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  1. Monk!Legault Gotta be better than the rest of the soldiers and clerics I have
  2. WyvernLord!Pent Flight Squad is ago
  3. Nomad!Sain tfw no cavaliers and like 5 peg knights
  4. Man there goes Mage!Hector :/ Mage!Wil
  5. Ok I got it I'm pretty sure, and my first pick will be Wyvern Rider! Florina. And I got Peg Knight! Eliwood, hurray for flying lords
  6. Sorry for slowing this down, I'm still having trouble applying the patch. The tutorial killer patch keeps failing and I get stuck in Lyn mode because Matthew can't reach an event tile. I'll try to figure it out tonight.
  7. shoot, I was looking for a draft to get back into . Didnt stalk the forums hard enough
  8. What kills drafting for me is that I'll enter a draft and start doing the draft for the first couple of chapters and then realize that nobody else is participating. It kind of kills the competitive factor of a draft and I lose interest in it very quickly. I can't remember the last time I was in a draft that everyone was actually participating in at the same time with a decent pace. The reason behind this is most likely that everyone has so much experience in the games that you can predict who is going to win just based off of what units they have, which also ruins part of the competition. But that's just the nature of drafting.
  9. I use Deke everytime I play FE6 I've never made an effort to use Dorcas because he's boring compared to Bartre (or anyone for that matter) I didn't know Geitz existed because I never use Lyn Thought Garcia was trash until I used him...he's probably in my top 3 favorite units for FE8 now The plot for FE9 bores me Didn't use BEXP my first couple of playthroughs on FE10 because I thought it was broken Thought Boyd was trash until I used him in a draft. I never use any of the laguz besides Tibarn or The Herons Never forged weapons in FE11 because I thought they costed too much. If I play EM, I kill Gordin because I'm a jerk. I think reclassing ruins Fire Emblem
  10. Chapter 5- 11 (41) yeah this chapter sucks but I'm determined to finish this draft. I don't use the gate for 2 reasons: it requires a lot of luck on Marcus' part to not die and to kill everything and it also requires Ward/Lugh to be able to defend all the undrafted units from the northern fighters. So instead, everyone goes around. This allows me to get a much much easier clear and get Roy/Rutger/Lugh precious EXP in exchange for my high TC. Got the Gant Lance because y not. Probably should have visited the shop but screw it yolooooo. Chapter 6- 4 (45) Everyone rushes up the middle. Ward and Lugh help clear the way for Marcus/Roy/Rutger. Marcus chips the boss with the S. Lance EP 3 and Rutger takes the kill PP4 because y not. Roy is a beast. Still deciding who should get the Chapter 4 robe at this point, but it will probably be Roy our boy. Also do I need to recruit Sue if I'm going to Ilia? This always confuses me and I really don't want to make a mistake so before I progress I want to know if I need to redo this chapter and get her.
  11. Its probably because Marcus is free for the entire game, and he's pretty godly. His only disadvantage is his lack of wings :/
  12. Chapter 1- 5(5) Roy actually got a fair amount of exp this chapter. I had to get 2 Silver Lance hits with iffy hit rates on the boss but thats FE6 for you. Chapter 2- 7 (12) There's a really weird thing that happens with a fighter on turn 2 EP where sometimes he blocks your path and other times he moves out of the way...as far as I could tell, it was just random. Ward tries his best to clear up the RHS for MarcRoy, but he's not Lot and can't double some of the Loldiers. Thany rescues Lot and Dieck so that I don't get a penalty and then passes the Armorslayer to Marcus on PP7. Marcus chipped the boss on EP6 with the Iron Lance so that he could get the kill with the Armorslayer and gets a strength level, which is good because he'll need it to ORKO the boss next map. Chapter 3- 9 (21) Ward and Merlinus go up, Marcus and Roy rush to the boss, and everyone else cowers in a corner. The cavaliers in the boss room ruined my chances of getting any lower of a TC for this map...but good news! I caught a Lughgia! Chapter 4- 9 (30) Waiting around for Rutger allowed Roy to get some Rapier kills. Ward and Lugh go down to the Angelic Robe village, they also bought a couple of hand axes and swords. Merlinus got the Door Key and Rutger got the bosskill and got a really nice level up. My Roy is the boy. Roy Lvl 6.30/-- HP 20 STR 9 SKL 8 SPD 10 LCK 12 DEF 7 RES 0 Marcus Lvl --/3.24 HP 33 STR 11 SKL 15 SPD 12 LCK 10 DEF 10 RES 10 Ward Lvl 6.56/-- HP 29 STR 10 SKL 5 SPD 7 LCK 5 DEF 5 RES 1 Lugh Lvl 2.14/-- HP 17 MAG 5 SKL 6 SPD 7 LCK 6 DEF 3 RES 5
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