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  1. Vanessa ! Dancer. Gotta dance up in all yo faces.
  2. LOL CR archer deluxe much
  3. random.org saved me from horrible teams
  4. oh god lucius all the way leggo
  5. alright just sent the pm leggo wheee
  6. oh, so what do i have to do? pm you the 1-35 list?
  7. wait so does that mean there's room or no?
  8. is it too late loooool i guess so
  9. I've got way too much time today... Chapter 5: The Emblem of Fire
  10. Chapter 4: Collapse of the Alliance
  11. 2 more res is all it takes!
  12. base strength Roy ftw Chapter 3: Late Arrival
  13. Chapter 2: The Princess of Bern
  14. #sharp


    Just some splice that I was working on yesterday. More to come!
  15. LOL yep, random numbers totally screwed me over in my team. Roy's gonna be soloing till Sue xD
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