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  1. 6 minutes ago, Julian Teehee said:

    Persona always has had my favorite kind of support system since answers influence the speed of ranking up a support. In Persona 3 you could even destroy certain supports by giving extremely bad answers. Kinda sad this was removed in 4 and 5.

    You can reverse and also flat out break the moon social link in 4, it is completely removed in 5, though it was planned to be in, at first, but was taken out.

  2. 1 minute ago, Julian Teehee said:

    Because showing a foreign my collection of videogame girls would make them think that I would be some kind of freak or pervert. 

    No? Jules, most people don't give a shit about what anyone likes, calm down. If my grandma will help me fix my Tailtiu figure that has her panties on full display, I'm sure some random person wouldn't care.

  3. Just now, Shrimperor said:

    Major Hajimari Spoilers

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    They really fucking went there

    Rean is the final Boss

    he is the beginning

    and the end

    he is everything

    as someone in the Falcom chat said

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    So even some stupid crazy machine god thing views Rean as the center of the universe. No one can refute this shit now.



    So.... 8/10, pretty good?

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