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  1. Well, relatively XD I want that to be the last one, since I want to have "Bad at Platformers" be the last achievement I get for irony sake. I'm going to do the 6 escort ones, then do final boss no damage and under 5hrs on Very Easy.
  2. I did. Right after. Don't think I didn't, you little wimp. I did Nightmare boss rush as well. I want to get all of the achievements, but I want to basically do all the hardest achievements first XD The last one I'm going to get is for turning on no fall mode.
  3. I have only ever started any Ys game I have played on the highest difficulty available at start, except 1, though I did beat it again right after on hardest.
  4. You couldn't use all out attacks in original P5 either, since Okumura counts as an enemy in the background. Though I know they changed something in this fight to make it more frustrating, because I know this is the most complained about fight in Royal, I haven't played Royal, so I don't know what they changed. As for the final puzzle, I uh, never found it hard, but I understand if you do. *pats* And don't worry, we all have frustration. Just take some time to relax and cool down if you really need it.
  5. I mean... every re-release of a new version of a persona game honestly just makes it much easier to max support. I helped my gf max rank P4 Golden (I have never played Golden in my life) and P5 with almost no issue. The only game that's way too difficult completely max everyone is persona 3, where you have to do everything almost perfectly. I have never used any gifts in Persona 5, they aren't needed to max anyone. I'm just going to give up on this conversation and sleep.
  6. It's not that hard... I guided my gf through it with only answer guides, no day to day guides. Unless you're really... unefficient... you should be able to max most.
  7. This game is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. You are murdering the completionist inside me.
  9. I will admit I like Makoto a lot, but I don't like her confidant very much, it starts out well, but then it teeters off into not focusing on her, which is annoying. The parts which do actually involve her a lot are very good, though.
  10. Never say things like this. This was the hardest one for me, I won't vote usually if I have no idea who the character is, but I also don't like Reinhardt, so I'm weighed my options, I dunno.
  11. Oh, I misunderstood, my apologies, my family used to have animals for a while, so.
  12. Beat Mega Man ZX. That was pretty fun Mega Man with some metroid/castlevania exploration mixed it, not too much, but it still felt nice. Would feel better if the map wasn't so bad, but oh well, I've heard that's fixed in ZX Advent.
  13. Fate Frankenstein is a bit different, and the in universe lore for her is a bit different, as I believe she was actually made by a magus in the Fate universe, who wanted to create two lifeforms, a boy and a girl, so I suppose you could say Fate universe Frankenstein is basically a mix of that and the Bride of Frankenstein. Shows the bride side better in her normal design. And she can't speak. (normally) I'm not even a big Fate Frankenstein fan, I'll just defend her because I think she's alright. Your post down below was a worse experience. Jokes aside, I had fun, enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. Definitely more open. Might go the more awkward route and go back and play SMT1 and SMT2. I think I would have enjoyed an ending that wasn't true demon more, but whatever. I wanted to get all of the magatamas in the end and I wanted to fight all the bosses, so I did.
  14. Nocturne finished, I am now a true edgelord.
  15. I see, I see. I just wanna make sure I can't miss any boss fights, that's all.
  16. Nah, I know how traditional SMT works, at least, I was just curious how far I could go before I go do the True demon ending, is all. I stopped immediately after Trumpeter, like I said, so I dunno how much further I can progress without doing so. Which I'm at least assuming I can do the next dungeon, first, if I understand correctly? If I do make a save, I think I have the neutral ending, so. I'm not too sure.
  17. @Interdimensional Observer How much do you know about how Nocturne starts it's route split? I believe I'm on the way to the True Demon ending right now, as I'm in the fifth Kalpa currently, but I stopped progressing to the next story spot as soon as I beat Trumpeter. Am I forced into the True Demon ending as soon as I beat the fifth Kalpa, or can I go back and watch the rest of the other plot stuff first, I was working on Kalpa stuff all this time, so I would like True Demon, but I don't know when the game actually splits off, so could you tell me when, in case I move past it accidentally?
  18. The more you are fed lies and told to believe everything is horrible, the more likely you are to believe it, in it, comes the truth, or the falsehood being claimed as the truth... a world of manipulation of what is true, I truly hate it. Yet I am made to bathe in lies and soak in my own disgust. What a horrible world, where no one does any research, and holds still to only the words of others... It's time for bed. Goodnight.
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