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  1. Hrm. So, how are you? Besides inadvertently making me sad. I noticed you're playing Mary Skelter, my friend played it on a call for me before, I thought it looked pretty neat, even if I haven't played it myself, so have fun.
  2. I do think the first Devil Survivor hits the atmosphere and story beats better than the second game. I love both a lot. I know people can dislike the 2nd more because it's more "persona" but I like when games can do serious along with moments of silliness and brevity. I think both games work fine for what they're going for, and since I love the characters in both games, I still think overall I enjoy them more in the 2nd, so that along with gameplay tweaks personally puts it above 1 for me, even if I fully admit I think 1 does a better job at what it wants to. Just personal preference.
  3. Well then I do hope you still decide to try out Danganronpa regardless, I think you would enjoy it based on your taste in games, don't feel the need to rush though, there's plenty of games to- WHAT You haven't played Devil Survivor either?! I feel like at this point you're trying to deliberately avoid every game series I like.
  4. I see, I see, any reason, or? I could tell you when they go on sale on steam or something, if you use steam for playing games nowadays.
  5. I see, I see. Was just curious on the VN part, cuz I had suggestions, but didn't want to offer them unless you were okay with them. I would recommend Fate, obviously. But another series I love dearly is Danganronpa, I think if you like stories with characters I think you would like the series (if you can get through with no spoilers, as it's a very spoiler heavy VN, it does have gameplay for some parts, but yea. It gets compared to Ace Attorney a lot, but I think it's only a base level comparison, since Danganronpa plays and delves in different areas that Ace Attorney. But yea, there are my recommendations, I suppose.
  6. @DragonFlames What kind of games are you into? Do you read VNs? Just curious. You seem to like a lot of weeb similar stuff to me, at least, so.
  7. Can someone give me the sleeping Ryza pic for when the next Smash trailer gets announced, I need it in advance, thanks.
  8. @DragonFlames Oh right, thanks to @Falcom Knight I have Atelier Sophie now. So if you wanted to give any advice I would be fine with it, for when I continue. (I didn't play much, just wanted to test it out, while I had time.
  9. Seth good unit Kris bad character Roy bad unit 2D sprite animations good
  10. I really need to be face to face to learn. Otherwise it makes like no sense to me.
  11. Well, online classes suck. Feel like I'm not learning anything. Ugh.
  12. You're the kind of person who likes to keep their head in the game, aren't you?
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