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    I miss Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy.

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  1. throws kunai and draws katana out of shieth
  2. i havenbt been hacking for awhile after i deleted stuf so im redownload ing my roms etc but i forgot how to hack
  3. ahaha a web page i know all there is to know im at an instructors level of mastery
  4. pm me to ask about how to make ninja things or for chakra focus lessons
  5. mix 4tablespoons sugar and 8 table spoons saltpeter and mix well then fry on oven till it turns brown then put in a container then then stick a whick/fuse in the top let cool till hardens then light the wick place it on the ground and run back atleast 2 meters :D :)
  6. i meant when i get to the chapter nothing is changed
  7. hey who wants to know how to make smokebombs hey thats not all i can make alot more stuff of the art of the ninja i also can learn you to be won with your inner NINJA! if you wanna know how tommake some ninja stuff just ask
  8. ok so iedit the peeps in charater editor then i aply changes then i go to chapter unit edfitor whatevers its called change the stuff in that then click aply changes the i click save rom and close it when its done saving and btw ikm editing in chapters that im not to yet
  9. dude thats what i did it still not working
  10. :) thank you i'll remember this um ok...... i did waht you said edit them in chap unit edit tooo but there classes still didnt change
  11. hey know what i hate about fe8 you only get the arenas in 2or3 chapters and because that i abuse them
  12. 1ill try it 2i know you have to do stuff beforeb they join i went and got a test rom to do these changes on ok....... my night mare didnt come with a nmm labeled chapter unit editor
  13. when i edit a characters class then click aply changes then save rom whewn i play the gam,e it dosent change
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