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    Lets see now...

    For starters I love videogames and have a fascination with Sci-Fi in particular. The Metroid Prime, Halo and Mass Effect series are some of my all time favourites.

    Zelda also has a special place in my heart, specifically Links Awakening. The only game that ever made me cry.

    Now in terms of real life, I love mountain biking (scotland is great for this) and I have a rather expensive, fully customised bike. I also dabble in Model Kits, typically Mechs.

    As far as skills go I'm currently training as a 3D Animator. I already did a year at college before starting Uni so i'm already adept with 3DS Max.

    If you made it to the end... Congratulations!
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  1. Because of her supports with Owain. Easily one of my favourite conversations in the entire game!
  2. But madame, justice is never over-rated! Let us raise our swords together and promote the awesomeness that is Owain! :D
  3. Swordmasters are brilliant once you get a Ragnell and combine it with Armsthrift. That said I don't use it as a final class, the stat caps are seriously flawed compared to assassin.
  4. I don't like Owain. What an awful character, jeez who came up with him? Seriously though, how can't you like a Myrmidon with an awesome sense of humour? His supports with cynthia had me crying with laughter!
  5. That is probably the funniest thing i've never seen. What was I talking about again?
  6. I did a system transfer very recently and had no problems. I haven't heard of this happening before either, you must have made a mistake or just got unlucky. Either way I suspect you'll back up your SD cards now.
  7. F-Zero, oh gods that one is easy. Blood Falcon's Theme Lightning Phantom Road F-Zero GX has some of the most awesome videogame music ever.
  8. I think Olivia is great, has such amusing supports and is a great unit for the main game. Also "I didn't want to do thiiiiiis" *stab* cracks me up every time xD Inigo is also pretty awesome and is hilarious as Chroms son. Least favourite is Noire. She's a creepy stalker who has nothing good to say and she resorts to child abuse. Lets not even get into the over sexualised character design.
  9. I love Vaike X Lissa! The supports are great because you get too see Vaikes motives, Owain gets Sol (Vantage and Sol, Awwwwwww yeah) and Vaike X Lissa is actually pretty good combat wise. Plus Owain gets a great damage stat so he can truly let his sword hand go wild.
  10. You don't even have to do that, the skill passed down is the last one you equipped. It's worth remembering earning a new skill counts as equipping.
  11. All I read in the OP was "I liked Fire Emblem before it was cool". Go cry in your basement, not on the forums. I don't know why this thread hasn't been locked.
  12. Interesting points, I totally forgot MU would pass down Tactician to Lucina (I usually do a Gen III pairing) and in turn allow the use of Ignis. Still, the numbers don't lie + Spd/Str -Lck is the best. I ended up using +Spd -Lck as always before I looked at this anyway.
  13. What I do is have Frederick pair with with Chrom and treat it as a master-trainee type relationship. I like putting Chrom into Great Knight asap anyway so it's even more fitting. By time Chrom reaches Ch.11 he has learned everything he can from Frederick so they part ways on the battlefield. Chrom then meets up with Olivia and impressed by her dancing and her ability to smuggle the shepards out of Plegia he decides to marry her after Grangrel is slain. Soon after Frederick meets up with Cherche and they go on to become the royal guard.
  14. I suppose I lied when I said best, there are come options id never use even if people voted for them which wouldn't really help me. I probably should have stated I'll be using Lucina as a Lord.
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