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  1. Hero. Skill is my favorite stat.
  2. You guys are just lucky. I've been always battling the same non-maxed mediocre non-reclassed skills for a while now. The only team I've ever been challenged with was my own (maxed stats, Limit Breaker, Counter, Lethality, etc.) and after battling myself over and over, I already know my team's weaknesses. Oh well, I guess I'll keep searching...
  3. But even so, how often have you battled a streetpass team with all maxed out LB and epic skills? I've already filled out my avatar logbook, but nobody has had a 10 max LB team. My team is, but I haven't seen anyone like it so far.
  4. I've been walking every day with my 3DS for months now, and I haven't met anyone who was a threat, even though I only use only one pairing against each team. What about you guys?
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