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  1. Banned for not watching me sleep
  2. Oh, right. If we're talking bout localization changing characters, then I definitely dislike Effie. It makes me upset they changed her character to food, training, training, food, Elise, training. Reminds me of how certain Persona spin-offs treat 2 characters I like a lot there.
  3. Do you have Fire Emblem Insurance? ------------------------------------------------------------------ I've kind of mellowed out over the years, I can't really bring myself to fervently hate any characters anymore, at least in Fire Emblem. I wouldn't say they're my least favorite characters in the series. I just don't like Hector or Ephraim as characters, for personal reasons. I've never been fond of the "brash, tough, manly" characters, and with these two I still can't, I just don't like them, I don't enjoy them, and I get annoyed with their dialogue on screen. Probably more so to Hector, because I don't think FE7 is well written to begin with, but yea. Not my thing. Besides like... Kris, I guess the only character I really dislike passionately enough anymore is Asugi from Fates. Just copy-paste Gaius into the game, but remove any good points about him and make him one gimmick. Incredible. The other copy-paste kids had some semblance of something there, Rhajat is pretty nice. But Asugi is... blegh.
  4. Marianne's paralogue isn't that hard. Just take it slow. none of the enemies even move unless you get in their attack range or attack the boss. Just buy a bunch of torches and stay out of the enemies way and you're fine.
  5. Phew... so tired. Took this week to play through Fate/hollow ataraxia Was fun read Cried at the end, been a while since I cried at an ending.
  6. Depending on the time and day and circumstances of their rest, at this point in time they may or may not be tired or fatigued.
  7. "Hey! Who goes there, what do you think you're doing?" "...Please calm down, you're making a scene."
  8. Decided in the end to just go all in on Dimitri. Not gonna take any risks here.
  9. If Bernie wins I hope it turns around and votes change in favor of her war version. I love how it looks so much. I've been considering throwing some votes to her, but I really want Dimitri to 100% make it... Hm...
  10. I mean, Lorenz is probably the most well intentioned womanizer, and people hate him, so. Anyways, I'll probably just keep voting for Dimitri, just on the offchance places might change up again, never know what would happen. As much as I like Marth I kind of hope he loses again, because I find it hilarious it keeps happening.
  11. Pegasus knights are the most dangerous enemy units on maddening. They are way too fast and hit way too hard for peg knights. I would like maddening a bit more if they didn't exist because they are miserable to deal with. 😛
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