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  1. Thank you so much! Definitely going to purchase some Booster Set 5s if I come across them.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm going to Japan for about a month in the end of May and I was wondering where I can purchase specific Cipher cards to bring back home. I'm going to be in Tokyo for about a week and Kyoto and Kyushu for the next two weeks. I'm specifically looking for Micaiah, Lucina, or Julia cards, but I'm also interested in getting Takumi or Klein as well. Are there any specific stores that sell them individually, or is it better to buy them in a pack? Also, feel free to suggest me some cool Fire Emblem themed things that I don't know about that are Japan-specific!
  3. The direct trailer where the statue of Mila is shown. Efi is apparently the fourth villager.
  4. Boey's little dance and Saber's arrow dodge were orgasmic.
  5. I hope so. There's already a new character in Efi or whatever her name is in the trailer. IS is likely going to be adding new characters like Norne or Athena. Also, current Valentia/Valm apparently has Dragon Knights, so IS could play off of that and introduce them to SoV.
  6. How faithful are they staying though? I find it really difficult to believe that a modern FE game will use Gaiden's outdated mechanics. I think its very likely that axes will be added to the game, so that already will warrant for new classes. Same with Magic no longer being casted through HP.
  7. On the Duma vs. Mila mural we can see numerous fighters that can potentially become classes in the game. Do you guys think classes similar to Fates' Kinshi Knight or Awakening's Griffon Riders will return? I'd love for some class diversity to be added to SoV, especially as Gaiden so greatly lacked in that regard. A Kinshi Knight variant may not be a very good idea if bow users still have 1-5 range with a bow equipped though...
  8. Yeah from the few streams I've seen Hinata does not look impressive at all. Haven't seen any Setsunas being used either. D:
  9. I think Holy Bowmen (Snipers) will be pretty powerful in PvP, especially if they get some of the stronger skills from other classes. That's how it was in the DS games.
  10. I hope we find out soon. It would be a shame to not be able to get Eponine or Kanna despite Zero x Mamui being my top pairing in the game so far. Eponine is just too beautiful of a character to pass up! I could care less about Kanna though...
  11. Definitely doing this my first run too. Zero x Mamui's S support is too adorable to resist. I'd make her a Bow Knight, too. Its so unfortunate that they have such terrible class skills... Nooo I hope this isn't true. Hoping this is the case.
  12. Oboro has a crush on him and she is wanted by many fans. Also, his sassy personality. Haters gonna hate.
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