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  1. It's over, guys. It's over. R.I.P. localization. It's fucking over. Sega hates the west, and they'll go out of their way to make sure the west doesn't get any games. So long, Persona 5. It would have been fun.
  2. Because you cannot close up on Reimu's face in a better way. Especially not with that smirk.
  3. Nebibua

    Coke or Pepsi?

    I dunno what you're doing if you didn't chose Coke
  4. Maybe deserve was a bad choice of words. I was trying to go for which company receives the most from Atlus, so the majority of Atlus' projects are kept the same. Something along those lines, Still, a third party buying them is the best case scenario.
  5. I love this song. I mean, the fight isn't the toughest if you grind the hell out of your characters, but still takes a while due to the inflated Boss HP and his occasional regeneration. Gives you plenty of time to enjoy it.
  6. Eastern Canada. Ontario, namely. Nice enough.
  7. I dunno. Those charts and pages of info were useful when looking up info for the games, and then I was curious, and I looked up part of the url on Google. And then it was all "oh shit, this is a place" Something like that, I'm certain.
  8. Best scenario in this event is that another good third party buys Atlus so everything goes on how they went before the bankruptcy. Otherwise, if it's completely Nintendo VS. Sony, Nintendo deserves them the most. I mean, Sony gets Persona, while Nintendo gets Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Odyssey and Trauma Center. I'd mention Dept. Heaven, but both Nintendo and Sony get some of the games from the series. And I guess I could mention independent titles like Catherine, but there are too many to look up.
  9. Don't even act as if orange is not the best flavour ever like holy shoot that's some good damn ice cream
  10. 4 hands down- for me, atleast. 10 and 13 do come awfully close, though,
  11. Guys. GUYS. This is what everyone's been hoping for. Well, at least I hope you've been hoping for this. :P Nintendo finally released Earthbound on the VC today- or yesterday, I think. On the Wii U, no less. http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/82s5n1dbV4gstayVNhVYtOneSXTIXACS Fans have been begging for this forever, and Nintendo has finally done it. T'is a truly glorious moment, indeed. And it's only $10. Perhaps this could somehow encourage Nintendo to release Mother 3 in NA somehow. Maybe.
  12. Any Department Heaven game. Maybe Riviera: The Promised Land is a good one to point out. Heavily shrouded, this series. I don't know a whole lot of people who've played it- or actually know of it, or the series it's in. Riviera's an RPG with a very noticeable twist to it- as every other game in the Dept. Heaven franchise. I'm- not entirly sure how to explain it, but a lot of it differs from your ordinary RPGs, and borrows a lot of aspects from several RPGs. You- don't really have a level, your items have durability, using a weapon/item a certain number of times raises stats- it's really unique.
  13. Nebibua


    Thank you guys for such a warm welcome. c: And I see others have also seen that NES Shadow Dragon LP. Hence the avatar. Jeigan. If I ran, right now, would she catch me?
  14. Nebibua


    Uh, hi. I'm a new member. Pleasure to meet you all. This place seemed really neat- so I figured the forum would be a neat place. I like video games. A good bunch of them. Watching anime and is also something I like to do. Genealogy of the Holy War is my favorite among all FEs, but it has some competition. So again- pleasure to meet you all. c:
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