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  1. I'd wanna see a male/female of the current gender-locked classes, and also a Dark Falcon!!
  2. i love the Sims, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon! and a lot of Mario games too
  3. ooh I would love Cormag and Louise!!!!!!!!!! conrad is cool too i guess lol
  4. maybe it's because FEH is free and mainstream FE games are not free and they don't want to pay
  5. I really love that any weapon can pretty much be used by any class. I do miss flying mages and healers, like the Falcon Knights and Dark Falcons from Awakening/Fates, but it was nice to give them swords again like they had in the GBA era. And it's also pretty cool to have flying bow-users. I love the addition of gauntlets as well, it's definitely one of my favorite weapons to use, although not many of my units are actually proficient in gauntlets. One thing that I thought was a bit silly were some of the gender-exclusive classes, specifically females not being able to access Dark Mage and Dark Bishop. I know that in the past, Brigand/Warrior were male-exclusive and Pegasus/Falcon Knight were female-exclusive, but Dark Mages? I really wanted to make Lysithea a Dark Bishop, but I guess Gremory is cool too. And that's another thing. Why is Gremory female-exclusive??? I didn't like that weight and weapon durability were brought back, but that's just because I liked how Fates played. And lastly, I hope that the weapon triangle comes back; I actually really liked that mechanic.
  6. Yes, I would like a "true" fourth path where every character is on board with you. Except maybe the church people; I don't really care about them. To be honest, I wouldn't care if the story was trash or it didn't make sense, I just wanna have every character in my party.
  7. Who would you pick? What classes would you make them? I know that the house leaders probably wouldn't leave their class, but if I could just pick and choose students at the start of the game, I'd definitely go with Claude, Edelgard, Hilda, Lysithea, Ferdinand, Dorothea, Sylvain, and Mercedes. If I had to stick to just one house leader, I'd go with Claude and then have replace Edelgard with Felix. I haven't played the Black Eagles or Blue Lions routes, so the characters I picked from those houses are purely based off of how much I like their appearances. I'm still in the pre-timeskip part of the Golden Deer route and haven't had any characters reach a master class yet, but I have had characters reach an advanced class and I feel like some of those options are more "fitting" for what classes I'd want to make my characters (like being a Sniper instead of a Bow Knight).
  8. Definitely M!Corrin x Silas and M!Byleth x Claude! I liked that Fates and Three Houses tried to give us more options and be more inclusive about same-sex marriages but,,,,,,,,, they could've done better 😕 like how did it happen that the only guy M!Corrin could marry was Niles and the only girl F!Corrin could marry was Rhajat? how they pick the creepiest characters and be like "here you go, we're inclusive now" UMMMMM???????????? HELLO???? obviously i know there are people who like Niles and Rhajat and if they wanna s-support them, that's totally fine and idgaf if people actually do that, but HOW THEY BE THE ONLY OPTION???! BRUH now Linhardt, I don't know much about. I'm currently on my first playthrough of the game, and I'm playing with the Golden Deer. I'm still in the pre-timeskip gameplay, but i know that Claude is not an option for M!Byleth. I'm not surprised, just disappointed. Other than that, Sumia x Stahl. I disliked that every other female in Awakening could marry any guy, and then Sumia was locked to a few because they pushed her with Chrom :(( also Ryoma x Scarlet and Jakob x Flora OH AND TOTALLY ALM x FAYE!!!!!!!!!
  9. I really wanna see a Spring Severa/Selena and Spring/Valentine/Bride Faye !! also I wanna see a regular Charlotte,,,,,,, like all we got was the Bride but not the real charlotte ??? also Bride Sumia would be cool. a dancer Soleil would be cool too
  10. i'm confused as to what they mean when they say "you'll be able to summon one of them" for the special hero summoning event?? like do you just pick an orb and you're guaranteed to get one of the special heroes of that color? do you pick the hero you get? like what exactly is going on, bc i would love to FINALLY get bride Cordelia, I've been trying since May 2017 and when she came back in a legendary summoning and when the bride banner came back but my luck has been extremely shitty
  11. In Awakening and Fates, I paired parents for the child's hair color. I've never ever paired people for optimization or for the relationship.
  12. random question, can you swim on the Great Bay stage? ik they added it for Tortimer Island, so i'm hoping they add it for Great Bay too
  13. None of the new characters really made me happy or anything, but the Smash roster has gotten so big and already added many characters from popular series that I'm not surprised. King K. Rool was a pleasant surprise though! My brother and I liked playing Donkey Kong Country together and fighting him. I know a lot of people have been requesting Simon Belmont, so good for them I guess. I personally had no idea who he was, and after being told who he was earlier in this thread (and after doing a quick google search), I don't care for him at all. Just based on appearance and playstyle, he doesn't really excite me and I don't think I'm gonna be playing as him or his echo at all unless I choose random. I was kinda hoping to go into some more character changes, but I guess some of that was already acknowledged during E3. Chrom looks somewhat interesting. When my brother and I were watching the direct, we assumed he was an Ike clone, but apparently he's a Roy clone with Ike's Aether? That's interesting, but I'll probably stick to Ike. I never really cared much for Chrom (or Lucina while we're talking about Awakening. Robin is fun tho) While I'm not bummed about Chrom, I do have to agree that the FE roster is pretty disappointing, for me at least. I really would've loved to see Celica or Lyn, either of them would've been so cool. Though they both use swords, their appearances at least vary from the current FE roster (blue hair...), and hey, Celica uses magic! That would've been so cool to see!!
  14. Did you notice or feel as if Zelda ran faster or jumped higher at all?
  15. Wowowowoow!! Yay I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to see what we’ll be shown. I wonder how long the direct will be???
  16. i literally have no idea who simon belmont is, i get so confused whenever people talk about him..... ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg pls (and pls pls the Twilight Princess palette!! my my absolute fav)
  17. I wouldn't mind Isabelle, I don't really dislike her or have an opinion about her inclusion. But Villager, I think should have some new costumes. They need different haircuts! And while I'm on the topic of hair, I definitely think the inklings needed different hairstyles as well. There were so many to choose from in Splatoon 2, some of the costumes could have gotten those haircuts.
  18. The only thing that really excited me this time was the free 20 orbs Feh talked about. I don't remember when she said we'd get them, but I remember hearing "20 orbs" and I got excited lol. The new Awakening units look cool, I'll try for all of them.
  19. its great that people are playing as Zelda but when are they gonna stop with that overused black palette?? im so sick of seeing it in every gameplay video of Zelda Not really related to this video, but does anyone else feel like Zelda is freakishly tall in this game, at least in comparison to Link? Just comparing her to Link in this video, she's nearly a whole head taller, and i don't ever recall that happening in previous Smash games/in other Zelda games. ik they're from two different Zelda games but is ALBW Zelda really nearly a whole head taller than BoTW Link?
  20. I love Tobi's art! Both Morgans have amazing art, and those two are definitely my favorite artworks. My other favorites would be the spring versions of Alfonse and Sharena, Inigo, PA!Shigure, and Tana. But my favorite is definitely PA!Olivia. There's something really magical about her art, and I love it.
  21. Yeah that would be so cool!! He's so adorable, and I'd love to see a fourth Kirby rep.
  22. I personally liked the The Sacred Treasures as Pit's final smash, and I agree that Lightning Chariot should have been Dark Pit's, but... oh well. Dark Pit's staff thing feels a bit lazy and weird to me, but I don't dislike it i think. while we're on the topic of final smashes, Peach desperately needs a new one, and I think it's safe to assume she will get one.
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