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  1. So I managed to just grab a backup .GBA file that has a few newer edits missing, then loaded the game again using the same save file, Merlinus promoted with no problems, saved, swaped the .GBA files again, and now I have adverted the Merlinus promotion glitch while still using the fully updated file. Though what I asked is still a good question: Can you edit the forced Merlinus promotion? Which one of the events is it?
  2. Okay, so I'm doing a custom made, slightly edited, nooby hack that revolves around OP weapons, and I edit the rom as I go along doing an LP with my friend, in case anything bad happens, like Nino dying on turn one because all anima magic goes from range 1-10 (which I solved by editing her base res for only that chapter, thereafter her base res was edited back to normal). I'm at chapter 29 right now, and Merlinus promotes at level 19. Not sure if this is a forced promotion or not, but when he promotes, he gains his lack of promotion bonuses as usual, but instead of the game fading to black and going back to the base options, it just lets Merlinus disappear and it hangs there on the promotion screen for an eternity (it locks up). Is there any way to make it so that Merlinus does not promote? I know it's an event, but I'm not sure if it's a base event, a chapter story event, a "chapter already started" event or whatever. Also, what software would I need for that, since I know nightmare doesn't go as far as event editing, and I tried using it to change Merlinus' class but that didn't work.
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