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  1. Not sure why a thread like this was even created; it seemed like a bad idea ever since I saw it pop up. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can like/dislike whoever they want, but it rubs me the wrong way that a thread was created solely for the reason everyone to speak negatively. I mean, things already got heated in the actual favorite characters thread, so why even make one just to be hateful? It's one thing to dislike a certain character, but some people here really go above and beyond. You don't have to understand why people like certain things. All you have to do is let people enjoy themselves and enjoy what they want to. And second, how in the hell does liking Sylvain, a fictional character, mean that women aren't respecting themselves? Honestly I think that's an unfair assumption and a little bit insulting even. I totally agree with this. It's wrong to call Sylvain out for assuming all women are after his crests, and then immediately go on to assume that women who like Sylvain lack respect for themselves and other women. He's a fictional video game character. It's not that deep. Sylvain would love to TORMENT me? girl it's a video game. get a grip
  2. As an final class, would Holy Knight or Valkyrie be better for Marianne? I find White Tomefaire to be pretty much useless, and I feel like the classes are pretty similar otherwise, as Valkyrie has 6 move but +1 range, and Holy Knight just has 7 move.
  3. Most of the Awakening cast. I was 12 when Awakening first came out, and for some reason, I had very strong opinions on characters that I didn't even bother to learn about or read supports for. I kinda just sped through the game without reading the dialogue or paying attention to the story and characters (I also did this for Sacred Stones, which was my very first FE game). I paid more attention to character design/appearance and gravitated toward those with unnatural hair colors and louder personalities, which is probably why I loved Severa so much. I specifically didn't really like Frederick, Stahl, Vaike, and Henry, but I do like them a lot more now. I would now even consider Stahl to be one of my favorite Awakening characters. And after all these years, I still ship him and Sumia and I am still mad that they cannot support lol
  4. Having a queer main character would be lovely, and it would be great if that could extend to non-main characters and non-lords too! I think Linhardt and Dorothea were a step in the right direction, and it would be amazing to have characters that are just totally gay and have achievable S-supports (or romantic paired endings) with characters of the same gender. I'd love to have representation through characters that aren't just bi.
  5. I first played Sacred Stones on the 3DS in 2012. Then Awakening came out in 2013, and that's when I made this account. And then I've played every game that came out since then. I tried to go back and play Radiant Dawn and Blazing Blade, but I just didn't get into them.
  6. Years ago, I used to be really vocal about the characters I "disliked" or "hated" on these forums. But I've mellowed out over the years, and I don't even feel the same about characters I used to LOVE like Cordelia or Severa. I've said I'm not a fan of a certain character or group of characters, but I wouldn't go as far to say I hate them for whatever reason. It just seems a bit ridiculous to have such a furious hatred for a fictional character. To answer the thread, the characters I like the least are probably Ashe and Ingrid, and that's just because Three Houses is the newest FE game and the freshest in my mind.
  7. More same-sex relationships/paired endings and characters that just happen to be gay. And not just characters that are forced representation. I definitely think Three Houses took a step in the right direction with characters like Linhardt, Dorothea, and Edelgard, as opposed to being locked to the creepy characters like Rhajat and Niles in Fates. It would also be neat to have characters that are just gay, and not bisexual. Like if Linhardt was only for male avatars, or if Dorothea was only for female avatars.
  8. I have a hard time between choosing Hilda and Claude as my very favorite, but Hilda is too relatable and funny so I'll give it to her: Hilda Claude Sylvain Dorothea Marianne Lysithea Ferdinand Edelgard Hubert Petra Looking at the list I made, I realize that I just don't like any of the Blue Lions except for Sylvain. Most of them seem bland or annoying to me, though some of them admittedly great units. I like to recruit all the students whenever I start a new file, and Felix and Mercedes are great units, but personality and appearance-wise, I just don't like them.
  9. Would: Weapon types not locked to a class. I like that you can have an axe-wielding Pegasus or a bow-wielding Hero. Magic spells limited to each battle, as opposed to draining your HP or having weapon durability like physical weapons have. A main camp (the monastery). I liked how you can walk around and interact with the students and faculty members. It reminded me of Fates, except it was in 3D. Would be nicer if it wasn't so huge and took a long time to find people. Two slots for equipping a weapon and a ring/shield. Being able to have a ring/shield was nice, and really helped out for my characters that had low speed or low accuracy. Range increase for Bows in certain classes. Range increase for reason/faith at S rank. Skills/Combat Arts that are exclusive to certain characters (like Swift Strikes or Frozen Lance). Also that you can learn some skills/combat arts from increasing your weapon rank, rather than all skills being tied to classes. Would not: Calendar system. It's a nice idea and I liked it the first two times I played the game, but I really feel like it drags out the game, especially Part 1. It's so hard for me to get through the first part of the game because I dread having to go through all the months. I liked having an overworld map like in Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Echoes. Fishing minigame Weapon durability Gender-locked classes
  10. Female: Hilda (Axe Pegasus): Using her timeskip, but riding on top of a Pegasus. I know a lot of people like putting her in Wyvern Lord, but I personally love having her as a Falcon Knight instead. And thankfully, with Three Houses' ability to train characters with any weapon type, we can actually see an axe-wielding pegasus! Faye (Red Tome Infantry): Just like with Hilda, I almost always put Faye into Pegasus Knight. But I did make her a Priestess one time, and I loved her outfit! And it was also really neat to wield both swords and magic. It'd be really cool to see Faye with an alt that isn't another colorless bow. Male: Silas (Colorless Bow Cavalry): Based on his reclass options from Fates, being the Bow Knight. For some reason, I tend to not like the male characters as much as female characters in most Fire Emblem games. Most of the time, I think their designs are bland, and that makes me not want to use or learn more about those characters. Silas fits this theme of looking absolutely boring (gray hair and black armor - absolutely no color lol), but I ended up really liking him because of his loyalty and friendship with Corrin. And then I ended up loving his voice as well hehe Knoll (Blue Tome Infantry): I really liked having Knoll as a Summoner, and I'd love to see him as this as a CYL unit. Knoll was the unit that made me love dark mages more than mages (the class, not the characters that are mages).
  11. While I agree this might be the most "boring" CYL so far, it's still my favorite one. I like all of these characters except for Dimitri, and I have no problem with the way they were added. Sure, it might be a little "boring" in comparison to past CYL winners, but it's still interesting to see the three lords in their unique final class outfits (rather than just the timeskip outfits) and with new skills. The other CYL didn't really interest me as much because I didn't really care for the characters that won. These units being "boring" or "lazy" or "uninspired" isn't necessarily a bad thing. And no matter what people may think these units are, I still like them a lot, and way more than the past rounds.
  12. I definitely want the regular Charlotte to show up. I've been waiting since Bride Charlotte came three years ago! Other than her, I'd love to see more Three Houses characters, like the regular versions of Sylvain and Dorothea, or time-skip Hilda.
  13. I chose Claude as my free pick, and got Edelgard by luck. I spent 120+ orbs trying to get Lysithea, but I wasn't lucky enough. But I'm currently at 39/40 for another free pick, so I'm excited! I'm just trying to get a few more orbs so that I can get her. When the trait changing thing comes out, I'll definitely wanna play around with that for Claude and Lysithea.
  14. i have an easy time with Fliers and Armored but what really messes me up is any team with a dancer. Especially Legendary Azura.
  15. I think it's really exciting! I really loved Pikmin 3 on the Wii U, and if I had some extra money lying around, I'd definitely get the deluxe too.
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