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  1. Everyone's harsh on you because they want to help you get better. Baby steps my friend :)
  2. Like the title says, I'm creating this thread in hope that I can gather the few GBF players on this site and organize meetings to complete Coop missions. This is especially important for players like me who neglected Coop missions early on and now need to unlock list 4 classes. If you can, try to post the regular times you are online in the game and when you can group up in coop.
  3. Cleared normal and hard mode of Family bonds. You know they did something wrong with Ephraim's character when EIRIKA of all people has to tell him to shut up. But besides that, just more sappy dialogue between the siblings. Something tells me whoever wrote the script didn't actually play Sacred Stones.
  4. I just got 5* Erika myself. Sieglinde also has +3 attack boost to adjacent allies, She has Drag back B and all 3 levels of Hone speed. She is similar to Lyn with a focus on Attack and speed so I wouldn't recommend her for pvp defense. She has pivot like Marth, so her movement is flexible. Also got 5* Julia but haven't used her yet.
  5. I didn't download this game in the hopes of a profound story and characters, but the interactions make me cringe more than any game I've ever played. If the characters aren't talking about things that have no impact on the players, they are kissing up to you on a level even greater than Corrin's posse in fates. I, personally dislike being thanked or praised for things that hardly took any effort. I'm on chapter 9 right now, and there hasn't been a single quote aimed at me that didn't have glorious praise in it. I feel I would enjoy the game better if I wasn't an acknowledged character-but maybe I'm alone on this point. Sorry for the rant.
  6. Nice that you would say that, but I object. They didn't implement paid content into the game to add "difficulty". They did it to incite players to sponsor the game's service. Some players who didn't reroll got screwed over by the initial summoning, and they are having a harder time clearing chapters than others; so what can they do? Roll for better heroes. But every first time chapter only gives one orb, and they get harder and harder as the game goes on. It isnt possible to grind for chapters because of the strict exp restrictions they put in the game. Orbs are crucial to players in the beginning, and its not fair that they should have to empty their wallets just to have fun playing a game they VOLUNTEERED to play.
  7. Before you say anything, I'm not a richboy, nor a kid with his mom's credit card. But I think they need to adjust the price deals on orbs. It takes almost 20 orbs to most efficiently summon heroes but we can only get 3 for 2 whole dollars? Cygames has a much more agreeable credit per yen/dollar rate and players line their pockets with millions. If nintendo wants to keep this game afloat. They can't be stingy.
  8. Ha, I remember those moments. G gundam is a mixed bag for me. As long as you don't apply logic or common sense to it, it's one heck of a ride. Point out the genius who put a horse in control of a giant robot. He's getting a raise. Do you not like UC Gundam? It IS the origin of the series and all other Gundam shows are just Spinoffs. As for Ideon, are we talking SRWF or Alpha 3 Ideon? But that doesn't matter since its overpowered at max ide gauge. What do you guys think of the current battle orientations compared to past ones? I still think Alpha 3 had the best animations out of any non-og game. Lets compare Berserk Eva-01 attacks: Z3 3:00Looks more like they were trying be flashy rather than recreate an actual mutilation. Alpha 3 Don't tell me that doesn't disturb you. RIP Buster Gundam
  9. Did my thread start an actually intellectual debate on the meaning of 'mecha' and what qualifies to be generalized under it? I genuinely feel proud. Whether it has humanoid mechs or tanks, Yamato is a Space Opera, along the same lines as Mobile Suit Gundam. If you look at it from that light then it can find a place to fit in SRW V.
  10. I've read somewhere that a series has to be concluded for about 3 years before it can participate in a SRW title. I haven't watched Cross Ange, but I heard it's directed by the same guy who directed Gundam Seed. ...Kantai Collection would REALLY be pushing it though.
  11. Even if Hathaway's flash was part of the story, I doubt the happy-end loving writers would put that scene in. Unless they threw in a sappy event where cross-series characters rescue Mufti and yell some lines about friendship. It's been unanimously agreed that Eva is a staple in mainline SRW games. Code Geass was pretty cool in z2 and z3, but it might be awhile before they see action again. Do you have a vita? It's pretty cheap, has alot of fun single player titles, and stay relevant for as long as the ps4 is.
  12. Earlier this month, Bandai Namco revealed their next two big releases: 'Super Robot Wars OG "The moon dwellers" ' and 'Super Robot Wars V"! What makes these releases so significant is that they will be released with optional english localization! This is huge news for overseas fans like me who have to play the games memorizing Spirit names and reading online story guides. Not to mention, this is the first mainline game to be released since the 4th Super robot wars in 1995! If this thread makes a good discussion, I might make another about the OG series in depth, but right now lets focus on SRW V. Here is the list of appearing series: It's clear they are going for a more classic SRW feel by having the original UC trio together once again. Looking forward to seeing ZZ Gundam and its Hypermega cannon blast through mooks again. REALLY excited for Crossbone Gundam's return to the scene. Tobias and Kincade/Seabook haven't had much exposure since Alpha 2. (SD Gundam doesn't count) And hopefully; ZZ + Crossbone might hint to another Gundam series touched by Yuichi Hasegawa: Victory Gundam. Shin Mazinger Zero looks pretty awesome. I'm gonna give it a chance and see if it can compare to Mazinkaiser SKL. They are using Getter Armageddon once again; not that I'm complaining. Maybe its the classic fan in me that misses Akira Kamiya's intensity, I haven't discovered anyone with his level of talent yet. Here's hoping Evangelion gets properly concluded instead of dropping everything like in Z3. I remember wondering why they didn't bring in a series with a battleship as its icon unit. Pretty sure the Yamato will be the 'Mothership' of this game. Not too many debut series this time and it looks like they will be just reusing the Z3 engine. I'm not really a big fan of the battle orientation though. The constantly panning camera used to distract me and I felt it was just a trick to create complex motion while using only one sprite motion. SRW Alpha 3 came out in 2005, and it's animations haven't aged at all. Anyway, What are you're thoughts? Are there any fellow SRW players reading this now? Have I intrigued the interest of some curious soul? Let me know!
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