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  1. It has been... 1000 pages since I last posted here
  2. old men doesn't sell as well as "meeh~"
  3. I've got a friend that's trying to max grail Kojiro too
  4. Happy birthday, man

  5. The eastern Roman empire is the same eastern Roman empire as that when the western roman empire fell. Whereas the Holy Roman Empire was founded by Charlemagne who was Frankish, which is like French, and didn't even include italy to begin with. Not to mention the HRE wasn't even Imperial despite that being like Rome's thing. Not to mention the HRE is legitimised by the Pope who the Emperor supposedly rules over in the old Roman empire. Much like how the Baselius has control over the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Meanwhile, Byzantium kept many Roman traditions like, being imperial, retaining the Roman senate (in some form), referred to the emperor was Caesar Augustus (until some other emperor down the line changed it to Baselius), chariot races and gladiators in the hippodrome/Colosseum and being ruled by laws not kings (Roman law, and Justinian's code). Ultimately the HRE is considered the successor of Rome not Rome itself. While Byzantium is Rome but with half of it bitten off. correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. No no I meant my favourite Roman emperor is Justinian I. But not favourite Emperor ever. Since there are a lot of emperors. Chinese emperors, Frankish emperors, HRE emperors etc etc
  7. I don't know Romanos and... Leo V? I thought he was a pope. Or was that IV. I don't know enough emperors to decide =w=
  8. Yeah exactly. And funnily the adoption of 'barbaric' pants when they went north.
  9. o, I thought stuff like Hadrian would be just as obvious He is my favourite Roman emperor one of the great what ifs of history
  10. yay wow lucky what do you do for work?
  11. They did still change somewhat culturally. What with the different styles of dress, differences in architecture, how prevalent latin/greek was in the empire, prevalence of different cultures (some say Constantinople was more cosmopolitan than Rome ever was), differences in religion, etc. But yeah they did see themselves as Romans, did Roman like things like chariot racing and following Roman law. (of course I know you know this better than I do but I just thought it's a nice tidbit to add)
  12. New LN series coming out btw. [spoiler= ] It revolves around the story of Holo and Lawrence's daughter 10 years after they settle down.
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