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  1. Anyways, I'm still mostly depressed, so bye, again.
  2. I'm not even upset. This is just the most boring choice to me. Everyone always hyped up how cool it would be for a character like this to be in.... I don't feel... anything, just lame to me.
  3. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed in my life.
  4. I've been feeling bad, and not really wanting to talk to anyone. So I'll just post a song I like, probably see everyone... whenever.
  5. I see SF is advertising a product to me... that I own, already.
  6. Are they re-releasing them, or are there new ones?
  7. Hey, have fun, I like Berseria's cast more, but overall Xillia 2 is my favorite Tales game.
  8. Gotta have more faith in yourself. Won't improve if you don't try!
  9. Thanks, managed to scrape by with a few deaths, y'know.
  10. I got off my ass and finally did this chapter. I died a couple times, not too much.
  11. Just honesty, if anyone talked about politics outside of the shit subforum more than they already do I would not be friends with anyone. I'll shut up, clearly I'm ruining everyone's day again, so, bye.
  12. You have as much right to post as I have to stop talking to people and leave this thread and site forever, if I feel like it, so.
  13. Also, please stop talking politics, thanks. I know people never listen to anything I say, so it's expected, but still.
  14. You can reverse and also flat out break the moon social link in 4, it is completely removed in 5, though it was planned to be in, at first, but was taken out.
  15. No? Jules, most people don't give a shit about what anyone likes, calm down. If my grandma will help me fix my Tailtiu figure that has her panties on full display, I'm sure some random person wouldn't care.
  16. Every other post I see is about darts, well, now I know why you're doing so bad with social links. I'm joking, by the way.
  17. Please restart model B3-N1C3, error detected.
  18. You guys gotta get gud at platformers, smh.
  19. Posted a fact about the person above.
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