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  1. Re-run is a bit better, still think it's a pretty awful event, though.
  2. Hey you're cute

    1. Sophie


      Hey you're cute too let's get married

    2. DefaultBeep



      wait hold on shoot

    3. Vaximillian
  3. It’s cool sometimes, but it’s annoying when I want to know something but they won’t give a clear answer. Oh well. What can you do. Lots of quick servants getting more work with Skadi added.
  4. I mean I'm more annoyed because they're making it needlessly complicated. It's clearly Skadi talking because almost all of her lines revolve around norse and that mythology, with absolutely 0 reference to anything Celtic but she also reacts to Scathach's other versions as "herself" and asks to be called "Scathach-sama", so I don't know if she just does this because she's possessing Scathach and she has memories or reactions to certain things because of that, or if this servant is literally just both of them. I don't know. I hate you Type moon. I despise your lore sometimes. Regardless, I really like Skadi, so. I'm happy I pulled her.
  5. I mean I know Skadi and Scathach have similar origins but at least personality wise in-game they really aren't similar at all, so I would think it'd make more sense to separate them just based on who they are, not just to refer to them both as Scathach. I'll throw in a vote for 2nd.
  6. They are technically wrong, since it's Skadi taking Scathach's appearance, not the other way around. It's just Skadi, she acts nothing like Scathach, she's only Scathach in appearance. It's a bit agitating, since I really like Skadi but I don't care for Scathach, so. I know it's a bit ambiguous I guess, but, ugh, I dunno. Stop making your lore so weird, type moon. tl;dr i really like whatever this servant is actually supposed to be more than Scathach.
  7. Profits from today have been: NP2 Skadi NP2 Berserker Vlad Orion Saberlot, makes NP3 This... has been very lucrative. And I'm already depressed by everyone calling Skadi Scathach
  8. Got no proof but I'm kinda feeling maybe Beowulf for one of the berserkers. I feel like silver lancer HAS to be Diarmud, like, he definitely needs it the most, honestly, just like, period. I'm gonna agree on Arjuna for gold archer unless they feel like giving Atalanta another one. Avenger has to be Dantes, he's the only one that really needs it badly.
  9. good morning gamers
  10. it is impossible for people of both genders to be able to enjoy something, what are you talking about soul
  11. Is it really a challenge if he lives there? Anyways, good luck on your run, dear. I threw in a vote for Leonardo. Hopefully you'll get one as good as mine usually are.
  12. I have Gray already, so I don't need someone else on that front.
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