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  1. Behold the masterful teamwork of Best Korea https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/6sKWnEWDPTMm
  2. Truly I am the most skilled mafia player of all time, winning the only canon game. Enjoy your carry Gaius
  3. A good effort, but the Supreme Leader is CHOSEN BY GOD.
  4. athena_57, Ciraxis (me), Fenrir Aesir, Irism Juliette, Lil Bean, Via Of the last remaining dudes, Athena already shot. You (iris) and me are here and in the thread. If we can get two other living players to shoot, we can shoot the idlers and end the phase early.
  5. It's tough to tell, all I know is that I'm Squirtle. You're prolly town too because you were cheering me on from the GY in EIMM
  6. I know me and Iris are here now and we can shoot, I'd say we should shoot people who are not around so we can end the day phase quicker
  7. Actually 4, I can't count apparently
  8. If that's the case there are 3 to go now. ez game
  9. ##Justice for UltraInstinctCiraxis, OWARI DA: Paperblade
  10. This is a very serious game, probably the only canon mafia game ever hosted.
  11. Such insolence does not go unnoticed. I'm a very busy man you know.
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