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  1. Like everyone else here, I don't think it really adds anything to the games. Because player controlled characters are expected to have good hitrates, biorhythm's effects only become noticeable when they hurt the player, which is pretty annoying most of the time. It's one of the few tellius mechanics I'm glad they got rid of.
  2. Fair point. As for giving armors axes, it would kind of depend on the context of which FE game you'd want to talk about. After all, lances aren't exactly a bad weapon type to be stuck with most of the time. So while giving them axes would probably help them a little, I think a buff like that would largely be missing what makes armors bad in the first place. After all, earlygame where maps are smaller and tanky units are scarcer tends to be where armor knights shine the most.
  3. I think a simpler answer would just be to give them the same movement as other footsie units. Giving them partial wtc is only so helpful if they can't reach the enemy to begin with.
  4. not condemning drone strikes =/= "They're probably radicals, so just blow them up anyway". Also please respond to my other questions regarding the arbitrary way you're talking about killing potentially innocent bystanders.
  5. Let's play spot the war crime. How do you know that the civilians and families are "basically indoctrinated"? how far away from ISIS do they need to be before they aren't considered terrorists? What if an ISIS member's family has no knowledge of their relative's occupation, are they still indoctrinated? Flying into a village and bombing the thing to rubble because you think there are some terrorists there sounds like a better way to make enemies than anything I could come up with. As hawkish as Hillary's foreign policy is, I'm glad she at least has never openly advocated for war crimes.
  6. Economics and trade was one of their first talking points iirc
  7. Jorge and Minerva in fe11, Calill in fe9, and Isadora in fe7 just off the top of my head. In terms of well designed Jeigans, I think fe6 Marcus and Jagen himself are the kind that I prefer, Marcus especially.
  8. Except Thomas Jefferson attacked the British over their use of slaves in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence.
  9. The point still stands, if the founding fathers so wholeheartedly believe in freedom from tyranny, why did they allow slavery to stick around? nearly 90 years after the people of the US were "freed from tyranny", there were still natural born Americans sitting in shackles for their entire life.
  10. I always end up using and pairing up Noishe in fe4, despite the fact that he's mediocre at best in gen 1. And in fe10, I always make it a goal to get Leonardo to promotion level before part 3.
  11. Because teamwork is hard to program.
  12. Convoy access is too situational for a dedicated unit imo. I only ever need it if I forgot to bring a dragonslayer or something, and even then it's better to have it on the lord, who is on the front lines and can probably reach the unit in need more easily. If it were to be reintroduced, a combination of FE6's and FE7's like others suggested would be they way to go, although I'm absolutely against giving them combat ability as they'd just sort of outclass other units in terms of who to invest in.
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