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  1. Anyways, I'm still mostly depressed, so bye, again.
  2. I'm not even upset. This is just the most boring choice to me. Everyone always hyped up how cool it would be for a character like this to be in.... I don't feel... anything, just lame to me.
  3. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in my life.
  4. I've been feeling bad, and not really wanting to talk to anyone. So I'll just post a song I like, probably see everyone... whenever.
  5. I see SF is advertising a product to me... that I own, already.
  6. Are they re-releasing them, or are there new ones?
  7. Hey, have fun, I like Berseria's cast more, but overall Xillia 2 is my favorite Tales game.
  8. Gotta have more faith in yourself. Won't improve if you don't try!
  9. Thanks, managed to scrape by with a few deaths, y'know.
  10. I got off my ass and finally did this chapter. I died a couple times, not too much.
  11. Just honesty, if anyone talked about politics outside of the shit subforum more than they already do I would not be friends with anyone. I'll shut up, clearly I'm ruining everyone's day again, so, bye.
  12. You have as much right to post as I have to stop talking to people and leave this thread and site forever, if I feel like it, so.
  13. Also, please stop talking politics, thanks. I know people never listen to anything I say, so it's expected, but still.
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