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  1. Icarusu


    Greetings, i'm Icarus. I'm hoping everyone in this forums is doing well?
  2. bruh i can smell my own cringe from years ago just because of this classy profile

  3. Trust me, it's 1 day before the game comes out and everyone is uploading massive spoiler thumbnails and titles on youtube, i can only take they do this on purpose to spoil people. You can get them by simply searching the game title on it, amazing i know. also you occasional ''played the game 1 hour only, heres full review''
  4. SHADY!! IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS!!! If it's in development hell, did anyone try merging what's missing of translation with the official anyways, to create a big single completed patch? If anyone did that can anyone tell me?
  5. icarusu icarusu~

    happy happy birthday :x

  6. So apparently i can't patch and build the cia because makerom don't support my system version (32Bits) because it requires high ram to build the cia.
  7. Does this translation work with this patch together? https://gbatemp.net/threads/fire-emblem-fates-expanded-same-sex-marriage-patch-wip.416109/
  8. I never noticed how Female Kamui's legs are censored.
  9. Uh oh they censored kamui..

    1. Naughx


      But not her dragon form!

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