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  1. My experience is that Lex usually renders himself a non-combatant come chapter 5, if not chapter 4 thanks to Elite capping his levels. Thus, by that time, you're forced to use other units to get EXP. So he can do "courtship" at will for the last two chapters. As far as my tactics go, I think I had finished chapter 3 in 13 turns once. So, I played it so fast that no Life Ring or Wind Sword was obtained. If it was for ranks, I could ease the pace by sparing a turn to have infantry kill the castle guard unit rather than feeding Sigurd everything.
  2. The issue of movement is overstated since chapter 4 has plenty of forested terrain to slow your mounts down and often Brigid will be doing the labor against the first batch of Wind Mages. Especially if you are playing with "no pressure".
  3. Well, it would bear a lot of resemblance to Game of Thrones.... Incest, treason, killing, Ned/Sigurd dying because he was too loyal and dense.... SEAN BEAN FOR SIGURD. Make it so. LOL (It's been a while)
  4. Well, FE4 had the thing in which so many units were legit broken combat-wise that anything less would be a truly sore sticking point. So that's why Ayra, Sigurd, Lewyn, and Ares get broken weapons.
  5. Female Morgan overcame Soren getting the multiplier at the end. Impressive.
  6. Deadlords, morphs, Orson's animated dead wife's body. It's normal Fire Emblem.
  7. Because Green is the hippie color(see Legendary Lyn). Besides, Brave Lyn is the standard for colorless horse bows and if Sue is just an inferior copy...
  8. There are real Alfonses in the world, so it isn't an illegitimate spelling. If you want butchering, there is the phonetic butchering done to the name of Garon, because no one pronounces it the French way. It's obvious to me because I follow hockey and plenty of Quebecois and northern Ontarians are francophones.
  9. Make Female Robin 5* and give her triangle adept and either Bowbreaker or Quick Riposte. She can counter most Brave Lyn and Reinhardt teams. You might want to build up a Boey or Merric this way also, since Reinhardt and Brave Lyn are popular choices. You can inherit Pain+ onto Clarine and Maria. Tack on Savage Blow for 17 collateral damage to enemies within two spaces of attack target. It is one way of breaking down Surtrs. You want Armor killers. Hana and Bartre will come in handy. If you have onem you should 5* Masked Marth to kill dragons.
  10. Rutger could be a GHB. So can Perceval. ----------------------------- Jamke is basically bow Navarre. And Navarre himself is a GHB unit. Ayra could have been one, but being the original Astra wielder means special treatment. With the love they have been giving dragons, Idunn will likely be summonable as a Mythic and made hotter. Jahn could be a GHB because no one cares about him.
  11. Legendary Hector is my shoutout. Armor, helped me clear Robin's GHB, Lyn's Legendary, Tiki's, and Duma's with a -atk, +res nature. Brave Veronica is basically a no-brainer as she assisted Legendary in my clears.
  12. It's actually not too bad after chapter 4 or whatever it was where Leif gets tossed in jail. Annoying, yes, but there are tricks to make a chapter managable, such as placing units on top of squares where reinforcements spawn.
  13. Developers just want the Dark Emperor and Prrrrresident Oboro back to being more than merely a feature of a Lu Bu Feng Xian video.
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