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  1. Definitely a metalhead. Not super fond of Death/Black Metal or Metalcore/Deathcore, though. Favorite genres are Thrash and New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (it technically counts so hush). Favorite bands are (in no particular order aside from Iron Maiden being #1) Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Motorhead (RIP Lemmy ;w; ), Testament, and Rob Zombie/White Zombie.
  2. Posting here because you wanted me to. >.> I never really got into 8 tbh, but this is a fun screenshot LP. Comparing Fujin and Raijin to Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers made me chuckle.
  3. It's about damn time we got a 3rd game that wasn't just an enhanced port. The first game was a good DMC-styled Hack'n'Slash that brought its own hand to the table, and Desperate Struggle, despite dips in quality at points (I'm looking at YOU, final boss), was still a solid game. Here's hoping NMH3 doesn't flop, 'cause I've been waiting on this for a long time now.
  4. I'll have to disagree with the both of you. I think using animated sprites a la Strange Journey and the old school/classic era games was a good idea, as a lot of the game is a callback to older SMT games, and the spritework accentuates that.
  5. Happy Birthday Hoshi!

  6. OH BOY YES CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS IF I EVER GET A SWITCH But I like the Strange Journey styled sprites. :( Are you referring to the original Famicom title, or the first SMT game for the Super Famicom? I'd like to think the latter because it's the 25th Anniversary (SMTI was '92, iirc), but still. Either would be awesome, imo.
  7. 1. The Battle of Belhalla, to try and save those who died. 2. If you mean a custom one, idk. If not, then I'd go with Prodigy. 3. Echidna from FE6 and Sigurd from FE4. 4. Astra. 5. Mercenaries and Heroes. 16. No, and quite frankly, I don't give a damn. 17. Eating, I guess? 18. Someone I hold dear to me is polygamous, so I naturally approve of it. 1. Valkyrie Profile 1. 2. Mastema from Shin Megami Tensei, purely because of his boss fight in IV. 3. Smart, caring, friendly, and humorous. 4. I love you David. 5. I, Garland, shall knock them all down!
  8. 1. Of course. I like to keep myself squeaky clean after all. ^_~ 2. Because I'm a loose cannon that doesn't play by the rules. 1. It's cute. I like it. 2. Don't believe so, no. 3. Nope. FE:Fates introduced me to the term. 1. Yes I have, iirc. Don't remember what it was but I think I did. 2. I honestly don't know. I'd need a list to really single one out. 3. It's lacking common sense. 4. It's a nice community, I just don't post very often anymore tbh. 5. I can't cook to save my life, sadly. 1. Tbh I haven't really played many video games lately, let alone unique ones. Aside from SaGa Frontier, but that was MONTHS ago. 2. Honestly, no. Not a big fan of rice or seafood tbh. 3. Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (PSP Remaster), 7th Dragon III, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Devil Survivor Overclocked, and much, MUCH more. 4. The Northern Lights. 5. Yep. Most recent thing I saw was the new Ancient Gear Golem card. Tbh I still prefer the original. 6. No, sadly. I'm working on that. 1. Metroid Prime's title theme. 2. Ares, Shiva, and Metatron. 3. Planning on playing one of the many ports of the first Disgaea game at some point. Not anytime soon, but sometime. 4. Erm. Word, I guess? I honestly don't know. 5. Uh. I honestly can't give 5 at the moment. For now I'll just say I like how it's a very safe place to live right now.
  9. 9. Meh. They can be alright, I suppose, but there's just way too much babying involved that it sorta deprives your other units of EXP. 10. I like Mercenaries/Heroes. I like strong female characters. Echidna is both of these. That and she's really pretty <3 11. Meh. Can't say I'm a fan tbh. 11. Never seen any. 12. The Emperor's New Groove, hands down. 13. Don't really have one, tbh. 14. Another One Bites the Dust. 15. Ronald Weasley or Severus Snape.
  10. 6. Rachel's a pretty name. :3 7. Kids are fun if they're kept under control. It'd be nice to have some, but I'll probably just adopt tbh. 8. It's a kinda neat concept tbh. Especially since some have really cool personalities and others can be weapons of mass destruction.
  11. 3 at a time. a. Adorable. b. Adorable. c. Adorable. You're one of Ein's friends(?), so that automatically makes you cool in my book. 6. Albert Einstein, Bruce Lee, and Aleister Crowley. 7. Flynn from Shin Megami Tensei IV, Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, and Tidus from Final Fantasy X. 8. Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, Golbez from Final Fantasy IV, and Arvis from FE4. 9. Yes. Human beings exist to help each other, not harm each other. 10. Mega Kingler please.
  12. 1. I honestly don't know. 2. Live A Live, a Super Famicom RPG by Squaresoft. 3. Fellowship of the Ring. 4. Maine, in the United States. 5. Any night sky with the moon partially covered or obscured by clouds. 1. Just a name I came up with when making my Skype account. That and I had a Garland avatar for a while. 2. No. FFX is. 3. Does 4 Heroes of Light count? 4. SNES era Final Fantasy is still the best. 5. My curiosity after playing Blazing Sword on emulator.
  13. Well. This is unexpected. 1. First: "Nerdy mom who likes art? Looks promising." Current: "Rezzy's a real nice gal. Loves her family and doesn't afraid of anything." 2. I want to go down in history as an innovator. 3. I honestly can't think of anything. Sorry. 4. Game: Persona 4. Movie: Idk. 5. Try keeping it at 3 questions, please. I'll get to the rest in a bit. I have to eat dinner.
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