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  1. I just came back after a two-year hiatus and I'm overwhelmed by all the new features and units! Should I spend my Heroes' Relics on getting the units I've missed out on (and especially which ones?) or should I work on getting my Black Knight to +10 (since he still seems to be top tier)? Thanks!
  2. (Keep in mind that I have only played FE8, FE13, Conquest, SoV, and some parts of FE6, FE2, and Azure Moon route of 3H) 1. L'Arachel 2. Selena (FE8) 3. Dimitri 4. Mercedes 5. Edelgard 6. Leon 7. Alm 8. Joshua 9. Xander 10. Claude 11. Maribelle 12. Sothis 13. Eirika 14. Clarine 15. Sonya
  3. I liked it, but I preferred the system we had in some of the older games where magic had its own combat triangle. I think it's cool that each unit has his or her own set of spells as it gives them individuality, but I miss the diversity in magic classes we used to have when the magic combat triangle existed.
  4. I previously worked for my college's residential life. One of my jobs was to supervise the gaming centers near our dorms, basically it's a place for students to unwind from academics and play a bunch of different video games. We had a group of three or four students who were completely devoted to playing Super Smash Bros. there and I would literally always see them when I was working a shift. One day, however, our copy of the game broke. One of the students got so mad that he threatened one of my co-workers.
  5. I love the aesthetic of the game so much! I think it's really cool how Harry Potter can influence a JRPG.
  6. When is the trailer for this banner coming out? Tomorrow night? Also, how do y'all think they'll incorporate last year's spring banner? Do you think we'll get a chance to pull them again? Some people say we probably won't get them again since they've been featured on legendary banners, but I would hate for special heroes to only re-appear on legendary banners and never re-appear for summoning on their respective holidays. I think it would be interesting if they were featured as a 4* exclusive on this year's Easter banner, but I think that would be unlikely. My best guess is that IS will simply re-run last year's banner alongside this year's.
  7. I'm actually hoping that the new colorless dragon will be an OC. While I like Legendary Ike and Legendary Ephraim, I enjoyed seeing new characters being announced via the Legendary Heroes banner. Plus, it could give us an insight as to what Manaketes are like in the Heroes universe (and why we see enemy Manaketes).
  8. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  9. I joined the fandom after playing FE8 on the 3DS through the Ambassador program and I loved it, a year later I bought FE13 and now I'm working through FE6. FE13 is currently my favorite in the series, but I can't wait to try out FE4 because it seems really fun. I remember when I first played FE8 I was like, "Woah, this game's really fun, I have no idea why it's not very hyped." Then, when FE13 comes out, I see all these people who suddenly like the series, I even see people who don't even play Nintendo games say that they're trying out FE13. I think that's great, it means that more people are taking notice of this beautiful franchise. I'll be honest, if there was a type of fan I disliked, it would be the fans who only play SSB, have NEVER played an FE game, and obsess over Marth and Ike. Sure, it's rude to say they aren't fans, since they still like the series, but I find them bothersome.
  10. Skip to 0:45. Her confession is...interesting, especially with the voice.
  11. I'm not complaining because I just saw Maribelle kill Tharja
  12. "Keep in mind -while based on extensive experience, these pairings/inheritance options are still tailored to my particular playstyle and, as such, should be taken with a grain of salt."
  13. Griffon Rider Higher Str. cap Can use bows or a different kind of weapon
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