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  1. Lords and Main Characters actually. I did most of these a while back, but I added Alm, Leif, and Seliph.
  2. I've recommended this in other threads but I would like a system that's affected by in game actions. I like that you can do supports with virtually everyone, but in this game, it should be limited based on the actions of the game. For example, if Kamui were to recruit the enemy brother of a unit, he can get an S support with that unit, but loses respect of a more nationalistic unit, limiting that support to a B. Or Kamui can choose to attack a castle of enemies or defend an ally's castle, attacking gets her an S support available to the Cain archetype, but defending gets an S support available to the Abel archetype. This way all supports are in theory possible, but you can develop supports with different types of conversations. Also, supports can contain the events of the game, depending on the conversation and relationship. This would also allow for C conversations to be surface level, B conversations to be getting to know the person, A conversations about having romantic feelings and S conversations about falling in love. Considering the game is going to be all about choice, this would also tie nicely into the theme of the game.
  3. I think she is a summoner who jumps between sides. She is on the Western team when she wears black, with Kamui when she wears white. She probably has the ability to summon the Golem and other creatures via her dances, so she is being courted by both sides to be used to end the war. When she ends up siding with Kamui, there will be assasination plot against her. Hence the hand trying to grab her neck toward the end. The Western side summons an old spirit to attack her with their lesser dancers.
  4. I do think there is merit to pointing out Awakening is the best critically received internationally released game. Whenever you say something is the best game in a series, it's inherently an opinion, unless you set out some criteria first. Criteria like critical praise is often used to generate a community consensus. But its certainly not a stretch to say its the best game in the series on that criteria alone. That's how it work with every video game series. Sure, I could make an argument about why Super Mario Sunshine is the greatest Mario of all time, but what the critics said about it has value. The lack of reviews due to its Japan only release makes it hard to argue that. On Game Ranking it only has 1 review. Once you remove that, #1 is... I do think that this entry in the series appears to be going a sort of Mass Effect route, if what we have speculated is true. Game heavily based on choice, avatar main character. If Jennifer Hale voice the female Kamui, then we will have three for three.
  5. Keep Pair Up, but make the game's Hard level harder. Like Radiant Dawn Hard. Or even Radiant Dawn Normal. That seems like the best solution to me. I like the idea that fighting with our friends is what makes our team different. Together we ride, after all. I do think it would be cool if certain bosses and boss-like characters teamed up. That would make for a great challenge.
  6. I was trying to come up with title, which was hard considering we have next to no info. But I imagine it will have something to with the ability to make choices in the game. I really like the title Fire Emblem If, but I don't think that will work in the USA. So I'm hoping it get an IF acronym, so I can still call it Fire Emblem If regardless. I would hope all of us long time Fire Emblem have a bland lord design someone on our computers. I probably have a sprite of mine. Might be lacking the oomph. maybe Fire Emblem: Cross Rhodes? Kind of sounds like the recent Phoenix Wright release, Dual Destinies. But the word destiny has a good chance. Fate seems very likely, considering the focus on choice in the description. Fire Emblem: Infinite works for, but to keep with my title them I would go with Fire Emblem: Infinite Future.
  7. I remember in my first runthrough losing Guy and Matthew, and not even noticing. But I think my tactics were decent. I overused Marcus, until my brother told me not to. Ever since then I've made it a point to not use the Jeigan characters if possible. I think Hector was my MVP, along with Sain.
  8. Supports should be more limited in the game. I suggested this in another thread, but your actions in the game should dictate which people you can pair up with. So if you choose to save a village, an S support should be available to the pegasus knight is from that village. Or, if you choose to recruit a boss rather than kill the, your support with that boss's former underling should be made available. It would also be cool if the later supports acknowledged events in the game. I would also like some type of magic triangle back, just so there is purpose in the various types of magic. Bring back soldiers and monks. The trend toward open ending gaming suggests otherwise. Giving players more choice is favored rather than limiting options. Just because I can use a sword but choose to use an axe doesnt not make the sword option less revelant. That's also an example of your skill level. If you beat the game without using pair up, that means you are better at tactics than others. Some people can't beat it on hard with classic on. Which is why there are varying difficultly levels. In terms of game design, the engine's space can vary differently than the actually gameplay. The engine being the core mechanics while gameplay is the game's levels and placement of units. Generally speaking, the engine does not take the space from gameplay. Sure, they could have spent more time on developing gameplay if they didnt have that feature, but the engine doesnt really take place of the gameplay.
  9. My Laurent always sucks for the kids. My Ricken always sucks for parents. They don't end up getting used as often for playthroughs.
  10. That'd be cool. It would signify the importance of building supports. I really think that the focus on choice in the info we have means that they are going to approach supports differently in this game. Another cool thing would be if their was a scenario where you would only be able to bring along members of your team that you have a support with. Your S support would join in a particular area, and everyone else would be your A's or whatever ranking is your highest. Of course, if you don't support with anyone it would just have a priority system or something like that. But you would get a boost or more units if you have multiple supports. Also, in this game, if you are maxed out with the person you pair with, you should be able to get support points from those next to you.
  11. The whole archer having a disadvantage makes total sense to me if its just melee weapons, as long as Archers have advantage from afar. You are not supposed to let archers get hit on the frontlines. For the western title, I think they will still try to include the IF part, just make it an abbreviation for the subtitle. Like Fire Emblem: Imperfect Future or Fire Emblem: Immortal Flame. Those arent the best, but I'm not paid to come up with video game titles.
  12. I would like both to return but to limit your choices for pairings like in previous games. Personally, I'd like all characters able to paired like in Awakening, but for the game to have branching paths based on your choice. Those should limit who you can be paired up with. For example, you get a choice between defending a castle or attacking the enemy. Not attacking the enemy makes the male/female cain or abel knight distrust your tactics, and therefore you can only get a B class support with them. That would support conversations can be more developed without making it so you can have all A class supports in all playthroughs. So it doesnt go from making a pie or something directly to marriage.
  13. I don't see how Nintendo and IS can shy away from Avatar characters. They played a large part in the Awakening's success and what made the game so well received. If you took it out, the new fans might not return.
  14. This won't be the last. The Fire Emblem series is at the highest point it has ever been in its entire history. It had a universally well received game and an increased focus with 4 Fire Emblem characters in the lastest Smash Bros. And technically a crossover still in development. Not to mention the fact that Awakening also made Nintendo a lot of money, with its million plus sales and its DLC.
  15. I'm a huge fan of this theme, especially since it's going to increase the type of design and classes we have for the character. It's amazing it took so long for the Fire Emblem series to delve so deeply in the Eastern design roots, although people like the swordmaster had that influence in the last game. This might be much, but I'd love the game to be a metaphor for the clash between Eastern (Japanese) gaming and Western (North American) gaming that has been going on for the last decade. As the Japanese market has declined, an increased amount of focus has been in North America. Nintendo stands alone almost as a developer completely unaffected by this shift, perhaps to their own detriment. This really isnt Nintendo's style but it's what I thought of when I first saw this theme.
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