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  1. What would be a good asset/flaw combination to make Lunatic "easier"?
  2. Quick question: Starting my Lunatic playthrough. Is it okay if I do Magic Asset - HP Flaw for MyUnit?
  3. I knew there was a catch on that one. Thanks god i didn't try it out myself.
  4. Is it smart to use a Staffbot with Armsthrift + Goddess Staff? Or is it kinda stupid?
  5. I'm using Olivia paired up with Henry for Apotheosis (Just wanted to use the parents for once...) Henry doesn't have many skills so i decided to stuff Hex/Anathema on him, do they work even if he is a Support Unit?
  6. You could also pick up Agressor at Level 15, might help you if you plan to play a bit more offensively.
  7. You can always use Res+10 IF YOU HAVE DLC. (Dread Fighter Level 1 I believe...)
  8. Are DLCs affected by the difficulty level of your playthrough? Say, is Rogues And Redeemers 3 harder on Lunatic than it is on Normal? (For example)
  9. Yeah we can totally agree that Limit Break is a "necessity" for Apotheosis and whatnot. So we only have to fit 4 skills in each class set. PS: Does Agressor factor in Dual Strikes? Does he have +10 ATK on his Dual Strikes?
  10. Male Units (1st Gen) can't have Galeforce, and their class choices are limited. It's more of a "What would a good set for X be?" type of question, considering their limitations. Of course I'd love to have everyone with Galeforce and Aether and Rightful King, but it's not possible :D
  11. Hey there! New on Serenes! (Long time lurker, first time poster. As everybody says...) I wanted to know your opinions on best class sets/builds for Non-Avatar/Non-Children units (Units like Maribelle, Tharja, Chrom, etc.) For example, I use Chrom with the following class set: Rightful King Aether Dual Strike+ Aegis Limit Breaker
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