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  1. Hey sorry for no update in a bit. Been doing a bit of side projects which has taken my creative time which I use to make sprites. Update soon. Not today though....
  2. Thanks for the feed back. I agree it needs a frame for the sword raising part. As for the sword growing I also noticed that too but I was hoping that was just me. The glove is suppose to be there though. I think its the way I made Bobs back face the screen instead of his front. Still, I'll take all this in consideration when updating the animation. Again, thanks. ^^
  3. Using Project Generic as the unit hit. ^^ Any who, here is an attempt at a custom animation for a character named Bobsong. Untra greatsword ahoy! No recovery animation yet. Just the strike. edit: Just noticed I haven't got the belt in his last frames. lol. Welp something to add later.
  4. I tired keeping the normal boot look on him. Maybe I'll just make him all new boots entirely next time. Thanks for the feed back.
  5. Project Generic? I always felt like the generic soldier looked... kinda dumb. I think This small edit revamp looks better. What do you all think?
  6. Yay! I didn't think anyone actually thought it was a good idea to put it on his back. I just thought it helped the look. Still, thanks Blue. Next up, here's a few things I'm thinking about making besides the second centaur unit. The splice is suppose to be like a lamia or something. Edit is for the mugshot I use and the custom is Bobsong.
  7. As I said in the previous post the arrow animation is from the centaur monster animation. I can't seem to make weapons all that well so I rely on splicing weapons from other units into my animation. The arrow came pre set for me and all I did was make sure things lined up and looked alright when put on my unit. As for shading... I kinda pillow shade a lot in my own opinion. I would start with figuring out where your light source comes from and darken the shadows to the further form the source it gets. Or, the way I do it, wing it. Find out what works and what doesn't. Start from a single color then add until it looks right to you. If anything else, this is the picture one of my early art teachers showed me. I don't like art classes all that much but I did learn a few things from them. http://www.proko.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Light-on-Form-600x600.jpg also, here's the unit I spliced from. http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-archive-battle-sheets/m/2575 (sorry its a link and not just a pic)
  8. Well, the shading for the most part on the clothes seem really good to me. I'm not very good at busts but the color choice on the clothes are pretty good. The only thing is the blue outline. its... odd? Pretty out of place but since you never finished I'll assume you didn't mean to have it blue. You really should add some hair though. Fine some quickly! slap it in there! lol. Nah, just take your time. As for the neck... feels a bit big. maybe a pixel or two smaller would fix it. Though all this might just be woobly wobbly since I really haven't had much experience in spriting busts. Still, you should keep at it. You can only get better as you keep practicing.
  9. I decided to give the Man at Arms the ability to use bows. I used the centaur monster animation for the bow because I liked it. edit: forgot to add the dodge. Now its added.
  10. A slight edit to the Man at Arms sprite. Decided to add the weapons he isn't using to his back. This includes unarmed actually having idle poses. I noticed as well that I didn't have crits for the hand axe and the javelin so I added those too. Kinda looks slapped on but I like it. edit: came out a bit blurry it seems as well... oh well. If people want it I can just send them a better file. ^-^ Also, thanks ghast. Glad you like it.
  11. Alright here is the Man at Arms and all of his weapons. I reused the animation for all weapons simply out of laziness but I found it worked out for the most part in mild variations. Axe, hand axe, sword, spear, javelin, there should be all basic weapons.
  12. Trying out that portable ballista unit thing when I remembered my old Centaur sprite which made me think putting a high powered bow on a horse might be a good idea. Makes it mobile after all. ^-^ Here's just the quick idea of it in sheet format for testing.
  13. Teapot, you make a few good points. I tried keeping it the same for the animation already done while trying to make it look like during the blur it kinda switches in front. Kinda got it me thinks since he jumps back with the legs back in position luckily. Still looks a bit slide like probably but it looks better to me. Also here's a crit. I liked making it because it reminds me of him shouting or powering up like dark souls' weapon arts. Also combo thing. Just because. Additional thoughts after the post: Hey, as anyone done like a portable ballista unit? I think I might throw something out for that...
  14. Alright! Now I need a to make a stabby spear animation... I might make another animation for swords but I may just reuse this animation for chucking a spear. But stationary obviously.
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