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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. To be fair, there's no need for any hack. This is the first hacking project I have ever done and I wanted to do it blind (using tutorials and stuff, but not looking at other people work). But I'll give that other guy's hack a try. And I agree, for a newbie like me, the competition will be that much harder, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up on my idea. :) EDIT: Btw, saw a bunch of your reviews on youtube, big fan <3
  3. No real playstyle, just wanted to make all units viable. And I see your point, I've started another playthough to determine possible changes for later game recruitment. Those flaws haven't completely disappeared, it's just now they're more of a hindrance rather than a crutch; and only the shortbow got 1-2 range 'cause I felt like it, and even then, I decreased the accuracy quite a bit to balance it XD Well, most of the changes are most obvious with units recruited later in the game such as Noah and Hugh (just examples, not saying they're awful units). The metric I use increases overall growths but aims to keep units specialized in stats they specialized before (example: fighters get a boost in their other stats, but still maintain HP and STR as their best stats). I'm not sure how I would balance classes from a class editing standpoint; but this has crossed my mind before. An idea I came up with to balance cavaliers was to give effective weapons to random enemy units throughout the game, what do you think? For a veteran hacker? Of course it's easy. But for a beginner such as myself? It was extremely hard trying to teach myself to do this! lol, XD The goal of the hack is to make all units playable throughout the game, even Marcus lol. But I see what you mean about the class balancing; I'm not sure how I would solve that from the class's viewpoint, but I have thought of giving some random horseslayers and halberds to enemies throughout the game. What do you think? I came up with the total 325 after trial and error; I think it's enough to make all units useable without making them ridiculously overpowered. I had no idea there was a numbers patch. I'm working completely from scratch. :/ I plan on doing another playthrough to determine possibilities in stat changes for mid to late game recruitment. I'll take that opportunity to see if enemy units need to be buffed during the game. Thanks! I intend to~ :) They're coming along :) Thanks, I think? lol I think I'll stat keeping track of a change log and I'll go ahead and start upload differences in items and such throughout the game. I have not. Should I? I can see the merits in observing and learning from the work already done by others; but at the same time, I don't want to be tempted in stealing something from someone else's work. So I think I'll wait until a point where I'm at my whit's end and then look at other people's work to get ideas (idk if that's a good idea, but that's the plan for now). Thanks! And I don't know; as far as edits go, I'm using a clean rom with nightmare.
  4. It looks like a lot of what you're arguing is personal conjecture, so all I can say to that is I agree to disagree. However, that thing you mentioned about the luck stat might be worth looking in to. If a majority of people who have tried that hack come back and say that the hit rates are still awful, then that's something I may need to address. Now I mean this, sincerely. Thanks for the input. :)
  5. The comment wasn't so much sarcasm as it was acknowledging your comment and dismissing it at the same time since you gave no real relevancy to the hack, just your opinion. But now that you've brought up some points, we can have a productive conversation. A 5% change can make a huge difference but that's not the point I want to make. I didn't want to post growth rates because I wanted people to try out units and experiment; but, I'll show you one of them to make my point. (HP/Str/Skl/Spd/Lck/Def/Res) Noah's growth rates are 75/30/45/30/40/30/10, not that great... Using my method, his rates got increased to 94/38/56/38/50/38/13 a much better improvement. Admittedly not the best, but I think it gets his growths to a point where you don't have to pray to Anna that he'll at least turn out decent. If you look at my attempted solutions, you'll see that I brought weapon hit rates up to their FE7 counterparts; that doesn't mean if a weapon had a worse hit rate, I would reduce it. And we seem to have different ideas oh what it means to have a good chance to hit; I'm not talking about boss fights or attacking with a disadvantage. My thought process is I should not have to rely on a 55% hit rate with a steel spear to get off a little extra damage. I did not want to have a thief late game that couldn't at least defend himself without having to send a unit to guard him and a healer keep an eye on him. Sure people may not like it; but I don't want a unit that is handicapped just because he can't promote (even though he does not receive any clear advantage by foregoing promotion; such as mamkutes). That sounds hilarious! lol, XD This point is not to benefit units like her. They're to benefit units such as Klien and Yunno who are sorely lacking. So no need to worry~
  6. Thanks for your opinion, I look forward to more.
  7. Can you elaborate? I made a lot of changes. If you mean items, I gave access to items that were previously unavailable (poison weapons, spear, etc...) throughout the game. Other than that, all items are the same.
  8. As most people know, Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi as many issues with it. You can ask anyone who has played. Most will tell you that the hit rates are atrocious, finding good units to use or at least units that are RNG blessed is a huge hassle, Roy SUCKS and first time players usually say: "What the hell? Why can't I promote my thief?" So, over a year ago, I set out to fix these issues as best I can. I started out with ZERO hacking knowledge and relied on the community tools and guides provided by serenesforest. Suffice to say, I did less than adequate... But with FEE3 just around the corner I decided to start from scratch and give it another shot. And this time around, I think I've had much more success. So without further ado, here are definitions of these issues I aim to fix: 1. Bad units : Too many units go unused and, forgive me if this sounds corny, unloved. Most people call these units "Bad Units" because their growth rates are sub-par and people deem them "not worth their time." 2. Awful Hit Rates : In most FE games, bad hit rates are linked to a unit's skill stats. However, this isn't always the case in FE6. Most people know this, so I'll keep this point brief. Even units with superb skill stat can miss in this game because the hit rates on most weapons SUCK. 3. Class limitations (thief, bard, etc...) : A lot of possible good units are hindered in this game because they fit into a certain class. For example: thieves got the short end of the stick with 1st class stat caps and limited levels of growth. 4. Practical Use : Many units go unused in the game because the time they are recruited makes their use impractical. A good example of this is Sofiya; whom comes so late in the game and at such a low level that using her is more of a liability than an asset. Another example is prepromoted units early in the game that drain exp from other units with little return, again, making them more a liability than an asset. **NOTE - This does not apply to units such as Niime, Yodel or Karel who have just had their levels lowered to 15 to take advantage of their new growths (Karel needs no advantage, but is sure was fun to do! lol) How I attempted to fix these issues: (Points below match points above) 1. Using units current growths as a percentage with their base stat total, I assign all units the same base stat total of 325 (so far, 325 seems to be the best middle ground; 350 just barely being too high and anything lower than 325 not making a significant impact on some units) in an attempt to make all units relatively the same as far as use, but keep their unique traits that makes them good (such as Barth and his HP). 2. To fix the awful hit rates, I simply modified all weapons in the game to have the hit rates of their counterparts in FE7. I also took the creative liberty to edit some weapons in ways I thought appropriate: such as uses and range (GET AT ME SHORT BOW HATERS!!!). 3. This was took a lot of work to fix for certain units. The thieves and bards/dancers were easy enough; calculate their 20/20 stats average stats (limitations from the first class included for realism) and then make their current growth rates match rates that would result in their 20/20 stats while still in their base class (I also increased the stat caps to FE8's Assassins). What was difficult was the prepremoted units. It's somewhat complicated so for people interested, here's how I did it: 4. I used the above method on prepremoted to make it so the player would receive an adequate return, at least, for trying to level them up so much. Overly leveled units whom don't have their stats reflect their current level have had their levels reduced in order for growth rates to compensate. And finally, Sofiya has been leveled up so now she can be useful without "kill-feeding" her. That's all I have for now. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them and constructive criticism is always welcome. Something to keep in mind: While this hack does follow what I listed above, there are also small details throughout the hack that I thought would add to the gameplay experience; so, please keep this in mind if you suddenly receive an item you wouldn't normally be able to get. ; ] Screenshots: Changes suggested by users: HAVE FUN! DOWNLOAD IPS PATCH HERE FE6 Rebalancing - Base Stats.txt FE6 Rebalancing - Growth Rates.txt FE6 Rebalancing - Weapons.txt
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