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  1. So I am on my second playthrough of Awakening, my first was on Normal difficulty (I had no idea how easy normal was going to be), and I decided to jump right into Lunatic mode after finishing the game the first time. It certainly is stupid hard compared to normal. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that it took me atleast 6 tries to get past the first prologue, and I am on chapter 2, and Frederick seems to have developed a glass chin, and his lance has 6 uses left in it. Don't even get me started on Chrom's "Dualstrike +10" skill, he seems to really like sitting back and watching Frederick fail to kill enemies in 1 hit. Lissa is borderline useless right now, if she gets anywhere near the dying Frederick enemies swoop in and just beat her into the ground until her head looks like mashed potatoes. I just can't wait until I am able to grind. Bonus question: I am thinking of making MU either a Sage, or Darkknight. She started out with +Magic, -Luck Her skills will probably be something like this: Renewal Lifetaker Tomefaire/Swordfaire Sol/Ignis Luna Will this be much help in Lunatic? Also, would it be of any help to buy back my old MU out of the Avatar Logbook.
  2. Thanks for the information, I did not know anything about the Avatar Logbook, I appreciate the quick response.
  3. Okay, so I beat the game, and now I want to start a new game on Lunatic difficulty. I saw that my MU got added to the avatar logbook, and I can't help but wonder... Will my MU stay in the avatar logbook if I create a newgame and save over my old data? I want my younger brother (who has a savegame on the same DS) to be able to hire my MU, so that our avatars can fight along side each other in his journey. I read that I can lock my MU in the avatar logbook, but does it really work that way? I would try it myself, but I would hate to try it and lose my character from the logbook. Please asnwer quickly if possible, and wish me luck on Lunatic.
  4. Well I am glad you atleast understand what I am trying to say, everyone else seems to be misunderstanding.
  5. I was posting this mostly because I have seen some people throughout the internet complain about generals, while playing on normal mode. I am on my first playthrough and will be doing lunatic afterwards, so I will be back to post how great my General did there too (hopefully). Also, yes having shitty move is horrible, but my move is not horrible, I started with a terrible 5, now I have a decent 8, and if I pair with a GK, then I have 9. I never said that my speed cap is great, I just said that is enough to attack twice on every enemy I have encountered, and I am on chapter 21. I welcome enemies with Luna, because then my almighty General MIGHT get a challenge out of that, but seeing how a Hammer (strong vs armored enemies) hit me for 1 (almost 0) damage, I am sure that I will be fine. The only issues I have with my General is my Luna animation and my inability to get Lancefaire because I am male. Agreed, I know that there are units with better move out there, I never disputed that. I was saying that my move is 8, which is not terrible, I took a weakness and got rid of it, that is what I was saying. I am not on here yelling at people to bow down to my almighty General and tremble, I am merely trying to get the point across that maybe, just maybe Generals are not as bad as people let on, and can be made good. Thank you for understanding that I am saying that Generals CAN be good and I am not saying that they ARE good. I considered being a Great Knight again to utilize that 10 move, but I will lose out on some STR, DEF, and RES, and I will lose a good bit of skill. I will certainly not make a party of Generals, lol, I am the only General on my team. Yes I did grind, and I know that is the main reason my general is as good as he is, but I love tanks, and Generals make the best Tanks.
  6. I know that, playing Awakening I have seen how some characters are better than others of the same class, I just didn't know Frederick was so special. Maybe alittle, you might be right, but I still like tanks and generals seem to do that the best. The low move is not an issue, read what I typed at the start of the thread, my MOV is 8, equal to that of a Great Knight, so MOV is not an issue.
  7. Not really, there are classes that can still get beat if you are not careful, what I am saying is with my maxed stats; My speed is high enough to attack any enemy so far 2x (people like to complain about General's speed not being high enough), with my maxed Resist magic has never done damage to me (despite that supposed terrible weakness to magic). I have seen some of my other characters take good damage and not deal much in return with maxed out stats. Not all of the classes are completely balanced and having maxed out stats doesn't make your character amazing. I can understand that, and when my General runs into a snag, I will do something about it. As of right now, my General seems pretty invincible, and can take care of anything in his way, he hasn't run into any problems yet.
  8. Oh, I wasn't aware that he was better than other Great Knights, sorry about that. I know they are not the best, but they must be far from the worst, I would much rather be a General than a Bowknight or a Warrior.
  9. No this is my first play through (I will try lunatic after beating the game), I have none of the DLC yet, but I have seen people complaining about generals even on normal difficulty, and those are more of who I was talking about. Besides, I read somewhere that Fredrick is a godsend on lunatic, so if a Great Knight is so good on that difficulty, then surely a class with Higher max STR, DEF, RES, and SKILL would be better. I only wish I could get Lancefaire as a male character.
  10. My main character is a General, and has been for a while. I have always loved the tank builds/classes in RPGs, and so when I got tired of being a Great Knight, I decided to become a General. Almost everywhere I read, I see people griping about their movement and their weakness to magic, and I am here to clear some of this up. I am a level 20 General with all of my stats maxed-out. I started out with +DEF and -Luck. My equipped skills are: Sol (Never needed) Luna Locktouch Movement +1 Ignis Any enemy I run into almost always has a 0% chance of hitting me, and if they do hit me, I always take 0 damage. My move as a general is 8, which is equal to a Great Knight, all it took was the skill "Movement +1" and 1 "Boots" item. My max Resist is 37, I have never met a mage capable of inflicting any damage to me, at all. Their damage against me in a fight is always 0, with normally a 0-25% to hit. The only time I have taken damage as a General was against a Warrior Ruffian that was wielding a Hammer, and he hit me for 1 damage. So, to anyone who says Generals suck, please stop. Gernerals can be amazing, I am one. Stats: HP 80 Str 49 Mag 29 Skill 41 Spd 35 lck 44 Def 54 Res 37 Mov 8
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