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  1. In a way i'm not surprised since the writers gave Hinoka and Sakura next to no plot importance (hinoka is an interesting antagonist on Conquest from what I've heard though), but I from what i've read of Hinoka's support conversations a lot of them have really good writing and do good things for Hinoka's character. Also see this post from someone who's played the game and speaks about Hinoka: http://ammie-plays-fe14.tumblr.com/post/125375833142/ive-always-found-it-kind-of-sad-at-how-quickly
  2. Camilla frustrates me because while I adore her supports with Belka, so much of her character is based around her obsession with Kamui and she is genuinely batshit crazy and murderous that I can't like her as a character.
  3. The final chapter of Hoshido, it was incredibly serious. Can’t be described in words (F/20s) Now I can't wait to play birthright. -The scene where the cold Leon breaks down after acting like he hated the Avatar (M/20s) Yes good, I'm happy to see people enjoy leon breaking down and being very emotional. I really enjoyed seeing this moment. -Avatar and Takumi’s S support. I really want to thank my mother Mikoto! (F/20s) Bwahahaha I don't know why this was so funny but I'm laughing at the comment of thanking mother Mikoto.
  4. In the Severa/Kjelle supports Severa insists that kjelle clean up her act and 'behave like a proper lady', to which kjelle comments that 'girls care about the dumbest things sometimes'. I never got the impression that Kjelle wanted to be a man or had low confidence as a woman. And she doesn't care if people try to tell her to be a proper woman.
  5. I would marry cherche/sully but their supports convey nothing of their characteristics compared to other conversations. For example look at Vaike and Sully's A support. I was hoping for something as meaningful as sully's speech, but alas it doesn't happen. Ditto for Cherche's wit, charm and compassion.
  6. It's not the bodyguard scenario that bothers me it's the way Lon'qu is a total jerk to Lissa and shows zero interest in being friends with her before they get married. Especially when Lon'qu saves Maribelle in their own A support and genuinely wants to be friends with maribelle and treats maribelle a lot nicer overall. I had high expectations considering how popular lon'qu/lissa is in the fandom and I feel really dissapointed by the lack of meaningful interaction between them.
  7. Gregor was one guy that really grew on me once i started getting his supports. Most of them are really good.
  8. Why hasn't anyone mentioned Sumia? I'm really fond of her support with Robin and it's really sweet and Robin's lines are so very romantic in their S support. And coming up in 2nd place is Panne, because she seems to warm up to Robin quickly and Robin treats her very respectfully.
  9. I nominate Lon'qu/Lissa for the Twilight of FE:A, Robin/Lucina is twilight relevant only if you ship baby lucina with robin.
  10. Oh i'm aware that it's a bait thread, but I felt like putting an opinion in.
  11. It's alright, but I feel that they never break out of their 'forever stoic' phase when supported together. And I believe that their supports with the other 2nd gen show that they are quite capable of breaking their stoic masks. I also ship Yarne/Lucina too much to pair Lucina with Gerome.
  12. I feel that Lon'qu/Lissa needs a major rewrite before I would consider it worthy of how much praise it gets.
  13. My preference is Libra for magical because you get tomefaire as well as VV skills over any physical builds.
  14. I like marrying Kjelle because she doesn't instantly trust/respect you like almost everyone else does. It takes time but it's earned by the end of the A support, and I find her comment about 'spite giving way to affection' to be endearing.
  15. Personally I find that Sumia!Lucina is better because she has more options and has Tomefaire access, which is a big selling point because of Def/Res differences mentioned before. And Cynthia with Aether is Jesus on wings. And I prefer Libra!Ingio to physical Ingio because of above mention again as well as Cecilia's Gale use. Libra gives Ingio Tomefaire and Vengeance to go with his natural vantage, merc line and galeforce inheritance. So I rate Libra!Ingio very highly compared to physical Ingio's.
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