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  1. Hi, just wanted to mention I'm live streaming a blind playthrough of this hack (should be the third one after Mekkah's) almost every day at around 3pm EST and assuming I like the hack enough, I might even speedrun and TAS it. The inclusion of a 0% growth patch is a nice bonus in that regard. So far I'm on chapter 2 and loving it, especially the skills 😁
  2. It is fairly useful on high level units with high growth rates such as Tanith and Elincia. Honestly it doesn't have much of a significant impact, I usually just sell it when playing casually.
  3. Just updated my signature

  4. Hey, I know I've been absent from the Fire Emblem community for a few years now. I've always held Fire Emblem dearly in my heart, but was going through a tough time in my personal life, so I had to get that sorted out. Now that I have (hopefully for good), I am now focused on my goal, my dream, which is to make a living as a Twitch streamer / content creator. So one of my ideas was to have a Fire Emblem Friday stream as a weekly routine. That's where you guys come in. What would you like to see in an 8 hour long weekly Fire Emblem stream? And what time slot is best? I was thinking noon to 8pm EST. It's great to be back :)
  5. Hey Serenes, it's Vykan12. I decided to make a career out of streaming, which includes streaming Fire Emblem at least once a week, perhaps a Fire Emblem Friday stream as a weekly routine.




  6. Hi

    1. Aggro Incarnate

      Aggro Incarnate

      Oh hey thanks for the message, I don't get these very often :)

      I'm still relatively new to the FE community as a whole (esp. compared to like old regulars on SF) though I found FE fascinating and ended up picked up on some bits of history of the community along the way I guess. I've only really read about your stuff in the FE scene, with setting baselines for various GBA/Tellius FE speedruns/TASes as well as the rage moments and some stuff for DSFE as well.

      I kind of assumed you kinda retired from the community due to real life taking over. (I'm sorry if the 'FE Fossil' comment got across and rubbed the wrong way, it's just that I assume you moved on after all your cool stuff with FE) So it was cool when Gwimpage made a link on discord to your Twitch stream, though I guess I missed the actual FE:RD bit a few days ago.

      Not sure if I find myself the most avid of Twitch audiences but maybe I'll get to tune into some of your FE stuff on stream if you intend to do more later. Kudos on your streams and everything.

  7. Damn, that really sucks! I would highly recommend that you put all your files onto dropbox or google drive from now on so that your data isn't tied to a single machine. This is incredibly useful if you own more than one computer since any file change is synced across devices, and you can even check files on your phone. As an added layer of protection, you can push your Fire Emblem notes & scripts to Github. That's what I've started to do with my GBA_FE script since it receives enough changes to benefit from version control and potential collaborators.
  8. Checked 0x080000A0 in memory viewer and found exactly what I needed. Fortunately, lua's memory.readbyte(0x080000A0) works as intended with ROM values. You guys are awesome! Would you happen to know where I could find raw dissassembly data for FE6-8? There are a couple other memory addresses (such as one that acts as a boolean for when a character's selected or not, found 0x202BEE8 but not sure) that I'd like to find, and don't want to be posting a new question here each time.
  9. I can't find the info you listed through RAM search, where exactly is A0 through B2? I found this through googling http://z15.invisionfree.com/TalesRPG/ar/t5.htm that lists it at CF0D82 and CFA290 but again, no idea where that is via RAM search. The address ranges I can find are the following: 00000000-00003FFF 02000000-0203FFFF 03000000-03007FFF 04000000-040003FF 05000000-050003FF 06000000-0601FFFF 07000000-070003FF 0E000000-0E00FFFF When I search for 46 as a one byte hex value, I can't find a value next to it with value 49 for example. I've never had issues with this. Which version are you using? There's a list of versions on TASVideos here: http://tasvideos.org/EmulatorResources/VBA.html The one that speedrunners agreed to use is vba-v24m-svn-r440a
  10. Awesome, thank you very much! Would you also happen to know how to distinguish FE6, 7 & 8 through a lua script? I'm thinking there must be a way of comparing their checksums or some other ROM header information. With this I'd be able to use the same script for all 3 games.
  11. I'm working on a VBA lua script where given a character's currently traced path, it computes how many RNs are burned from moving the cursor in any direction (up, down, left, right), with the idea of expanding this lookup to several moves in order to deterministically find the shortest number of moves required to burn a certain amount of RNs. The problem is I'm missing some memory address information that could be of help, and haven't been able to determine it myself through RAM search or reading the docs in the OP. Here's what I need in a nutshell: - Need to know the character's current movement path (ex/ 1 up, 1 right, 1 right). This is critical. - When a character is selected (IE cursor is placed on them and press A), need to know the character's class and movement range - Probably need to know the type of every tile in the unit's movement radius In terms of the character's movement path, I figure a character has up to 15 movement with boots. Since there's up to 4 possible moves per space, that means 4^15 (or 2^30) combinations. Only a 4 byte value can fit this (since 2^32 > 2^30). My naive approach to this 4 byte value would be something like 1000 | 0100 | 0100 | 0000 | ... where each pair of 4 represents up, right, down, left as booleans per move. So for example 2U1R would be 1000 1000 0100 then a bunch of 0s, which would be 2180 in decimal when disregarding the trailing zeros, or 2,285,895,680 if accounting for zeros. The problem is I'm not finding any addresses that adhere to this type of behavior, which makes me think I'm making a wrong assumption. Of course none of this matters if such an address (or addresses) has been found already. Any help with this would be immensely appreciated. The script I'm developing would be a massive breakthrough for GBA FE speedrunning and TASing.
  12. You might want to give more context than just the video :P There's a couple reasons Ruadath's attempting to improve my TAS: - H1 is faster than normal given no prologue - New RNG script means better manipulation - Using the stylus instead of the controller means faster menuing - Other strat optimizations
  13. FYI, I'm probably doing an H5 TAS given Ruadath's breakthroughs
  14. Who initially created the 0% growths patch? Ruadath needs the memory addresses of character growth rates for reverse engineering the RNG formula. Once put into a lua script, it would probably be a great help to your run too :D
  15. Damn, it sounds like you're pretty discouraged. I wouldn't mind taking over this project should you choose to abandon it.
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