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  1. The Mandragoras in FF12 to name a recent example for me. Only this past run where I'm pretty overlevelled did I get past them no problem. I had troubles with the Dragon in FE7 because Canas was rarely a good unit for me too :(
  2. SECOND PLACE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I got all around second place what LOL at least Nightblood got done in by the environment /in for next game
  3. Obviously I'm waiting for him to go after Hunter Nightblood~ and then kill him when he's weak! >:D But seriously what are the chances of the same exact event twice in a row exactly how that happened? I seriously thought you accidentally double posted the same pic xD EDIT: Also, I bet tomorrow's the last day and the winner will be decided then.
  4. I bet next turn Nightblood will get us all with an explosive. I'M SORRY JIAC T_T
  5. ... Wat. Sleep in shifts and then hear my buddies in the distance? Did I run away in the middle of the night?
  6. I know I cried when I found out, it's another portion of my childhood passed onto the sands of time... I'm hoping they'll add an "In Memory Of..." at the end of the credits for the English version. Was Fates his last major release?
  7. Is it too much to ask the next president of Nintendo to continue doing Iwata Asks, though? Like, the way Iwata had connected the development teams with the fans is easily one of the cooler things that has happened in gaming in recent past, and gives more insight than I could ever dream of what happens behind the scenes.
  8. >mentions there are alcoholic Arnold Palmers >next day tea of the day is Arnold Palmer -raises glass- Cheers!
  9. I'm literally crying right now. Iwata was the man in charge of Nintendo for as long of my gaming days as I can remember. This is completely unreal. RIP you wonderful, innovative man. Who will take over now in these sad times?
  10. Well... there are people who make alcoholic Arnold Palmers, but I prefer my tea to be something I can drink at any time without consequence other than needing to use the bathroom at a quicker rate than usual
  11. I was doing my own Hunger Games with the cast of FE7 and got the "Arena's border contracts" event. Hilariously, every single one of the armors (Wallace, Oswin, Hector) died. Teaches them for not having Speed! Also Wil died, which still means the speedier of the two archers on average survived. :D
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