.
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