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  1. Happy birthday Carlton. Congrats on winning Dancing with the Stars!

  2. Ever since last week, I've been using tools to modify a game, so I'm new to romhacking. My question is: Is there a way to move an event from one chapter to an earlier one? I'm looking to give Roy a promotion at the end of chapter 16, and if so, will it affect the recent translation patch?
  3. I dunno if this has been stated before, but I suggest giving bards and dancers the stat caps they had in FE7. Of course one wouldn't put their bard/dancer in harm's way, but 20 SPD isn't enough for them to dodge things.
  4. Your username is the greatest.

    1. Carlton Banks
    2. buttmuncher.ops


      +1 to that

      i used to play WoW under an alias of philipbanks

  5. First of all, I'm not sure if this is the first time this question has been asked or not, but in the past I've always played any FE game casually. But the more I play, the more I learn about and concern myself with fancy things like bases and growths and whatnot. Thus, my question to you is: Why are base stats favored more than growths?
  6. If anything, I'm loving how the changes made in this hack make it more like a modernization of FE6, so to speak. Keep up the good work!
  7. I know this might be somewhat minor, but are the character portraits gonna have blinking sprites?
  8. Carlton here, nah, I'm jus kiddin. After digging up my old copies of the GBA FEs and playing them again due to nostalgia, I recently got into the series again. What attracted me to this site is in-depth information on the games themselves and the romhacks that are made here. About me: Aside from being into Fire Emblem, I am also into mecha anime. Some of my favorite shows are Mobile Suit Gundam or Patlabor. I also play games involving them, like Super Robot Wars. My hobbies are building model kits, collecting Transformers, playing video games, and recently, cooking. I am also a dog person, to the point where I would pet yours without asking. And that's just about it. Thus, I'm pleased to meet you all.
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