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  1. Damn, that was nice. Always a sucker for stuff about the Sanaki-Sephiran relationship; I feel like that's a really unexplored part of the Tellius story.
  2. The Mongols also were hugely important for relations between the Christian and Islamic worlds, and should be studied for that alone. I mean, they ended the last objectively legitimate Caliphate.
  3. Interesting thing, that; much of the Entente propaganda about Germany in WWI would in fact be done by the Nazis in WWII; for example, they did indeed make human soap. In fact when the Holocaust was first discovered many Brits were skeptical, dismissing it as just more wartime propaganda.
  4. Jarrod did nothing wrong But yeah, I do think he's the best. He's basically a good soldier and fighting a guerrilla war is a bitch. I mean, really, what are you gonna do when the populace wont move aside?
  5. Whichever chapter of Conquest(I think it was 25) where you storm the Hoshidan royal palace. The writing is standard Fates fare, but every other aspect of the level does a great job at telling a story. The music is somber. At least on normal there are no enemy reinforcements; this is truly the last Hoshido has, their last stand. The Hoshidans will not attack you; they're focused only on defending their palace. It's the only chapter in the game that really made you feel like a conquerer, feel like the bad guy. The atmosphere in chapter 25 tells the story of the fall of a Kingdom, and it tells a story better than the atmosphere of any other point in the series.
  6. Well, I drop in for the first time in like a month and find this prompt. So can I ask what the deadline is?
  7. Well, I don't know how to feel about that more than I haven't known how to feel about anything, ever, before. On another note: The stage is set for the Serenes Forest Civil War.
  8. So I guess you could say it will have... an ending to surpass Metal Gear?
  9. Oh no, don't be fine with it, but the way to not be fine with it isn't to not praise those who are civil. If anything the way to change that is to continue praising those who are civil.
  10. From my perspective, at least, the majority sets the standards. Civility is not the bare minimum anymore, and that's just a fact. It is something to be praised in this political climate because of how rare it is. Standards have evolved.
  11. Depends on if it's reasonably possible to target only the enemy combatants and their resources. If it's not, then the laws of war are clear; it's on the enemy to not hide among civilians.
  12. Well, sometimes we have to do things that are morally reprehensible. You were asking if I condoned stuff like Operation Whirlwind, the answer is yes. Thinking about it, I retract that statement. I'd give both normal sentences. It's important that commanders face harsh punishments so that they'd only target civilians when absolutely needed. Because the military as a whole did not set out to deliberately kill Iraqi civilians. Collateral damage can't be a war crime because everyone does it.
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