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  1. So I tried my hand at spriting and made GBA inspired portraits of two fates characters (so don't spoil yourself if you don't want to). Unfortunately I realized halfway through, that I made them too small, as I had always assumed that GBA portait are 64x64 however they actually are 96x80. I think that is also why they both look kinda weird and off compared to the original sprites and why I had some problems getting the look I wanted as I was missing a few pixels, otherwise making them was really fun, I learned a lot and I think they turned out nicely for my first attempt at mugshots. I also posted them on reddit Maybe I'll make more in the future as it was really fun, we'll see. [spoiler=Fates characters] Kinu Velour (also for some reason I couldn't attach the pictures themselves so I had to link them sry D:
  2. Haven't seen you on League for a while now, how's things?

  3. I don't know why but that pic of Eliwood and pregnant Ninian makes makes me so happy ^^ Also one of the artist is here on SF
  4. Haha I can understand her :D That second Shara pic looks really nice, i love the style the lineart in particular. That Sthal, Panne and Robin one is so cute, they really want to find something for her to eat and Panne is like "wtf mansapwn why you so nice and what is all that even"
  5. Why is Nishiki/Sakura so popular? I have seen it rather often and I don't know why? Do ppl just think they are cute together or do they have a particular background in the story or their supports?
  6. Another anime that reminded me of Fire Emblem is Arslan Senki (Akatsuki no Yona was a bit too shoujo for me at times, and the pacing was a bit weird from what i have seen), however I have not seen the whole thing yet. The episodes I did watch looked really nice though, I'd say it is fairly dark and definitely a serious show, has some really nice combat and war scenes as well. As much as I'd like a Fire Emblem anime I think the cast of most (if not all) games is simply too large to fit into a reasonable scheme, as it could get rather confusing. However something like that is not impossible, as seen with Game of Thrones, which handles multiple subplots and a lot of different characters really well. LiveactionFEmoviewhosiready
  7. I love that style! Btw I really appreciate that you bring us so much nice fanart Geek!
  8. Oh god If I did this on Lunatic I might as well slowly eat my own feet (lol wut) I think hard is pretty fair, could be tiny bit more difficult but I'll wait for the later maps, so far I really liked how this run is going. Small mistakes don't kill you outright. I tried it out and she got 17 exp for a kill, so it might have been possible, but focusing two whole maps just on Sumia to get Lucina galeforce sounds quite tiring and this run is for fun so, sry Lucy! ppl actually do this on lunatic, how do you survive chapter 2?
  9. Makes sense promoting her that early when you have a plan (which I didn't, in fact Chrom and Sumia got married after Chp. 11 on the battlefield with a mere C support :^) ) and I just love leveling up everyone to 20, i just can't resist XD. When I play no pairup again (i love it atm, so pretty likely) I make sure to remember it. Btw I played thought Chp. 12 now with all the stat boosts contributed, and it made SUCH a big difference for Robin, because after one lucky level up on the first turn, he could double all the cavalier units, which really came in handy. Worth Investment.
  10. Eh in that case Lucina will be Galeforce less this run! And I'll let Sumia stay in Pegasusknight just a bit longer I guess, but thanks for your help I know what I want to do now :D
  11. Do you think I can get dark flyer Sumia from lv.1 to lv.15 in two chapters (12, the habour map and 13 the one with Henry)?
  12. Thanks for the tips :D I my other playthroughs I usually mixed first and second gen characters which isn't an issue with pairup, or just used the royal Chrom/Avatar familiy in lunatic. So I'm curious to see how this one turns out. If everything works out support wise I'll also get Stahl!Yarne and Lonqu!Severa plus the children of Chrom/Sumia and Avatar/Miriel, but idk if i manage to get a high enough support level for some of them in time. In the bold part i assume you mean Cynthia and not Lissa? If so that is really nice tip, but I am not sure if I can pass down galeforce in time as I didn't channel lot's of exp into Sumia. Maybe I'll make her a dark flyer right now (lv.16) so i can maybe even pass it to Lucina but I doubt that I'll make it in time for her :/
  13. Yeah Chrom is married to Sumia (I am right after the timeskip), as I used neither Sully nor Maribell, I am playing a a male Avatar and I want Lucina and the other kid to have good stats right of the bat so Olivia was also off the table and i actually like Chrom/Sumia I think I'll give up on making Lissa combat competent, she has good magic so is healing is fine but :T And yeah Robin needs a little help. Kinda weird seeing an Avatar not kicking ass, thought about marring him to Miriel to get two really good magic children, but I don't know if i get to recruit any children in time besides Lucina and Cynthia because support growth is kinda slow without pairup. I am planning to go Grandmaster for Ignis (at least he can use his good strength here, right?) and then Sage for good magic with Robin so reclassing into a speedy physical class would kinda screw with that plan. I also have left over secret book, dracoshield, and talisman, I think I'll give the dracoshield to Sumia (9 def), and the talisman to either Lonqu(5), Panne(3) or Chrom (4). No Idea about the secret book though, maybe Robin(14) aswell?
  14. So I am currently playing Hard/classic no pairup, and it plays great. Challenging but not too hard, and not a stompfest like Awakening usually is. However while some of my units are awesome, I have a few crappy ones as well. The Avatar (lol!wut) and Lissa are kinda speed screwed, and without pairup bonuses it get really iffy. ( I am chapter 12 atm) Lissa has 10 spd at lv.20 cleric and my str!flaw magic!asset Avatar has 14 at lv.18 Tactician. Chroma and Cordelia aren't that speedy either but still ok (chrom has 16 at lv. 16 and Cordelia 15 at lv. 16). Now I still have a speedwing left so I am thinking about who should get it. Chrom and in turn Lucina and Cynthia could really benefit from it, but my Avatar is somewhat crappy overall (14 str and 16 with that asset flaw pick wtf) and I am starting to think that Lissa is a lost cause. But what do you guys think?
  15. If Soleil was a same sex marriage option I'd go for her in a heartbeat. no homo, well a bit homo And from what I have read about her in her supports, I don't understand why she is not a romance option for Famui and I can't really imagine her marrying a man (alas none of her romantic supports have been translated yet, at least I have not seen one) I am kind of indifferent on Camilla but I can see why people would want her as an option. No gay option with Silas makes me sad as well, but hey I was going to marry him to my female Avatar anyway.
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