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  1. My fav is FeMU x Gerome since he takes off his mask and stops cosplaying Nightwing *_______* I guess I don't see much Gaius x Lissa or Panne x Stahl (although Panne x Fredrick was pretty cute too)
  2. I thought Lunatic chapter 1-4 was hard. Lunatic+ is like slamming yourself with a sledgehammer. Kudos to anybody with the patience to beat it~
  3. Awakening: Kellam (Never realied he was there) Ricken (Tell me how you could possibly use him? It's almost illegal...) Vaike: (His stupidity bothers me) Sumia: (I know she has the potential to be awesome and she's super OTP with Chrom but I always preferred Cordelia and Severa.)
  4. Tales of Abyss Tales of Symphonia
  5. First playthrough married Chrom because them abs. Then expanded horizons and married Gerome on lunatic. Vaike!Cherche -> Gerome!FeMU -> Morgan = highest STR cap entire game ;___; But also because wimpy boy takes off mask. Not sure how well this will work but third playthrough lunatic+ married Ingio. Chrom!Olivia -> Ingio!FeMU -> Heh, looking foward to dat Morgan with Rightful king and all dem skillz. If I disregard stats though I would marry Lon'qu every playthrough and threaten him with FeMU boobs.
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