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  1. Word of the day: finesse

  2. Usually try to keep my shipping habits to myself, but I'll let the hype talk. Black Eagles - My avatar says it all. She's been the one since the very first trailer we got. The little news we get here and there in regards to her personality only solidify things for me. Blue Lions - To be completely honest, Ingrid has grown on me. I was contemplating letting this be the route with where I use a F!MC but, but I've said I would do a F!MC run for Awakening and Fates also. To this day, they've never happened. Why give myself expectations I won't meet? Golden Deer - I'm glad just to have a lord with a bit more melanin in him than the usual... As a result, haven't thought to hard about the shipping here. Maybe Lysithea. Maybe Hilda. Maybe Marianne. I'll make a decision when it's necessary.
  3. Somehow, i just knew you'd go Black Eagles lmao 

  4. Finally going to get to play FE2

  5. I just put Fem!Kana up with Aptitude, I don't have Live to Serve though! 17047-16424-31914-46594 And you're so clutch for this. Thanks.
  6. Thank you both so much, I've been looking for so long! One step closer to having Aptitude on all my parents. I suppose for now it's just: Aptitude for Benny
  7. Aptitude on any of the following: Kaden Benny Charlotte Kagero Silas Arthur
  8. Happy birthday :D

    1. Sorin


      Thaaaanks Aceeee [:

  9. Hey you happy birthday

  10. Happy birthday, strategist comrade.

    1. Sorin


      I appreciate it, Master Soledai.

  11. Guess I'll be the first to say it, while I have the time. Happy Birthday! Admittedly, neither of us were as present to each other last year, as per the winds of change. However, the mountain never bows to it. That mountain is a testament to our brotherhood

    1. Sorin


      I'm glad I was given the chance to build such a indomitable wall with you, brother. Thanks, because even if you weren't always there, you were there when I needed you.

  12. Looking for Kagero, Kaden, and Keaton with Aptitude Edit: Nevermind lol, not Keaton
  13. Using the last... 2% of my computer battery to tell you happy early birthday! You are one of the most intelligent and inspiring people I know. Thanks for teaching me a lot and pushing me to demand better from myself mentally.

    1. Aquakat


      Aw~ I have the sweetest little brother! ^^ Thanks!

    2. Sorin


      Oh and my charger should be in tomorrow. Let's hope this one will work because this tablet sure isn't

  14. It's really cool how Geek finds all this art. Even if I never post how much I appreciate it, I do because I'll always come look to see what he found. And that probably goes for several others as well.
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