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  1. Like yeah so now you're in there all according to mein keikaku Here's your punishment for being so nasty Why was Arthur accused to kill a great musician ? Because when he held him just above like the void you have on that damn bridge idk its name anymore on Fates since that game was so memorable When he held him He just said "NO MORE HOLDING BACK" and walked away get it thank you
  2. Exactly what I think, it's like he has fried-whiting eyes or something.
  3. The first vote I did was Lyn. It was the night of The Gaiden Remake's announcement. GUESS WHO IS FIRST NOW
  4. Given the fanbase don't we need this anyways A pleasure to fill the quotas btw
  5. The name that killed me the most was Chulainn Oh my GOD it looks like a french insult wtf
  6. He fucking died for our sins Except it was by a WAY MUCH MORE savage way than crucifiction He is the Jesus of Fire Emblem just do it and vote for him pls. He did nothing wrong. PLS.
  7. I am a failure. I missed a day therefore I only voted 3 characters so far. Lyn Sigurd Hector for the moment. Zephiel is next.
  9. GUYS WHO'S HYPE ? I AM ! Those fucking frienchies friends of mine. I made that topic on a French forum : http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/42-3000646-47499069-1-0-1-0-je-veux-un-putain-de-musou-emblem.htm And basically said : I WANT A FUCKING MUSOU EMBLEM ! Look at that ! [superb pictures] And I went fully "YEAH I'M GOING TO NUKE THEM WITH RAGNELL" and stuff so basically I was hype. THEY ALL MADE FUN OF ME ! Just a few were believing me too ! And now ? Guess who is laughing ?! Hahahahha those lovely retards ! GUYS DAMN DAMN DAMN IMAGINE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO NUKE TONS OF SOLDIER WITH FALAFLAME OR GO WITH HAAR AND REKT THEM IN THE SKY AND STUFF AND *explodes*
  10. Seo


    This thread is still here fuck yeah
  11. 100% Clean without any traces of discomfort, no false advertising. Credits to GreenCloud, he's awesome af. But I was wondering, didn't any dataminer find the English equivalent ? Since the English Version of something bests the Original for once, that would be cool.
  12. Hey budd ! You see Captain Falcon from Super Smash Bros. ? I could give him Arthur's voice 'cause you helped me ! Thanks a bunch ! :D

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    2. Brand_Of_The_Exalt


      Even better, Ganondorf with Mozu's voice :D

    3. Seo


      Marth with English voice is actually a nice idea, I'll think about it ! Thanks a bunch ! :D

    4. Seo


      Ganondorf with Mozu's voice and Bowser with Elise's voice ? ROFL WTF ? XD

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